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  1. I know the 9F will go around a 6ft curve but pulling 14 heavy coaches it would increase resistance. Anyway 6ft is now 7.5ft so should be fine now
  2. Not much to report this week as I’ve spent all of it undoing all the work from the week before! Where the 4 main lines disappear under the girder bridge (and scenic break) at the eastern end, they then enter a 90deg curve (which will be covered.) I wasn’t wholly happy with the innermost track radius which although 6ft, is tight for the forthcoming charter steam loco 2-10-0 9F ‘Evening Star’. However, flattening the inner track curve to almost 8ft radius meant altering all the other 3 tracks next to them. Which in turn meant back tracking all the 4 tracks another 10 metres to get the alignments on the run up acceptable. Then all the drop wires from the rails to main bus need new holes in the baseboard redrilling too at the new locations and reconnecting at each end.. That said I’m happier now. The frames to complete the west end curves are due anytime. Which will mean a full circuit should be in place within a month or so..
  3. No that’s where I’ll be building the next one.. Dent station to the north portal of Blea Moor tunnel in O circa 1967
  4. Couple more pics of the fiddle yard. Where the rolling stock is are yards 1 & 2. Yards 3 & 4 are further down - as seen in the other pic
  5. Least it’s not Corona virus! I had a message from my ex who lives in Dubai asking if it was in the UK.. I replied that it only affects people who drink Corona beer. She replied and said they don’t drink that over there so thought she’d be ok
  6. I’m about 7 off completing the full rake of 30 JLTRT (and a few Skytrex) TTA’s. These have had their axleboxes sprung and run on roller bearing. With a couple of kit built TEA’s in the same Shell livery it should all look impressive behind a couple of ‘rats’ I’ve dabbled with putting a couple of battery powered sound decoders in the tanks themselves to mimic wheel thump and squeaks etc. However actually running a full rake of MGR’s showed there’s no need as the train doesn’t sound much different from the real thing! (Excuse the unpainted axlebox on the first TTA)
  7. Had to cut down work on HLJ to just 4 hours a day recently, the rest been spent on the sofa recovering from a heavy cold (probably lack of sunlight doesn’t help ) However I’m back up to 8 hrs now and on the last leg of joining the last two (from 4) tracks from the fiddle yard to the scenic side. These curves when ballasted should look quite spectacular being a minimum radius of 25ft, but stretching to 40ft on the outer parts. The signal gantries also burst into life today and are about to be programmed to work automatically detecting trains and changing aspects accordingly. Linked to the Digikeijs software it’s possible to program the lights to fade in and out gradually like they did on the real things before LED’s came along. I haven’t a clue how it all works but the chaps installing it certainly do. Added to which we had an ‘08 traverse the length of the fiddle yard automatically today starting and stopping in the right place. Another week on these curves (thank god) before I’ll move back to the scenic end and work on the two giant 4ft River Calder bridges Allan Downes built will begin.
  8. Each frame takes two people to lift -they are heavy. Two on a handcart with rubber pneumatic wheels needs two people to push and pull. The T bar handle attaches to the front axle which is steerable.
  9. Today is a another piece of the jigsaw completed, with the fiddle yard now joined to the scenic section and trains running between them for the first time. This gives a running length of about 400ft end to end in a U shape. Just the curves at the west end and in the middle to complete. Thanks to my IT guru modelling friends the trains are now operated via a Digikeijs & Digitrax set up using Railcom. At the minute this means signals, trains, points can be controlled via a touch screen. With the necessary block sections built in, soon the system will then become automatic (still retaining a manual option) with route setting controlling aforementioned signals & points, sounding horns and working smoke units at preprogrammed time’s. The other benefit is complicated manoeuvres with long heavy freight trains over the crossovers (which would normally need coordination between 3/4 operators) will be done automatically. Colour lights will fade in and out realistically just like the old filament bulbs. HLJ was always going to be a ‘watching the trains go by’ layout so it’s the last step before a complete loop due around the end of March The fiddle yard is beginning to fill up..!
  10. On another note I’m going to need the help of a fabricator/fabrication company soon to construct a minimum of 25 handcarts to carry the majority of HLJ onto the 3 artics used to transport it. These will have to be bespoke ie two decks, the top deck removable to carry 2 frames at a time. T bar handle, steerable front rubber wheels you get the drift. If anyone is a fabricator or owns a fabrication company who’d consider this job I’d be very pleased to hear from you. Thanks. Simon
  11. All I can tell you is I’ve used 112 Kilos since I started. Should have gone straight to a quarry
  12. Thanks. Bit late now for me though! That said the large amount of ballast required on superelevated track is the same whether you elevate just the track or the track bed itself..
  13. Not yet sadly. The frames that carry the curves at the opposite end are due from Tim Horn in a month or so. Once they are finished then it’ll take me 2 weeks to lay the track on these. I’m looking forward to that day believe me.
  14. Just a metre of 1mm card then onto the 2mm. Only issue with superelevated track is it uses mountains of ballast to get to sleeper level. Still, it looks good
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