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  1. All ok, thanks for asking. Been a relatively mundane month helping out with the final fitting of the automation. It’s been a huge job in itself with the amount of track but a necessary one. I do miss proper modelling I can tell you. Today has been a running session here’s some pics
  2. The safety valves were tried but proved unreliable as they clogged up being so narrow. However the next victim of the new smoke generator- Black 5 45212 will hopefully be more successful
  3. I don’t mind admitting I much prefer constructing scenery. Currently wiring in 5 Digikeijs sensor boards which detect where the trains are. These are connected on the outside by caravan connectors. I’m taking instructions believe me! How I’m going to make this lot tidy I dunno
  4. Thought some might be interested in the result of the 9F ‘Evening Star’ being fitted with a new type of smoke generator by TRS trains. This blasts steam/water vapour both through the chimney and between the cylinders. Together with a couple of Black 5’s & an A3 these will run the charter services and be fitted with these units
  5. I don’t model the 2010 era as most know, but I’m determined to build up a fleet of Colas Railfreight liveried locos. This is the new ‘37 in those colours from Heljan that landed today. Not much in O wagon wise in RTR that will run with them apart from Cargowaggens. Still, what a lovely loco
  6. In a couple of months I’ll be starting to dismantle the whole layout before adjusting the catches & dowels and reassembling it all. I just hope there’s no bang and a lot of smoke once it’s switched back on
  7. Not much to report at the minute.. the focus is now off scenery and onto finishing the automation. A new mobile steel control cabinet will carry all the boosters and hardware so I’ve been busy fitting it out ready for the software chaps to connect it all up. Also been assembling the lighting gantries and wiring them. These are steel too and throw the light from the front and at a height of 7ft. Onwards & upwards ..
  8. It was hit by a Greater Crested Tern at approximately 68mph
  9. Since the Daily Mail article ITV news have asked to do a piece about HLJ for their ‘and finally’ bulletin at the end of the news. Anyone think it’s a good idea?
  10. Yes Andrew the hamlet is actually Heaton Lodge itself not Mirfield. Here’s a link to the article in the Daily Mail today. I was very dubious about speaking to them but I guess it’s decent PR for the hobby. Where they got the numbers they quote as in costs etc is beyond me. Least it’s not described as a giant train set etc https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9251581/And-stop-200ft-Man-recreates-rail-junction-Britains-biggest-model-railway.html
  11. Been a couple of weeks of doing mundane frustrating jobs, mainly involving the backscene at the very far west end. Problem is that everything on HLJ has to be dismantled and reassembled so there’s a lot more work in allowing for this. However the backscene is coming on well at the far end and I’ve slowly started working all the way down. Had a disaster with another river pour last week. Unfortunately I added too much activator and right in front of cameras (who are making the episode on HLJ for BBC2) the resin started billowing smoke and set rock hard in seconds. I tried
  12. Me too Dave I used to sit on the embankment near the signal gantry. I remember seeing a 37/0 pulling in a set of brand new Class 314 emu’s, still don’t know why to this day. They were new in ‘79 so must have been around then. Good days eh
  13. Last shot of this triangular section. I’m glad I included it, it wasn’t in the original plan but the vast area makes a huge difference. You can just see the tunnel mouth of the overground Huddersfield lines in the distance..
  14. a view through the tunnel mouth looking towards the junction along the above ground Huddersfield lines. Ironically the retaining wall and most of what you can see can’t be seen from the viewing area!A view of the completed huge triangular scenic section with backscenes still to be completed and fitted
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