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  1. Reading comments on this forum had me scared while I was waiting for my Garratt to journey to Australia. Anyway, it's here and it's not a bad runner for the complexity. I found it would stall on a left hand radius, this seemed to be the wheels pulling away from the pickups - a bit of bending has sorted this. I would hate to experience engine failure to seisure because I'm not sending it all the way back to the UK. Oddly, I've found that it can run over really complex point work with no problems, but the simplest mainline points will derail the front pony truck. As others have mentioned this needs some weight. I have a Eureka models R class that suffers the same issue, and Casula hobbies in Sydney have developed lead weights that snap into the pony truck bolster. I bought a set of these hand the R Class now runs like a dream. Someone should produce something similar for the Garratt. interestingly the Eureka R Class also had a looooong and painful gestation with many unhappy customers when the model was finally released.
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