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  1. No one has mentioned the late sixties brass models which imported under the Fulgurex banner. I have had several of these over the years & found them to be noisy, erratic runners but had some very nice detail for the time plus some errors in the detail such as a totally wrong smokebox door dart, no middle lamp iron on the front footplate & poor cylinder steam pipe representation. Having said all that, with a little work they can be made into very nice versions of the castle & being all brass sets them apart from anything made of plastic!
  2. The wheelset cog was ok, found the gearbox cog was faulty so sent for a new one, fitted it & loco runs beautifully now. Was a bit reticent to dismantle but turned out much easier than I thought it would.
  3. You are absolutely correct. Took the plunge & started to dismantle, not as difficult as I thought but how easy is it to get the wheelset out, are they a push fit on the axle? Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hi all, recently bought a pristine Hornby Britannia, "the latest model" from Vectis auctions, It has a gear meshing problem as the motor spins but the loco won't move without a push & stops on any slight incline.It seems obvious that the gears are either not lined up or there is some play there. How difficult is it to access the said gearbox to sort this out as the motor gearbox unit looks like a sealed unit. Thanks in anticipation.
  5. Absolutely mindless, how the hell can anyone get pleasure from destroying an exhibition that gives pleasure to so many people. Can't say here what I would like to do to these warped individuals.
  6. Thanks for that amazing info Dave, really appreciate you taking the time & trouble with your answer.
  7. Hi, new to this forum but I have a problem with finding a nylon or plastic gear for a brass GWR Samhongsa pannier tank loco. It has a Taneda coreless motor connected to an enclosed worm & gear cog that sits on the axle drive cog. The nylon gear is 10mm diameter with 21 teeth.If anyone can help me out I would be eternally grateful.
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