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  1. That horrible moment when you realise you've picked the wrong spray can up and started spraying  !!!! underframe has a nice frosting of white primer now , that will teach me to have two different cans on the go at once .

    1. mike morley

      mike morley

      It's somewhat comforting to learn that I'm not the only person who does this kind of thing.  My latest variation on the theme was to spend a frustrating quarter of an hour wondering why I'd suddenly lost the ability to solder before realising I'd opened the wrong jar and was using MekPak instead of flux.

  2. Hi , Some fantastic prints on show , can I ask which model printer you have please as I'm seriously thinking of splurging out on one . I know its an Anycubic photon ( a brand I have seen recommended on many youtube videos ) but I have seen two different models on Amazon and am not sure which one would be best ? Is yours the Photon S or Photon Zero ?
  3. I was actually thinking the same after looking at the latest pics I took , needs a bit of "junk" to add that suggestion of human activity.
  4. Well its been a while since I last posted any updates , not a great deal of progress made although I have slowly been adding more foliage . Thoughts are turning now to the backscene and and I'm trying to decide between an enclosed box type with three sides or just a two sided one ( back and fiddle yard exit side ) .
  5. Hi mate , just a quick question is the Plasticard a Slaters product ? Looks good whatever it is !
  6. Hi David , Thanks for the good feedback , as regards the fiddlestick , pretty simple really the wiring is just a feed from the fiddle track and a feed from the scenic section , with some crimp washers on the ends , I use a couple of little nuts and bolts to join them and my controllers leads have croc clips on them , clip onto the bolts and toot toot ! As for alignment I just use a screw to keep it aligned and a plastic bolt with a wingnut to keep them together , the block of wood just helps to keep everything square . Pretty much a bodge job as you can see , but as it
  7. Well we have had a break in the rain here in Derby today so I took the opportunity to get out in the garden to set up a little production line. I have been making Seafoam bushes , as can be seen , just the bare Seafoam sprayed brown and grey and different Javis scenics scatters used for leaves. Also took some more pics of the latest progress while outdoors in better light . As usual comments , questions more than welcome , cheers.
  8. A bit more work done tonight on another element of the layout , I decided the crossing type gate looked a bit old fashioned so deiced to go with something a bit more modernish . I had the rest of the excellent Knightwing security fencing kit left over from last years Cakebox challenge so tried a few different setups and settled on this . The stop boards were made up in a graphics program and printed out . Just needs bedding in its final position and blending into the groundwork.
  9. Portakabin just about finished , and here it is on the layout , just needs fixing down. The blinds are made using the back side of wet n' dry paper and the company logo is just printed on normal paper and glued on. Thanks for looking as usual , comments orquestions more than welcome .
  10. Hi everyone , over the past day or two I have been working on this for the foreground of the layout . It's the Knightwing Portakabin office and I must say its a great little kit , it even comes with a pair of cute dustbins ! Joking aside it is a lovely model and looks the part once painted and given a bit of grot , just need to add the glazing and some window blinds.
  11. I have finally got round to bedding in the shunters cabin , I have also added a shed from the Wills garden shed kit to add a bit more interest to this area . As you can see I have also started filling in the foreground section using card fro a concrete hardstanding , this still needs a bit of weathering to tie it in with the rest of the scenery and I need to fill in the gap with a bit more of the sand based ground cover. As usual comments , questions more than welcome .
  12. Fantastic job , I'm going to presume you have done a lot of " armour " modelling ? I have always liked the stylised weathering of the armour modellers , although like most things it has its detractors , personally I think it looks great !
  13. Hi , yes the ballast is a mix I did myself as I started out with just Woodland Scenics plain grey ballast , to me it just didnt look right so ended up with a mix of a darker fine granite chippings from Javis scenics , the Woodland Scenics stuff and some buff coloured ballast also from Javis scenics. Thanks for that , high praise indeed ! I think thats the key , experimentation , although I must admit not everything works , heres a pic of my first ever layout which I ballasted with bird grit from Wilko ! ( although the flash makes it look w
  14. End result after colouring with a mix of dark earth and white weathering powders , just need to trim some of the longer bits of basket liner " grass " ;
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