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  1. Inside the wagon were cast iron 'knees', bolted to the cross members of the underframe and to which the side planks were attached. The vertical outside 'strapping' was in fact washer plates to prevent the bolts holding the planks pulling through the wood. The knees, therefore, projected inside the planks and tapered towards the top. Chris Crofts had an excellent series in early MRJ's on wagon construction. Jim
  2. Can't help with loco identities (not my company of interest! ) but could the object on the cab side be a Manson tablet catcher? Jim
  3. Recently sent to me by my (retired Medical Director) friend in Melbourne. Jim
  4. BBC 'Morning Live' program were interviewing 20 somethings asking their attitude to vaccination. One plonker, who claimed to be an 'Instagram blogger' (whatever that is?), said he wouldn't be getting it because, among other things, 'they can track what's in your bank account!'. Huh? Jim
  5. I can remember watching the landing live on TV (shows my age!), grainy black and white video. Everyone was enthralled by it. I visited in 2011 with my grandson. We not only visited to VAB, but also one of the launchpads. The VAB had one of the Shuttles in it being prepared for permanent exhibition. We were standing about 20ft away from it. As you say, really brings home the effort put into these things. Jim
  6. Many happies, Linney. It's a scientifically proven fact that those who have the most birthdays live the longest! As to the Saturn, having stood under one on display at Kennedy Space Centre, I can confirm that it is B-I-I-I-I-G. The building in which they assembled them is the tallest single story building in the world. Jim
  7. I think you'll find the bulk of the ego driven is coming from south of Hadrian's Wall! I fear it all will and that the proverbial will hit the fan in England fairly soon. Up here mask wearing and social distancing are still legal requirements, albeit with the latter down to 1m, which I understand is WHO advice. The vast majority are still complying from what I can see. We were at a farm shop today and felt comfortable. I was helping to clean our church this evening and all four of us were wearing our masks, even though we are all double jagged. Jim
  8. As a boy in the mid 1950's I spent a lot of time helping with the harvest on a local farm (my father was the village school headmaster). It wasn't until c1956/7 that the farm got a baler. All hay and straw was loaded by hand with a pitchfork (would an 8 year old be allowed to use a pitchfork these days?). The binder was used for cutting oats and bound it into sheaves which we then had to build into stooks of 6 or 8 sheaves leaning against one another to allow the wind to blow through and dry it. It was all very labour intensive with anything up to 12 or 15 people working in a field. When we moved to a country area just over 20 years ago I said to a local farmer that I could rick hay and stook corn, if he ever needed any help at harvest time. 'Not much call for ricking hay and stooking corn these days!', was his reply! Jim
  9. As I also have said before, dogs have masters, cats have staff (and pretty low ranking ones at that) . Jim
  10. Been there, done that and got the T-shirt! Many a time and oft as they say. I try to stick to the mantra 'if it ain't bust don't fix it ', but the temptation is always there to just make that wee adjustment that will make all the difference. In my experience, the satisfaction of getting a chassis running doesn't diminish, no matter how many you do, or maybe its surprise that you've got away with it, again! Jim
  11. Just because it has a Penzance registration doesn't mean to say it has to be in a western fishing port. Fishing boats moved with the fish shoals. We were in Eyemouth a week ago and there was a boat with a Stornoway and another with a Lerwick registrations there. Jim
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