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  1. At the time of the referendum I said that with these two in charge there was something fishy going on! Jim W
  2. To quote one of my old school teachers, 'I will treat that remark with the contempt it deserves'. Jim
  3. Thanks, Don. I just mix the colours I think will produce what I'm after, but am never quite sure what the result will be until I see it. I agree, we should make things the colour they are, not what we think they should be. Close observation is the key to making things look 'real'. As to the composition, I'm just basing them on local buildings in the main, adapting them to suit, with the object of creating the rather random appearance of a street in a mining/market town in South East Lanarkshire with buildings of different eras and styles (and materials) next to one another.
  4. So is he the local quack doctor on his rounds? Jim
  5. That's a racy little number! Should he not have a classy lady in the passenger seat holding on to her wide brimmed hat? Jim
  6. I was mixing some more paint earlier this evening to paint the capping stones on the gables before starting to add the slates. I thought I had added too much of the leather as it was looking too orangey, but before scrapping the mix and starting again I added a little more black and it came out almost a perfect match to what was already there! they've still to get a dust of grey in this photo. I'm no artist, BTW. Can't draw freehand to save myself and I get the colours by trial and error! Jim
  7. Thanks, Richard (or is it Prichard? ) I've had to have a wee think about how best to respond to you as I don't have any particular secret, except perhaps one, which I'll come to in a moment. For the sandstone, the basic colour is a base of white with a touch of black to grey it slightly, then a little yellow and perhaps some 'leather' (Humbrol 62), all matt, of course, and with some thinner. I generally don't mix them too thoroughly so that there is a slight unevenness in tone, nor am I particular in applying it very evenly. Sometimes I might add a little more of one or other co
  8. Several years ago when we were in our previous house at Hyndford Bridge (3 miles south of Lanark) our phone line went down. they eventually traced the fault to an old, lead-covered cable on which there were no spare pairs. They knew where either end of it was, but had no idea where it went in between! They said they didn't have the budget to replace it. It took emails to the then CEO to get it fixed! Jim
  9. The better weather over the last week (though it's been chucking it down and blowing a hoolie here all day) has led me to be out trying to tidy the garden, so slow progress on these buildings. The walls are now painted on both sections and the windows fitted to the house along with it's door and gutters. Also in place is the door at the end of the side passageway. The unpainted section on the Station Inn is where the sign board will go and the base of the close has now been fixed in. Next is to fit the roof sections of the house, for which a central support has been
  10. As I said earlier, if you can make out the number on the photograph, copy that arrangement and give your coach that number. Then you know you are correct and nobody can argue with you! Jim
  11. The cartoon in yesterday's The Herald newspaper is of a little green alien confronting the Perseverance rover - '140million miles? Was your journey really necessary?' Jim
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