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  1. Problems with a 9F at Kingmoor shed, 1st April 1967 Waiting for the 'off' at Newcastle on 1st August 1995 Trevor
  2. Thanks for that, Porcy. I have now added the BR Database site to my list of favourites, so I can check future queries like this. Kind regards Trevor
  3. Just discovered this thread from 2011 which has been resurrected recently, regarding Gateshead-allocated examples. Reminds me of the one picture I took of a EE Type 1 (or Class 20 as young whippersnappers call 'em!) at Low Fell in the steam era which made me think I had caught one of them on film. D8125 with a northbound freight at Low Fell, Gateshead on 9th June 1967, presumably still in green livery Actually it was taken before any were allocated to Gateshead, according to an early post on the subject, plus it's not one on the list! Looks like it must have come over from Carlisle or down from north of the border. Any idea where D8125 was allocated back then? I didn't usually photograph diesels but this was such an unusual sight that I had to grab it. I can't recall seeing any others of this type in Gateshead - certainly I didn't photograph any more. Cheers Trevor
  4. Like 27016 above, I have only just discovered this thread and it got me searching through the archives. In 1981 I was the secretary of Whickham Camera Club (near Gateshead) and I organised a couple of Merrymaker outings for club members. I still have the paperwork involved. On 6th June 11 of us boarded the train at Newcastle for a day in Aviemore (although it continued as far as Inverness for those wanting full value for the £7 fare!) The 11-coach train left Newcastle at 06.40, due Aviemore at 12.36 and Inverness at 13.33. The motive power on the outward journey was 46016 as far as Edinburgh, with 40162 the rest of the way. For the return trip we were due away from Aviemore at 17.56, finally reaching Newcastle at 23.53 with 40162 all the way back. Here are a couple of the shots I took from the train behind 40162 on the Highland main line. probably north of Pitlochry. Perhaps someone who knows the route could pinpoint the locations? (See the EDIT note at the end) I think this is on the climb up to Druimuachdar Summit Checking on Google Earth it appears to be just south of Dalnaspidal, on the final part of the climb This must be nearer Aviemore, passing a southbound train with a 47 on the front. This is approaching Dalwhinnie station This is the return train from Inverness arriving at Aviemore station with the same loco. The second Merrymaker we went on that year was on 19th September from Newcastle to Doncaster, for the Air Display at RAF Finningley. A much more sensible(!) journey time was planned (just over two hours each way) but the ticket price was the same as the Aviemore marathon, at £7. Ten of us went but I can't find any record of the motive power involved. I am pretty sure A4 No 60009 was on static display in the grounds but it was impossible to get near it due to the huge crowds, although I did take pictures of the other two star guests at the air show, a Vulcan bomber and a Concorde. Happy days! Trevor EDIT I have had a good look on Google Earth (what a great tool for this sort of thing!) and I have identified the locations for the top two pictures and amended the captions accordingly in italics
  5. Now you mention it, the bridge doesn't look right - I think it's too pink! A bit off topic on a Class 50 thread but here are two more I shot on the same day (25th May 1975) which I think are closer to what it should look like. D1070 at the same spot A dmu on the bridge The shot of 50030 must be a bad scan or a bad 'tweak' - I'm working on it! Thanks for pointing this out. Cheers Trevor
  6. I'm not sure if this was already uploaded umpteen pages back, but this is the next shot on the film of 50030 seen in my previous post, as it crosses into Devon on 25th May 1975. The sky looks very different which is probably due to me overdoing the darkening down of the long-distance shot when I tried to rescue it. Trevor
  7. This picture was a bit too light to be projected as a colour slide, but with digital scanning it is much more presentable, so it was worth the 45 year wait - I'm glad I didn't just bin it at the time! 50030 approaching Saltash from the west on 28th May 1975 Trevor
  8. Hi doilum Did you ever manage to find out about the tender? If you missed it, on 22nd April ajwffc provided a link to a site which explained. (Sorry, I'm not sure how to add a live link to this post) Now, back to early pictures... I've Just scanned some more old b&w negs which I unearthed: 0-6-0ST No 62 waits to leave Keighley on 29th May 1972... ...then struggles to get away up the bank A couple of years later 'Black Five' 45212 was in action: Leaving Keighley on 15th June 1974 and at Oakworth Trevor
