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  1. A couple from 1978 at York, when HSTs were 'just out of the box' (as far as the ECML was concerned), which I don't think I've uploaded to this thread before. E43057 at the rear of an up express on 1st June 1978 E43073 and admirers (or perhaps not - maybe they had come to see 'Deltics'!) on 2nd June 1978 Trevor
  2. Thanks for that, Kevin. I see that what I had always thought of as 'step ladder rests' you describe as 'rain strips'. Did they serve this dual purpose or have I been wrong all this time? (I vaguely remember seeing a picture (or perhaps observing in real life) someone up a ladder cleaning the windscreen with the ladder resting on these things, something which would presumably have damaged the bodywork without them.) Or perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part?! During a holiday in Devon in November 2017 I spent some time walking between Teignmouth and Dawlish (dodging rain showers) and saw several HSTs, some of which I include here. What appears to be 43092 approaching Teignmouth 43172 'Harry Patch' heading north from Teignmouth A 'different' view at Dawlish as 43142 pauses with a train for the West Trevor
  3. Looks like LNER's 43300 is a write-off after an argument yesterday(?) with an Azuma in Leeds (see the thread 'LNER empty trains collided..' in this section) Here it is in happier times at Newcastle on 5th August this year. Trevor
  4. Right, I can safely say 1980 then. Having narrowed it down a bit I'll check with other pictures I have at York and see if I can match up anything in the picture with some others I have with dates on. Thanks to Commoner and others for their interest and suggestions. By the way, is there a data base detailing all the changes to individual HSTs over the years, or is it down to individuals keeping detailed notes which they are happy to share? Cheers Trevor
  5. @ Davexoc & Commoner Many thanks for the input so far. Sorry for the late reply, my internet has been down most of today. Cheers Trevor
  6. Here's an early one of mine where I could do with a bit of help in dating the picture please - the slide had been taken out of its cardboard mount at some point and I have lost all the info I had written on it. E43101 at York - date to be confirmed (hopefully). There are a number of clues: In original Inter-City livery (but obviously not 'straight-out-of-the box' clean. It still has the 'E' prefix to its number behind the cab door. It has the set number on the front. It has the exhaust deflector fitted on the roof. No step-ladder rests have been fitted below the windscreen yet. My guess would be 1981? Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks Trevor
  7. Here are a couple of 'Nova 1' trains at Newcastle on 9th November. That's 802206 in the foreground at the bay Platform 1, with 802212 beyond on Platform 3. The 1300 TPE Newcastle - Liverpool is now usually worked by one of these trains, normally from Platform 1, but on this day it was advertised as Platform 3. When the train arrived empty everyone boarded, but a minute or two later they were all turfed out and the 'not in service' sign appeared on the coaches. As this was happening the other one arrived at Platform 1. Whether this was the correct train for them to board or not I was not able to find out as I had to leave and missed the outcome. very strange! Trevor
  8. Don't worry bob - I often join a thread half way through! Here's an enlargement from a photo of the RHS of 91111 - the mouse is immediately to the left of the poppy under the nameplate. Cheers Trevor
  9. This was discussed several pages back on this thread - see posts 19th-20th August. The new mice appear on each side of 91111 on the purple body stripe - but you will need to look hard to see them! Cheers Trevor
  10. Has anyone seen/photographed 91116 in the last few days? I understand it has just been returned to traffic after several months out of use following fire damage. (It's the only 91 I haven't seen yet!) Cheers Trevor
  11. More recent shots of 91s at Newcastle: 91112 comes off the King Edward Bridge approaching Newcastle on 8th August 2019, passing 185132 stabled below Almost a full house at Newcastle on 5th August 2019, with 91110 and 91132 on the right. On the left 43239 is at the rear of a Kings Cross-bound HST 91121 at Newcastle on 22nd July 2019 91101 heads north through Manors on 13th September 2019 Trevor
  12. A couple of shots from Durham taken yesterday, 24th October 2019 91111 comes off the viaduct and slows for the station stop with a northbound train. Nice to see the named locos still carrying their nameplates, unlike the LNER HST Class 43s, which are expected to be retired by Christmas By comparison 91125 hurtles past on the through tracks - scary! Cheers Trevor
  13. It has been announced that LNER will be retiring their HSTs by Christmas and most (all?) of their named examples are now running without their metal name plates. Here are three I photographed today 24th October 2019: 43290 at Newcastle, showing the patch where the 'mtu fascination of power' plate was removed 43367, formerly 'DELTIC 50 1955-2005' arriving at Newcastle past track maintenance machinery. The station approaches at both ends are covered with temporary speed restriction signs. 43300, formerly 'Craigentinny' heading south from Darlington. Catch 'em while you can! Trevor
  14. How's this for a transformation? Class J27 No 65879 heads east near Dunston with coal empties from Stella South Power station (out of shot to the left) returning to the Durham coal fields on 8th July 1967. The cooling towers behind the train are part of Stella North, on the opposite bank of the Tyne. This is the modern view from the same spot - now the site of the station which opened in 1987 to serve Gateshead MetroCentre. Northern's 158845 arrives with a train for Newcastle on 21st September 2019. Trevor
  15. Northern's 156454, heading for Newcastle, shares the bridge over the River Derwent at Derwenthaugh with a couple of cyclists on 21st September 2019 Trevor
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