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  1. The stable block of the Allanmuir Hotel is of similar construction. On the right here. Jim
  2. Many a minor mis-fit has been corrected with such an implement, in a variety of shapes and sizes. My maxim is often 'if in doubt, cut it big and file it 'til it fits!'! Jim
  3. Thanks for the mention Laurie. Coming from a non-engineering background where things were made to fit a particular situation which couldn't be defined by measurements, I can help but wonder if you are getting too hung up over 100ths of a mm? I'll probably get branded as a heretic for that (among other things), but might as well get hung for a sheep as a lamb! My experience is that 2fs wheels are pretty tolerant of slight vertical mis-alignment, up to perhaps from 0.25 to as much even as 0.5mm, but not of horizontal. This from occasionally having slightly mis-aligned baseboard jo
  4. Probably not relevant to wagons, but when I sent the file for the pillars for the Dunallander canopies to the friend who printed them for me this was what he sent back, with the comment that he knew 2mm stuff was small, but this was rediculous! Jim
  5. Despite the brittle nature of my 5thou styrene I managed to get the stonework around the doors and windows done with it. I had to do one or two wee repairs where bits had cracked, but I think they won't be too obvious once it's painted. I didn't get the piece around the double widow quite central, meaning the quoins are slightly wider on one side than the other, but this wall will only be visible at an oblique angle, so I won't tell anyone if you don't! The mouldings around the panel for the company name and the little cartouche above the main door (which will have the 'CRCo' mon
  6. OOps! Sorry! I mis-read my elderly ABC Combined Volume. Virus strikes again! (C-nile one). Jim
  7. Having drawn up the artwork for all the windows, fitted them onto a sheet and made sure they were all well tagged (the last two jobs are arguably the most tedious and time consuming in my experience), the sheet went off to PPD on Friday morning. I've now turned my attention back to the station building. Having worked out how the walls were going to fit together, templates were drawn out and printed. These were then fixed with Pritt-stick to 40thou styrene and cut out. The window and door opening were cut through the paper and once the paper had been removed a hole was drilled in
  8. When painting this PO wagon from a. HMRS photo I discovered that Plean QQuarry (near Stirling) supplied stone for the Bank of England building in Threadneedle Street. Jim
  9. Have you tried it without the rods on? Will it drive the one axle? i would doubt your ability to hold the motor and the chassis together in a stable enough way to draw conclusions. Far better to have some means of fixing the motor in place IMHO. Jim
  10. Sometimes the mind sees what it thinks should be there, even though it isn't! Someone once commented that my CR Jumbo had 'brakegear and sandpipes', though it doesn't have the latter! Jim
  11. I too found Fusion slow on my machine and will be sticking with AutoCAD meantime. I have dipped my toe into 3D with it, but a lot of steep learning still to do there! Jim
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