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  1. Last two weeks has seen much laying of track on both the dive under section and the 4 tracks above it. The 4 tracks are now beginning to separate - the two furthest heading towards Huddersfield and the two nearest continuing towards Hebden Bridge & the Calder Valley. In line with the prototype the Huddersfield lines super elevate on the curve here. I reckoned about 3mm looked about right on the model so canted the tracks up gradually on card. Pleased with the way they look - radius is 30ft transition curve tightening to 25ft. Downside is about a kilo of ballast needed to fill in the gaps this created so I’ve absolutely flooded the ballast with PVA after pre soaking it with fairy liquid and water. The double track is the finished and painted track work on the dive under section. As in the name these are also curving to dive under via a tunnel the Calder Valley lines and also head towards Huddersfield..
  2. I’ll dig the ballast out and have it inspected by PW staff
  3. I think it’s a slight rail alignment issue but I’m minded to leave it, as I too like the sound.! Here’s good old Heljan 37191 on the same test train. This was originally a 37/0 that was converted before the 37/4 was announced. The Heljan locos with their heavy diecast chassis seem to be able to pull trees out of the ground..I reckon it’ll manage 55-60 on this 1:137 gradient
  4. The aforementioned video from a few days ago shows 40181 (a JLTRT kit) storm up the 1:137 gradient with a load testing train of 37 Dapol MGR’s. Not nearly as heavy as a Heljan 40 I was surprised it managed it. Still, I aim to add 1kg of lead to 40181 to give it improved traction..
  5. Thanks Gordon and everyone else who comments so positively. It makes a huge difference especially - and being frank - when you’re on your own every day and you overthink constantly. It’s becoming easier as the weeks pass as I can see the end in sight now. That’s not to say I mind constructive criticism either! These last 7/8 5ft frames that complete the scenic side will be much more wintry - I’m working on a variety of ways to replicate snow and the piece in this months BRM about this was very well timed! In fact I’m off up to Bergen, Norway today to get a closer look at the real thing. Then a train from there to Oslo I’ve heard it’s pretty spectacular
  6. Thanks for those photos. Brilliant! Looks like Evening Star is at Huddersfield there. As I mentioned Evening Star will be doing the westbound charters (a 55H model with synchronised sound/ smoke) & a Hattons A4 (Mallard) the eastbound. There will be one steam charter in each direction every hour. Not exactly accurate but hey ho
  7. Not sure if the 9F 2-10-0 Evening Star that will be doing the steam charters will make it!
  8. Another piece of the jigsaw today. Picked up the frames & trestles that make up the full 180deg curves at the east end (the beginning of the model in effect). These consist of 10ft radius for 90deg (which will be covered), whereupon trains will reappear onto 4 sweeping super elevated 30ft radius curves. These curves will deviate into what will be a slice of Healey Mills before finally joining the fiddle yard. That’s the plan anyway..
  9. With the delivery of 36 MGR’s - which will act as a test train for the next 6 months, - a Heljan 37 storms up the 1:137 gradient dragging the full load with no slipping whatsoever. Credit where it’s due the Dapol MGR’s run far better than I expected, even running slowly backwards with no loco attached on a slope that’s almost impossible to spot. Dream team here me thinks.. I’ll upload the video of this later..
  10. Lovely This loco (together with another 31) will be pulling 25 TTA tanks & two 100T bogie tanks on the Port Clarence working
  11. It’s been a long time since I laid curves on the scenic side of HL but they are beginning right now. Now I’m at the bottom of the steep 1:80 gradient the track at the real HLJ starts to super elevate and gently curve left before diving into two single tunnels which take the lines under the Calder Valley line. The curves on the model start at 40ft radius transitioning to 30ft then 20ft for a short section the tracks progressively splitting. Ive used card in various thicknesses up to 3mm to super elevate the curves.. Today it’s been ballasting - laboriously getting every stone off the sleepers individually..
  12. My dads friend used to take me also to the ECML near Easingwold, like you I vividly remember about 1pm a deltic hauled express would always tear past. Never forgotten it. The clag itself I’m still working on. Trouble is, with bass sound and a decoder it’s difficult to find space for a fan assisted smoke unit. I will have some Heljan locos which will only work double headed with no sound but instead two fan assisted ESU smoke units. Incidentally the Heljan locos are the only ones capable of hauling massive freight trains on HLJ as with their diecast chassis they have the weight. But no one has invented the proper black clag yet..it’ll materialise before long hopefully..
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