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  1. Just want to let people know of my 'Terrier' experience. I received my second DCC sound-fitted 32655 from Rails last week. This was a replacement for the first one that had to be returned when it ran on my layout for about 6 feet and there was a loud bang due to what seemed to be a blown decoder. Anyhow, checked the replacement to ensure that the footplate was straight, no missing lamp-irons etc. & off it went. All ok until it came to a point & got stuck. I use peco code 75 & found that the bottom of the tension-locks was catching on part of the crossing. Adjusted thes
  2. According to Bradley the first D1s entered traffic in 1921 so were part of the SECR stock until the Grouping in 1923. Not sure what livery they wore during those years, but it wasn't the ornate SECR lined one seen on the preserved D etc, They were some of the last 4-4-0s in service on BR, some not being withdrawn until 1961, so besides all the Southern Railway livery iterations some would also have appeared in BR lined black with both early & late crests. In BR days they appeared on all 3 divisions of the Southern Region, including the western one.
  3. Hi 158 Man, Looks good. Only comment would be re the separate run-rounds for the main platform & timber sidings. If you could possibly combine them you could have an extra siding or some scenic scope at front of layout. I came back to the hobby 3 years ago after a 40 year absence. I use peco code 75 with electrofrogs and DCC. Once I got my head around the wiring & adapting the points for DCC as recommended I have not encountered any problems. All the best with the build.
  4. Thanks for sharing that Graham. I was a bit surprised that Hornby picked this one up as I was more expecting it to come from Bachman, given the fact that they do the LMS version from which it was derived. Hopefully H will go on & do the 84xxx sometime, as some of those saw some service on BR(S).
  5. I would put my money on the SECR 'Dancehall' van as it had a long life & would go well with the intricately-lined green tank engines produced over the past few years. Also I have an unmade Cambrian kit in the to-do pile!
  6. Please can you provide details of the Roco couplings that you are referring to. I have 24 inch radius curves on my layout. Would that be too tight for them? Thanks for your help.
  7. Regardless of the reason why the school was targeted the result was an awful lot of damage, some elements of which could be replaced with funds available from the tremendous response, but some of which is irreplaceable as the original construction involved a tremendous amount of man-hours from skilled individuals. Whatever total value could be put to all of this is a net worth that was left unguarded for a reasonably long period of time. I am in no way criticising anybody involved in the exhibition arrangements but maybe a lesson for the future (insurance cover notwit
  8. I note that amongst all the other announcements the popular Stanier corridor coaches are being released in 'Crimson & Cream' with a due date of next month. Hornby have however made an error under the picture of Corridor 3rd M2139M by quoting the description that relates to the Corridor First. Philip
  9. According to Bradley 31177 was motor-fitted in May 1953 and this seems to be confirmed by Hornby's picture. Philip
  10. Would look even better with the front bogie on the track!
  11. Firstly, another thank you to the Poll Team for all of your efforts. An interesting set of results. Like Phil,and others, I am a bit surprised by some of the more esoteric choices. The Bullied Leader polling higher than the LBSC 'K' class 2-6-0! This for an experimental class of which only one loco was actually completed and, as far as I know, never actually ran in revenue-earning service. As others have remarked, I guess some modellers just like to have as varied a collection as possible. I am not sure how much of a model's development costs are taken up by the chassis compared to the bo
  12. And by the time some of Bachmann's promised products arrive debit/credit cards will probably have been replaced by a new payment method!
  13. Tony, Been following details of your amazing collection with interest. Just want to respectfully point out that Maunsell's L1 was not an L conversion but a new design based on the L. Looking forward to the next instalment! Philip
  14. Not to mention the G5 that TMC have commissioned from them. Presumably neither of these 2 commissions will appear before the GWR 94XX or the MR 0-4-4T.
  15. Just like Bachmann to keep us 'hanging-around' for this crane.
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