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  1. I wish. It’s usually a two minute walk to find the back half of a train. Another problem to solve
  2. The coupling issue is becoming exactly that - not so much because of the hooks pulling out but breaking because of the weight of the very long heavy trains. For example the 40 on the HUO’s in the video above has now another 15 16T mineral wagons added. The 40 will still pull them - even up the incline - but the train often breaks apart with broken coupling. I haven’t time to change coupling (to more robust ones) given the 500 or so wagons on HLJ, so I’ve ordered a large quantity of stainless steel links about 1cm long. I’ll use these as a fail safe and loop them over the coupling. Might not look pretty on close inspection but better than a pile up
  3. You’re right, in fact I never saw more than 15 on a train heading up the incline back in the day. I’ve just this thing with long trains. I am going to have to address the coupling issue - long passenger rakes have the same non prototypical effect too
  4. Healey Mills based 40057 heads up the 1:75 incline heading for its home depot with a heavy load of unfitted HUO hoppers, passing 37222 with a Liverpool express on the way
  5. Here we have the Trans Pennine Class 124 heading for Newcastle passing Heaton Lodge Junction. The Class 101 DMU & 56 wait for the road further east.
  6. Thanks for the kind comments Edward. I’m pleased to say as from this week Heaton Lodge Junction is fully operational for the first time. I’ll be posting some videos up soon showing multiple Trans-Pennine expresses & multiple freights rattling by.
  7. Had a break this week from helping out with the automation so turned my attention to scenic work. I’d been meaning for ages to redo the river and all the water features on the layout as I made a complete hash of it a few months ago. In fact it was in front of some cameras where I mixed the wrong casting hardener and the river almost disappeared in a cloud of smoke and steam. Anyway.. here are the pics from my efforts of yesterday (plus a couple with some new figs from modelU). Used about 2kg of casting resin and mixed them together with two different woodland scenics dyes - yellow silt and murky. Im really pleased with the results and the ‘deep’ appearance of the river. Had a bit of casting resin left so redid all the puddles, the sewerage works and the streams. Glad to say it’s all set like concrete too
  8. Thanks for the video (and the comment Mike!) I am currently still working on the very last of the automation with the software chaps. A couple of weeks should see it all running on its own. Next month is a practise dismantling and setting up. Then it’s two months of testing trains for any track issues etc
  9. Now that the best part of 60 Mk1 coaches have landed I’m slowly filling them with passengers. It does make a huge difference seeing full coaches passing instead of the usual modelled empty rakes. I’m using the Preiser seated figs, hot glued into place with their legs chopped off. There’s also lots of standing figures including guards and photographers leaning out of open windows - these from Modelu. Also been busy painting a lot of pipe loads from skytrex, these await the wooden frames painting. Pleased with these too, they fit nicely in the Heljan OAA’s. Finally the timetable is taking shape which shows the date. The date might change when, for example I fancy running a Colas rail Cargowaggen train. Mostly it will show 1983
  10. Apparently BR banned roof racks in later years as suitcases disappeared!
  11. You are right as most Motorail trains had passenger coaches attached too. However I’m told on popular busy routes passengers often went first with a dedicated Motorail train with the cars following behind.
  12. You’re right Simon the cars all should be facing the same way as apparently the flats were all loaded from one end. I just need to swap a few of the flats around as the cars are all facing the same way on each flat (if you know what I mean). There is a great group on Facebook called British Railways The lost Motorail services which has some great photos
  13. I’ve a Princess on there and of course the Minis! Look out for the 1976 Lotus Esprit S1 too. It is a very heavy train, not sure if two 31’s in real life would pull it.
  14. A very quick vid of the Motorail train starting from signals on its way to Manchester via Hebden Bridge. The two Heljan 31’s just managed ok
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