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  1. Building mess.. but getting pretty satisfied... a gap to fill.. create something to take out here.. couple of new brushes for dry brushing...
  2. Try to camouflage the gaps between the modules on the right the Mara Harbor modules Camera shizzle for making videos work, work,work.... Mess.. 12mm details..
  3. Top view, still a bit I dunno..without.. But satisfied how it looks.. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49904084373_29d28cdb84_b.jpg[/img] Time for greens, tweezers, glue and greens from the warehouse first test on the front of the layout..not that clever you will notice later.. it's better to start in the back but you can't change what's already done...
  4. So adding a bit of groundcover.. Mix.. Bottle for the glue... With ballast, some kinda it doesn't matter mix.. Glue Adding washes to your earth.. Almost done.. Dry brush.. Almost finished.. Track... Airbrush.. Just make them shiny a bit again..
  5. After a layer of sand colored wall paint, think you call it emulsion, it's time for washes. Forgot to photograph a couple of steps , lotta layers of washes washes.
  6. Kofkof, lots of dust.. Long time ago, started on renewal of some parts of the layout.. Fun with Woodland Scenics rock moulds, XPS en sculptamold..
  7. Understand, we working with 150/200 kg a year in production. With bigger machines but still a lot of work that makes you a bit tired.
  8. John, I gave up on these cones, just use pre-fabricated mats or tufts in narrow places.
  9. Sorry, for not native English speaking I don't understand this.
  10. More power is always better IMO. The only thing I can say further looking at the picture is that there's room for improved glueing techniques. Can't explain it in words and don't have the pictures yet (or better said the publisher doesn't allow use on the internet). But take it easy on the first layers, just dot and don't glue the whole surface. Let room for your earthtoned groundcover to peak through. Dab with an old brush, with wide spread hairs or a sponge. Add a couple of 2mm layers in 2 tones. Start mopstly with light green, add a layer of beige on top and end with the wanted seasonal color. On top of that I add the longer fibers in different layers. My work always has a layer or 8 starting from the groundcover.
  11. Hi John, we're developing a line of weed details to use between the static grass. Did a lot of testing on this piece of the layout and we're pretty pleased with the looks and the way it can be used. We're working on even finer detail.
  12. Thanks! Developing and manufacturing eats a lot of my time, but I hope to post more now and then.
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