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  1. You make a good point. However I’m quietly confident the public will appreciate it as well as us modellers. I say that cos I often get both male and females dropping by from the businesses surrounding the mill. The women especially, spend half an hour just looking at the scenery and searching out the detail. Men just want to watch the trains rumble by. Might even pitch it to the artists of this world too? Anyway I guess I’ll find out (next year now)
  2. Thanks Ian yes the Covid thing has stopped it going anywhere for a while. I’m not averse to having people over for a visit especially all those like yourself who’ve offered nothing but support over the past 7 years. Perhaps Andy York on here could maybe organise an RM web visit when we know what limitations we’ll be faced with. There would need to be a lot of bodies to present a social distancing issue down there! As for modelling techniques I’m about half way through the book I’m writing ...which includes every technique, product and idea used.
  3. Yep apologies the kit built (not mine) MK2’s are just out of shot. And thanks once again
  4. News this week... Tuesday had Mike Wild & Richard Watson from Hornby magazine over to take some snaps.. Took a few myself with the iPhone mind..however a 40 on a rake of MK2’s is worth a shot or two. Amazed at a gizmo Richard brought which consisted of a go pro on a motorised dolly attached to a 50m long zip wire. This enables super video footage with the camera keeping pace with trains. Watch this space. Meanwhile I’ve been under the frames the last few days wiring in the new Huddersfield curves..
  5. You’re a truly positive minded chap aren’t you Geoff.
  6. Well the main news is at 7.44pm yesterday evening I finally connected the last piece of track just over 7 years after the first piece.. I’ve tried to reckon up how much track there is, best estimate is 1.2 miles which coincidentally is almost the exact scale length of that part of Heaton Lodge I’ve modelled. I won’t miss laying track - though of course phase 2 - Healey Mills - will begin next year. I’ve temporarily affixed the backscenes after I finished laying the 4 Huddersfield tracks. (The 2 on the lower level/dive under & the 2 on the higher level gradually increase/decrease in level until they met at the fiddle yard. The triangular section of scenery on trolleys is about to get the static grass treatment - I’ve one more trolley to construct to fill the remaining gap. Then the backscene should wrap around and meet the scenic break on the Calder Valley line. (See pics) First pics - the final connection Fourth onwards - the new triangle
  7. I think you’ll find Tim has plenty of other customers he supplies besides me
  8. Thanks for the kind comments. I’d love to run 2000’s era too (on different days obviously & even though the track layout changed after ‘86) and plan to slowly build a fleet of GBRF/EWS/Colas/DB Schenker liveried locos. However in O there is almost nothing wagon wise available RTR. 10 or so full length trains with kit built stock would take me an age to build. And as for passenger stock forget it!
  9. I almost forgot. Tim Horn followed trusty old 37191 around the layout earlier this week. About 30 secs in you’ll see the future location of Healey Mills before the loco reaches the fiddle yard. (Before anyone mentions it I know about the huge drop next to the track in the fiddle yard. It’ll soon have a Perspex sheet down it.) I think it’s great
  10. Lots done since last week I’m pleased to say. First up is the news that the final frame was delivered on Wednesday by Tim Horn. So that’s it! 107 frames & 7 years working on them... These final frames are the most complicated given they begin in the fiddle yard on the straight & level (which on the prototype would be Heaton Lodge South Junction) before the levels increasingly split. As many will know these two levels carry two tracks each - the lower ones joining the dive under & the upper level the two other Huddersfield lines. To avoid tracks going over a 45deg gap these last two frames (at the fiddle yard side) are bolted permanently to the existing frames. Not so at the scenic side unfortunately as the two upper level tracks come off at this dreaded 45 deg angle. Not only this but they are on a curve & superelevated. So I’ve spent the best part of today splitting sleepers and cursing trying to get the track over this join with the correct cant. Not easy, and in the end used hot glue to hold the ends rigid as the degree of cant meant the tacks were too short to hold it firm enough Anyway..a rigid chassis wagon seems ok over the join and ballasting/weathering should hide the whole dogs breakfast. I’ve also been working on the triangular section of scenery using the knocked together trolleys to allow access when required. The landscaping for the river section is now complete and the next resin pour will be next week. I’d been scratching my head on how I could hide the join in the river where the new river section on the trolley begins. So took a walk down to the real place for some inspiration. Fortunately the answer was staring me in the face as there is a weir further downstream and what stops boats going over the weir? A whole line of red and white barrels linked together that’s what. The pics show the triangular section being filled in with both removable & trolley sections and it’s now obvious how the road linking the two bridges will run. This last frame here is the only fictional part of the layout as it incorporates the road bridge doubling as the scenic break. And of course Allan Downes’ derelict sewerage works. And finally.. the lighting gantries are all here waiting to be assembled. The hand carts to carry the whole 4 tons of layout are also due pretty soon.
