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  1. It appears to be 46007 in this picture of mine, passing Stephenson Street, Gateshead, with a southbound train one evening in July 1979 Trevor
  2. On the eastern approach to Newcastle, an Edinburgh to London Kings Cross HST powers through Heaton on 8th August 1980, three days before the station closed. Trevor
  3. Well, I have never noticed that before, Ian. I didn't take an upright shot especially to include it, that's for sure. (Not sure why I did, after all these years!) The track in question is for trains to Sunderland (left to right) with the nearer one for the opposite direction. Trevor
  4. A DMU for Newcastle comes off the South Shields branch approaching Pelaw in July 1976 Trevor
  5. Thanks, Northmoor. Here's another from the same era and area: an 8-car formation crossing the Ouseburn Viaduct near Heaton, Newcastle in June 1976, with preparatory work for the construction of the new Metro Viaduct proceeding in the foreground. I can't remember if this was a normal strength train on the coastal loop at busy times or if it was some sort of special working. Trevor
  6. One from my 'oldies' file - seen from the top of the (in)famous Gateshead multi-storey carpark, a two-coach DMU calls at Gateshead (East) station with a train from Newcastle to South Shields in 1976. The train had just crossed the High Level Bridge (centre left) which still had three tracks on it at this time. A second DMU can be seen to the right of Newcastle Keep. Trevor
  7. Here's a 1967 view of 65892 at Pelaw with what appears to be be a load of logs. And here's the actual 65817 at Low Fell in 1965 with the type of job most of us remember Trevor
  8. The front numberplate looks like 65857 to me Trevor
  9. Hi AB - thank you for the kind comment. The De La Rue Factory was actually off the edge of the picture to the left, in front of the viaduct. I was looking north and their factory was to the south of the viaduct on the opposite side of the road to where I was standing. Trevor
  10. Cue my 'mystery photo' taken at Low Fell, Gateshead, which has been aired before. I have now tied down the date I took this to 2nd August 1967, but I did not make a note of the locos at the time and am hoping someone who also saw this unusual working can provide the details. The Brush Type 4 on the northbound Car Carrier/Motorail train has apparently expired and has been rescued by a BR Type 2, complete with brake tender which has now gained immortality by wearing Class 1 headlamps! Pity we don't know its identity also - yet(?) Thanks in advance!
  11. Ah, nice to see my picture taken of 'Ballymoss' at York on 3rd August 1981. Which makes me wonder, when people post other peoples pictures on Pinterest and such, why don't they include the original details such as location, date and photographer's name? (Just wondering, like) PS This question is not aimed at you, Ray Trevor
  12. Saturday 4th January 1969 was the penultimate day of the Waverley Route between Carlisle and Edinburgh and I travelled on a 'special' over the line from Newcastle pulled by 'Deltic' 9002, seen here during a photo stop at Riccarton Junction station. Hopefully tomorrow someone might post a picture from the last day, which included another special behind D9007. Trevor
  13. This is 47425 either passing through or pulling away from Newark North Gate on 1st August 1975 with an Aberdeen-Kings Cross train (1E11) Looks like a pair of Class 31 on the left but I didn't make a note at the time Trevor
  14. 55011 approaches King Edward Bridge Junction, Gateshead, with a northbound train on 27th December 1975. The steam in the background is from Norwood Coke works, which closed in the 1980s, became part of the National Garden Festival in 1990 and is now the site of new housing. Trevor
  15. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Rail Gen Archive - I now look forward to many hours wasted spent trawling through the listings and comparing with my observations! Obviously 1V92 was a forerunner to 1V93 which was a Deltic stronghold in 1981. I have updated my original post with the correct information. Cheers! Trevor
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