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  1. Starting next week I’ll be uploading the first in a series of YouTube videos (with the link on here) on creating particular types of scenery found on Heaton Lodge Junction. Without wishing to come across pompous, these videos will be the first in a series of ‘Modelling Masterclasses’ with the emphasis on redefining realism. I suppose, given this projects timescale I’ve picked up and learnt a lot of what to do, and what not to do’s.! Moreover the great Mr Downes taught me how to work fast without compromising on detail. So next week will see the first video on
  2. Dolls hair before and after.. need to clean the excess flock off the concrete trunking yet
  3. Still working on the 30ft final section of double track- yep the Huddersfield upper level lines. Three layers of static grass later, plus lots of dolls hair to create undergrowth/weeds & the small embankment is coming together. Pics show the bare dolls hair (often sold as canopy or postiche) being covered with spray matt varnish. After the dolls hair is soaked I sprinkle woodland scenics Earth blend through a sieve. Just ‘lifts’ the scenery off the floor if you know what I mean. Two lines on the left are the (usually covered) dive under lines
  4. Hi Jonathan I’ve got some graphite pencils for this reason I’ll actually try these now you’ve mentioned it!
  5. I tried it Roger maybe I was scrubbing it too hard, I’ll retry it but be a bit gentler
  6. Yes I’ve got a CMX track cleaning truck but it won’t remove tarnish. Great for track that’s dirty but not tarnished tho
  7. I’d make a great burglar cos my fingerprints have long disappeared
  8. Ah now there’s a question. Cleaning the track is an utter nightmare. Because I’m still working on it, I’m not running trains regularly on all 4 main lines & the 28 fiddle yard roads. Therefore tarnish appears after a few days and won’t come off with anything other than a track rubber. Ive tried every track rubber on sale and the best one by far is the Peco one. It leaves a little bit of residue but nothing like others I could mention. To clean all the lines inc the fiddle yard takes 18 Peco track rubbers and 4 hrs. If anyone knows of a way to get tarnish off the r
  9. Not much modelling this week for a change. What I did do is adding detail to the Huddersfield double tracks on the upper level. However I did run Heljans new 56 for a full 8 hours last week on an Eastbound MGR train - I’d been wanting to do this for a while. Totting it up I’m pretty sure it covered around 7 miles (which is, ironically about 5 times the length of the real Heaton Lodge Junction) by the time it was shut down at 6pm. The trusty old kit built Romanian 56009 is also seen here heading west a minute or two later. The sound file on this is so much better, hopefu
  10. Haven’t a clue sorry! Jonathan one of the software chaps wrote the effects over the original video. However I'm certain weather can be replicated with a wrap around back screen and some special effects going forward..
  11. A very short clip here but shows what maybe achievable with weather effects in the future. Using a backscene that rises up and over the layout which can then project mist, and what looks like rain I’m pretty sure can be done
  12. Very grateful to you for that contact Andrew. He’s a top chap and they are superbly made
  13. Still working on this last bit of HLJ namely the upper Huddersfield lines. These are actually only visible head on and from a good 6/7m away, but I’ll have to detail them otherwise it’ll just bug me. So today I’ve installed the retaining walls that meet the scenic break tunnel mouth. Fictional of course but every layout needs a scenic break I guess. The walls are actually plastic sheet glued onto foam board. Just couldn’t justify scribing DAS clay for something virtually invisible.. I prime these then simply use various mould green paints to go over them follo
  14. James I’ve thought of that but there isn’t the height sadly. !
  15. Hi Les I started off using Scalelink. However I ended up having 100 large sheets specially made as the amount I needed would have cost a fortune.!
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