  11. Still got Healey Mills section to do around the other side - although that initially won’t be part of the ‘public’ side until it’s finished. Also the fiddle/marshalling yard will also be ballasted and fitted with Healey Mills style lighting gantries. So plenty to be going on with
  12. Nothing too sexy this week I’m afraid. It’s all been trolley constructing & cutting plywood sheet to fit on top of them. However it’s possible to see the triangular landscaping taking shape, with much of the polystyrene landscaping on top. And the course of the river is easy to see as it bends sharply towards the camera. Just a huge amount of fettling heights & lengths of aluminium and plywood. Finally the first batch of lighting gantry rig bases have been delivered. These bases will be situated at the operating side of the layout and 7ft high vertical booms will slot into them which in turn support 7ft wide horizontal booms into which lightweight LED batten lights slot. So the lighting will be from above, and in front of the layout. I want to finish the whole layout in one month so have got this triangle to complete, the scenery for it, the extended river pour and the 4 tracks round to the fiddle yard. Then there’s the backscene to bring round and the foam board tunnels (which hide all track heading towards the scenic side).
  13. I’m more worried about what I’m going to do when it’s finished Jim. Even tho I plan on having a big sofa mounted next to the junction on an elevated fabricated metal stand (seriously), there’s only so much time I can lounge on it watching trains go by with my binoculars and a fridge full of beer. I was discussing yesterday with the two chaps installing the automation (and doing a fantastic job) the possibility of using the fiddle yard for another layout curving in the opposite direction in the future. Pondering this maybe it could include 9ft high floor to ceiling moorland scenery mounted on aluminium box section and another 200ft run but just double track.
  14. Work started yesterday on the Bermuda Triangle. So named as this is where the trains disappear I’m determined to make this triangle a big feature now although it was never part of the original plan. With 20ft of fields at its widest part I’m making the scenery removable over the lower tracks which are hidden, and the rest on the aforementioned trolleys which will push into place to fill the space. Today I’ve been making the removable top covers from ply for the apex of the Bermuda triangle. Apart from ply I’ve used a lot of foam board to block out the light as I want the long tunnels totally black. The temporary bridge in the pics (yet to be sawn in half) will be the third scenic break - the back scene wrapping around this and the second bridge/scenic break nearby. A road will link the two bridges. The river will be extended and curve away (and be removable as it’ll be built on a trolley.) Should have it done in a couple weeks.
  15. Thought I post some pics of the final batch of frames from Tim Horn. As I mentioned previously these form the ‘middle curves’ to Huddersfield and include 4 tracks on two levels - the dive under lines on the lower level, and the two lines on top which also peel off to Huddersfield. On the prototype up to 1986, these 4 tracks came together at Heaton Lodge South Junction. Likewise on the model these 4 tracks meet on the same level just before joining the fiddle yard. You can now see the position of the third scenic break in the form of another bridge. I’ll wrap the backscene around this and join it to the final scenic break at the end. Again, this creates a parcel of space which I’ll need to fill. Pretty shortly I’ll be knocking together the scenery carrying trolleys from box section aluminium to roll into this gap. From the viewing side it should be impossible to tell it’s anything other than permanent. There will be at least 6m of double track joining the main Calder Valley line at a 45deg angle, so should be quite entertaining watching long trains climb up to the main line.
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