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  1. Thanks for taking the trouble to offer those kind words Peter - and to everyone else who has offered support, it’s much appreciated. One good thing about the mill basement is the temperature is always 11/12deg so it’s absolutely blissful in this weather!
  2. Thanks yes I realise that now. I will paint the red ones black when I get round to it.
  3. Thought I’d post some pics of this train of Heljan OAA wagons which have just returned from being expertly weathered. Each is different with worn & replaced planks and will form a train of 25 all carrying cement pipes. Heljan 40057 was a Healey Mills loco - it too is weathered and fitted with sound. (Will someone please invent a smoke unit that gives proper black clag)!
  4. What a truly inspirational post. I’ve been here in the ‘dungeon’ since 9.30am this morning and not seen the light of day since. Put my feet up just now to have a coffee (after laying another 3 boxes of Peco bullhead) and read your post. Its exactly those sort of recollections that inspire me to keep going with this project. So thanks for taking the time to write them Andy - it certainly made a Sunday in the dungeon a whole lot brighter
  5. Yes I think that when I walk in here on a morning - with the added words ‘what the **** are you doing’
  6. Just as a pleasant diversion I’ve been soldering together brass angle to give me a rough idea of the height of the first of 5 lighting towers for the forthcoming Healey Mills. These scale out at 120ft high I’m almost at ceiling height
  7. Next couple of months will be boring since I’m wanting to fully finish the 120ft fiddle yard by then. Thought I’d break with tradition and paint the track as I go along.. Just hundreds of droppers to connect to the bus wires, thank goodness for scotchlok connectors!
  8. Thanks yes you’re not the first to point that out! There will be 6’’ high Perspex sheets fixed to the sides nearer completion. Appreciate the comment though thanks again
  9. Quick update... Although a tad boring since I’ve switched from the scenic side to the fiddle yards for the time being. FY for tracks 1 & 2 is just being finished and I’ve just begun wiring at one end. I’m using scotch lok connectors to attach the droppers to the bus which saves a heck of a load of soldering. The fiddle yards you see will soon be moved 40ft downwards to provide room for Healey Mills. HM will be connected to the scenic side by 35ft radius curves super elevated by a couple of mm. Should have these 35ft radius frames by the end of this month. Onwards and Upwards.
  10. Thanks for those memories Andrew. I drive past what remains of it a couple times a week.. it’s back to nature now. Tragic really. In operational terms the biggest challenge will be finding a way to route trains around the model HM in the correct way since the two tracks on either side of the yard went in one direction, whereas by the time they reached Heaton Lodge they had returned to up/down/up/down. I’ll figure something out .. This pic shows the two down lines on the right
  11. Thanks to Terry Campbell by the way for that last pic !
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