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  1. To my eye the 'L' certainly looks a little short on the horizontal stroke. Jim
  2. A calling on arm was used at the entrance to a terminal platform where there might be something standing at the buffers. If the main arm was off, then the driver knew he was clear to the buffers, if the calling on arm was off he had to be prepared to stop sooner. jim
  3. Sorry to come in a bit late here (been on grandparenting duties over the weekend), but in my view, and those of some others i was speaking to this morning, the 'fuel crisis' is entirely the fault of the media. If they had not reported that a few forecourts had temporarily run out, all these numpties would not have been going out and queueing for hours to put a few gallons in their tanks. If they reported tomorrow that there was an impending shortage of red paint you can bet your boots that by the end of the week every DIY store in the country would be out of red paint! On education funding, I have yet to hear a politician accept that NO public service - education the NHS, road maintenance - gets sufficient funding and until they do admit it and we accept that we all, individuals and companies, have to pay more to the public purse, in the way @Nearholmer says, to achieve that, nothing will change. Jim
  4. I do mine in exactly the same way and have never used a jig. To make the tiny adjustments necessary as you get close to having the quartering perfect, I insert a small jeweller's screwdriver between two spokes of the offending wheel and use that to gently tweak it round. I always use the driven axle as the reference one and adjust everything to that, having made it as near 90° as I can judge. A few degrees either side of that on that set will make no difference, as long as the other axles are adjusted to match. @DCB, as Nigel says, I think you are ignoring the fact that this is a 2FS Forum, so the only wheels under discussion are those from the 2MM Scale Association, which are of a completely different design to those you mention. They are designed for live frame pickup, having integral half axles which fit in insulating muffs. Jim
  5. Nigel's last comment is very true and was something we discussed at our last group meeting. At a meeting about two or more years ago one of our members had a 4F chassis that he couldn't get to run freely with just the wheels and rods (no gears or worm). I spent the afternoon gently reaming out the holes in the rods, checking with them only on the front and centre wheels and then only on the centre and rear ones, until we eventually got it running freely. He was surprised at how much play there was in the rods at that stage. Jim
  6. I agree with @Andy Hayter. I always reinforce any bend which is small or liable to being under stress. Jim
  7. We have the same at the back here, though its narrow sections and tight bends, rather than parked vehicles which are the problem. Not only bulk deliveries, but triple decker sheep floats, especially when there's a market on in Lanark. As far as long distance bulk deliveries go, there's a train comes up to Mossend every day s with blue containers labelled 'Less CO2' in the corporate style of a large supermarket. Jim
  8. Not the Forth and Clyde Group! We're in charge of two grandchildren (or maybe it's the other way round) this weekend, so can't join you. Jim
  9. But then there would be 5 other companies involved! Jim
  10. I find that all loco chassis, tank or tender, run much better when there is a bit of weight on them, rather than just the bare chassis. Not only does this overcome the torque generated by the motor (which is the problem you're experiencing), but also gives better current collection. I have a piece of lead sheet with a 12BA tapped hole in it which I can attach via the body fixing screw hole. Either that or using a bit of Blue-tac. Jim
  11. Hi Adam. Have you got the body on the loco chassis? If not I would suggest that it's the lack of the weight of that which is the cause. I have seen the same if I run the chassis without the body, well weighted, in place. I arrange the drive shaft on my tender locos to be under the footplate as I don't like the idea of a drive shaft being visible in the open cabs of my locos. Just a personal thing. See some of my loco articles in the magazine. Jim
  12. I did try it recently for my CR 323 class 0-6-0ST which has 'T'-section spokes. It wasn't easy to get the layers lined up accurately, but that could be improved by a different design of the etch. My other problem was in not having a lathe to get the centres accurately turned to fit the rims on true. As it turned out this was when Nigel was experimenting with the new 3D printed wheels, so he came over one day and we drew up the file for doing them that way. I would say that that is a better route to pursue than layered etches, though perhaps a bit more expensive. Jim
  13. There are two photos in Jack Kernahan's book on The Cathcart Circle showing trains of CCT's delivering Morris cars to maxwell Park goods yard for the nearby Morris agents A & D Frazer. They are said to be c1925. The various CCT's appear to be either CR, LNWR or WCJS as far as I can tell, but are not specially lettered. Jim
  14. Not that I'm aware of. I leave c 10thou (.25mm) every 240mm. Jim
  15. 'Thanks' will do fine! For those who don't recognise it, it's McCaig's Folly, overlooking Oban. Jim
  16. @Annie, Don't bother with those piddling little towers. Put in a proper Folly! Jim
  17. And how would you have got on in Maths without him??? Jim (Mods, can we have a saltire emoji, please?)
  18. So, the opposite of a Soothsayer, in that they are not exactly providing any soothing comments? Jim
  19. Thank you @ianathompson for correcting me. I only heard the story once in a talk to our local U3A on the ineptness of German spies in WW II. IIRC the woman was a double agent who asked the police to call someone high ranking in the security services to verify her identity. Jim
  20. There is a true story of a WW II German spy who was put ashore on the Moray coast. Arriving late at night at a remote station he asked for a ticket to Aberdeen. On being told it was 'five and ten' he proffered £5 and 10s notes. A discrete call to the local constable ended his espionage endevours! Jim
  21. If it's Gothic revival you want, there's always Gilbert Scott. Jim
  22. Nah! What you need is a deep dark wood with signs saying 'Beware of the Gruffalo and the Big Bad Mouse!' Jim
  23. There's a reason why the Medical and related professions are regulated - and it's not to create a closed shop! Jim (BDS Glas., GDC registration No 42324, but, being retired, no longer registered.)
  24. I cannot help but think that, given the operational constraints brought about by trains to/from Birchoverham/Achingham having to reverse at CA, that serious thought would have been given to making the A/CA junction a triangular one, or at least putting in a connection from the AC line to the Achingham one, so that, in the case of the latter, reversal took place at AC? CA would then be served by a shuttle from AC. I appreciate that, given your proposed layout plan (as opposed to the geographic one), either of these would not be practicable, but it does strike me that this is the sort of thing that the company would have looked into. Jim
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