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  1. Is ther anybody on here using / own a Cricut Maker? I know this is off topic but just trying to get a feel for any users as i think i am getting one for Christmas. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for that looks like i did not look around enough for the information sorry about that (must be old fart time again). Thank you for your reply Mike help is much apppreciated, Thanks David looks like i am going to need the deep blade. Regards
  3. Hello, Hoping someone will be able to help. Just been looking at the portrait 2 on http://yolo.co.uk. Has anyone actually got this updated model and if so what are your thoughts, also what would be the max card thicknesss for this model. Thanks in advance
  4. It must be Clever guy time and you are it. I really like it thanks for showing.
  5. Hello, Anyone who can cut out that many windows and not go insane (and in N gauge) deserves a medal.
  6. Hello, Like the ladies, sorry! and the layout great work.
  7. Hello, The more updates the better, personally i tend to "read" the pictures (c'os i am an old fart now). The fact that this stuff is in N gauge is astounding, great stuff congrats. Regards
  8. Hello, Been there done that, and it was a crap time for me. I remember being told it will get better and i hated being told that because i never thought it would. Well you know what it does get better. Time is a great healer. Best wishes for the future, (because you really do have one) even if you cannot see it at the moment. Regards
  9. Hello, Great idea about the front of the shops. I would never of thought of that very clever, dare i say "Design Clever" (returning to the the little space under the stairs) LoL Regards
  10. Hello, Like the idea of making your own bricks. Following with great interest please keep this knowledge / trial and error coming thanks. Regards
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