  9. I have a clear recollection of seeing 'Union of South Africa' on display at RAF Finningley, near Doncaster, when I went to the Air Show there on 19th September 1981. Bizarrely, I did not take a photo, even though I got several views of most of the aircraft on static display or in the air. I remember the place was heaving and it was difficult to get near the A4, so that is perhaps why. Does this ring a bell with anyone, and better still, did anyone take a picture of it? Cheers Trevor
  10. Some local ones from 1974.. 55017 takes empty stock out of Newcastle on 9th August 1974 55021 arrives at Newcastle from the north on the same day 55002 with the up 'Talisman' near KEBridge Jct. on 27th July 1974 55020 with the up 'Flying Scotsman' near Bensham on 2nd March 1974 Trevor
  11. Some pre-TOPs views at Newcastle. (A couple of these have already appeared in the 'Human side of the railway' topic) D9012 crosses from Gateshead on 24th March 1970. The number definitely had the 'D' prefix although some ref. books say it had been removed the previous month. The same loco, with a proud driver, on 5th March 1970. Close examination shows the 'D' still in place on the rear number, at least. D9020 at the south end of the station on 24th March 1970 At the other end of the station on 5th march 1970 with 9011 on the left and D9000 arriving on an Aberdeen-Kings Cross train. Here's something you don't see every day - a diesel loco having its water tanks topped up - 9001 on 20th May 1970 Nameplate and regimental badge of 9006 at Newcastle on 29th May 1970 Trevor
  12. More at Low Fell, all from 1975.. This loading gauge at the Team Valley Trading Estate exchange sidings has appeared already, but not as dilapidated as in this view on 12th April 1975, as 55006 heads by with the up 'Flying Scotsman' The same loco diverted to the slow lines heading north on 22nd June 1975 55017 speeds past the remnants of an earlier derailment on the old crossing on 16th March 1975. It appears to be a Spanish vehicle with 'Tranfesa' branding 55002 leans to the curve approaching Low Fell from the south in the evening sun on 5th May 1975 Trevor
  13. Thanks Rug - well, they say a large collection of Deltic photos is the sign of a miss-spent youth and I've uploaded about 150 on this thread (not bad for a total of only 22 locos!) but I've still got a few left (but not many more pre-TOPS)... 55005 departs Newcastle on 8th March 1975 This was a lucky shot on 27th December 1975 as the ash carrier vessel 'Bessie Surtees' was heading upriver to collect another pile of waste ash from Stella South power station. The Deltic was too far away to identify at the time but I reckon it must be 55013 'The Black Watch' by the size of the nameplate 55018 comes off the bridge on 29th November 1975 - I didn't make a note of the Class 40 on the right 55014 at the same spot in October 1981. In the background work is well underway on construction of the new Redheugh Bridge which replaced the one behind it Trevor
  14. Four from Manors, the first station out of Newcastle heading north. At one time this was an important suburban station on the coast loop, but with the transfer of traffic to the T&W Metro, now only one or two trains an hour stop here. 55017 heads past a mostly oblivious group of passengers waiting for a train for the coast on 17th May 1975. As this is travelling on the slow lines it was possibly empty stock for Heaton. This is the view the other way on 18th May 1975 as 55021 takes the main line through the station and slows for the Newcastle stop half a mile further on. The view from the footbridge as 55015 also heads for Newcastle on 6th August 1975 55015 again - it has just passed the end of the platforms at Manors on the last lap to Newcastle with the up 'Flying Scotsman' on 20th March 1976 Trevor
  15. Some early shots at Newcastle... D9015 and old water crane in December 1968. I was so intent on focusing on the letters I forgot about including the 'Tulyar' nameplate! The same loco (now simply 9015) with a crew change in July 1969 A bit of a mystery.. D9006 with a three coach train on 6th July 1968, although 'The Chronicles of Napier ' site has 1E79 as a Newcastle to Colchester train. Also, on the right is a match truck for a diesel shunter which I did not note down. Apologies for repeating this from a couple of years ago but this was the first Deltic picture I ever took (with a Brownie 127 camera) - D9000 in 1964 Trevor
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