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  1. Hmm ... looks like I might have jumped the gun a bit, although it's been a while since I saw a CC HST that far north. I have amended my original post. It looks like there may be a FO working south through Newcastle in daylight, plus a few other early (too early for me!) morning workings. Otherwise during the hours of darkness. (Info from a thread on the RailUKforums) Thanks for the correction. Cheers Trevor
  2. Four views all at the same spot at Newcastle. The b&w shots may have been uploaded before, a couple of years ago? Waiting for the right away, 22nd July 2019 Imminent departure for 43320 on 21st September 2019 D9012 'Crepello' and driver, 5th March 1970 Fill her up (with water), 20th May 1970 Trevor
  3. Signs of the times at Newcastle on 30th November 2019... The bottom sign is now superfluous as far as LNER are concerned - how long before the top one is also redundant? That's 91121 beyond, waiting to leave at the rear of a southbound train. Trevor
  4. Now that the HSTs have gone from the ECML, here are some more reminders of happier times at Newcastle last year: 43305 arriving at the head of a southbound train on 19th August 2019 The distinctive 43238 with 91112 on the far platform on 19th September 2019 Here's a weird one! 43305 departs south (on the left) while its reflection of 43318 on the rear appears to be going in the opposite direction (would have made a good video!!) on 19th September 2019 Trevor
  5. A nicely-weathered 60009 (and crew!) arriving at Newcastle on 15th September 2018 Trevor
  6. Peaks on the WR in the 1970s.. 46013 at Exeter St.D, with D1013 on the centre road on 28th May 1975 129 heads west from Exeter St.D on 7th July 1970 with 'The Cornishman', which I think at the time ran from Bradford to Penzance 45030 approaches Teignmouth on 27th May 1975 46035 departs Teignmouth heading north on 27th May 1975 46019 heads west from Teignmouth on 30th May 1975 46044 approaching the Royal Albert Bridge on 6th June 1977... ...and after arrival at Plymouth, with 46021 on the right 46010 reaches the end of the line at Penzance on 6th June 1977, passing 08643 on station pilot duties Trevor
  7. Newcastle area.. 170 heads north from Newcastle on 27th January 1973 45061 start out from Newcastle over the High Level Bridge on 6th June 1976 46036 at Manors with (probably) empty stock for Newcastle Central on 18th May 1975 Trevor
  8. Some more from Gateshead from the 1970s in colour this time... 46002 leaves the King Edward bridge with a southbound train on 3rd April 1976, above the route of the Redheugh incline (closed about 1896 I think!) Looking right from the same spot, here's 45030 heading light engine from Newcastle Central towards Gateshead depot on 28th March 1976 A grab shot through the fence as 45036 approaches the King Edward Bridge on 6th March 1976 45039 near Bensham with a northbound train on Christmas Eve 1975 Trevor
  9. More 'Peaks' on Tyneside - 1970s D177 at KIng Edward Bridge Junction, Gateshead, on 23rd June 1971 with the 15.20 Newcastle-KX 46033 stands at Newcastle with a terminating train (from Bristol?) on 5th August 1974 as 55016 arrives heading south 129 heads empty stock to Heaton on 9th August 1974 as 55005 heads north with the 'Flying Scotsman' 93 on the slow lines at Low Fell on 11th August 1974 45013 with a southbound football(?) excursion on 29th March 1975 passing the remnants of a derailment at Low Fell Trevor
  10. Living on Tyneside in the 1960s I tended to ignore the day-today 'local' stuff and just photograph the 'visitors' (as I'm sure others also did, sadly)' The Bristol-Newcastle trains often produced a 'foreign' Peak and I have a few to show here, including some green examples, all from the 60s Trying out my 'new' (actually second-hand) Kodak Retinette camera I grabbed this view at Low Fell of green D43 with a southbound Bristol train in 28th January 1967. I'm not sure if i was deliberately including the old station building or if I pressed the shutter too soon! Photographed from the bridge on 16th June 1968 is another green example, D134 on a similar working Here's D171 in blue at the same spot on 15th February 1969 - I think this was a Gateshead example Crew change at Newcastle in July 1969 with D187 on an anglo-scottish train I'll sort out some 1970s pics in due course Trevor
  11. Thanks for that, russ. My 'Industrial Railways..' bible tell me that the closure of various collieries in the mid 1960s '...severely reduced the tonnage being handled by Lambton Staiths (on the south bank of the River Wear at Sunderland) and on 6th January 1967 these closed too, ending all running (by NCB trains) over BR' I didn't see any of the big 'Lambton Tanks' working coal trains over BR metals but they have been well-documented of course, notably by celebrated Sunderland photographer Ian Carr. Cheers Trevor
  12. I've just scanned some negatives of my shots taken on the NCB Lambton system based on Philadelphia, near Sunderland. Because of the snow and blue (presumably!) sky I have to assume this was the famous 'last day' of steam on 15th February 1969, although amazingly I find I did not record this in my notes! As with my earlier Ashington pictures I am not sure of the exact locations of some of these. I recognise Bournmoor crossing from other published photos (although this is sometimes written as Burnmoor - unless that is a different place?) These are in the order I took the pictures: 'Austerity' No 59 light engine, with the famous Penshaw Monument on the left horizon. This must be Bournmoor crossing, with an 'Austerity' (possibly the same one?) with a loaded train heading south 'Lambton Tank' 0-6-2T No 5 (now preserved) with a train of empties(?). Going by the shadows this looks to be heading south, but where? No 5 (I presume) again. Is this the other side of the same crossing shown above? Not sure if the loco is pulling or propelling here. Loco No.8 heading north at Bournmoor crossing. Looks like I've walked down the line a bit from Bournmoor crossing to see what the problem is with No.2 'Austerity' No 7 at Bournmoor crossing. This loco finished up at Derwenthaugh, as shown on some earlier posts. On the scrap line near Philadelphia shed, although the records show that No 51 had a further lease of life at Morrison Busty Colliery later that year. A train of empties(?) passing the loco sheds I was with friends in a car so it is possible we moved around a bit chasing the action. Sadly I have lost track of who I was with that day, some of them no longer with us. Trevor
  13. That's right, Ben. This must be ex-NCB No 60 (Hunslet Engine Co No 3686 of 1948) originally with the Lambton Railway and then at Dawdon Colliery (near Seaham Harbour). It first went to the Strathspey Railway for preservation. (It wasn't one of the ones which went to Derwenthaugh) Trevor
  14. Nice to see those pics montyburns. Most of them seem to be at the southern end of the Derwenthaugh system at Clockburn Drift, which also had an underground narrow gauge link to Marley Hill colliery (but that's a different story!) Round-topped cab Austerities Nos 7, 58 and 59 came from the NCB's system near Sunderland based on Philadelphia (the Lambton Railway) in 1969 when it closed to steam. In answer to your question - all three were scrapped in 1972 and the whole Derwenthaugh system went diesel in the early 1970s, so no, steam didn't last into the 1980s, (otherwise I would have a box full of colour slides of the line!) The whole line closed in 1985 when the coking plant finished. Trevor
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