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  1. Understand, we working with 150/200 kg a year in production. With bigger machines but still a lot of work that makes you a bit tired.
  2. John, I gave up on these cones, just use pre-fabricated mats or tufts in narrow places.
  3. Sorry, for not native English speaking I don't understand this.
  4. More power is always better IMO. The only thing I can say further looking at the picture is that there's room for improved glueing techniques. Can't explain it in words and don't have the pictures yet (or better said the publisher doesn't allow use on the internet). But take it easy on the first layers, just dot and don't glue the whole surface. Let room for your earthtoned groundcover to peak through. Dab with an old brush, with wide spread hairs or a sponge. Add a couple of 2mm layers in 2 tones. Start mopstly with light green, add a layer of beige on top and end with the wanted seasonal color. On top of that I add the longer fibers in different layers. My work always has a layer or 8 starting from the groundcover.
  5. Hi John, we're developing a line of weed details to use between the static grass. Did a lot of testing on this piece of the layout and we're pretty pleased with the looks and the way it can be used. We're working on even finer detail.
  6. Thanks! Developing and manufacturing eats a lot of my time, but I hope to post more now and then.
  7. Reworking a couple of parts of the Cardigan Bay Coastal RR. A good test place for some new goodies..
  8. Reworking a couple of parts of the Cardigan Bay Coastal RR. A good test place for some new goodies..
  9. Thanks Jack! In the tree building mood, had a couple of birch armatures to be finished. Wire frames, wood filler for bark, painted with a couple of colors. Foliage different style for me, I normally use a static machine but I still had some old style Silflor H0 scale birch summer. No backdrop yet, the one I use at shows doesn't fit in the attic.
  10. Thanks ! Slow progress on Mara Harbor, want it completely finished before I do 2 shows at the end of the year I hope. My goal is to get it finished before the 9th Grote Modelspoor Expo in Belgium in October and take it to Walferdange, Luxembourg in November. Also a good test to see what I can do with the new products for Q2. Sorry for the fast iPhone shots.
  11. Long time no see, busy with the business, some troubles in personal life. My dad passed away lately. So to get a grip I started modeling a bit more and wil try to do so at least an hour a day..
  12. Final result of wat you can achieve with layers, Static grass combined with several other materials..
  13. Yes, random dots of glue, I prefer to have the earth shine through like in the real thing. Use an old disabbused brush with wide spreaded hairs. Thin the glue to a milky consistensy..
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