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  1. Well deserved for your excellent layout. Still one of the best I've seen of any scale or persuasion. Great stuff.
  2. Seen in the flesh at the NEC today - simply WOW!
  3. Some impressive modelling - the BN f unit looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. Neil
  4. Very nice. Great trees and backdrop. Thanks for sharing. Neil
  5. It does look pretty good and the plastic ballast can be weathered to look much more realistic. The main advantage is the running qualities - the live frog switching and point motor built in are excellent. I did have had a problem with one of the #4 switches/points derailing stock due to the lack of a recess in the stock rail. I solved this by altering how the track lead into the toe but it can done like this - http://www.pbase.com/atsf_arizona/kato_4_turnout_tuning I believe the #6 switch/point doesn't have this problem but never used one. Just thought you needed to be aware of this potential pit fall but that said once I sorted it out they all work perfectly. Thanks, Neil
  6. Thanks Jack I had been looking at these boxes and they do have quite a bit of potential especially the 800mm & 1200mm long rectangular ones. I'm going to stick with the boxfile for this project though but have got Ideas for future projects using Really Usefull Boxes. Neil
  7. Hi All, I've mocked up a few buildings and had a play around with positioning. A few things I wanted to include are - The track disappearing through a gap between the buildings. Transfer shed and 'team track' style yard. Road vehicle loading point A wooded backdrop reflecting the countryside nature of the location Here's a couple of views of what I think I'm going to go with Thanks for looking, Neil
  8. Hi all, This thread will be covering construction of a N scale North American based box file layout. My intention is to build a larger layout based on The New Haven RR's and Moshassuck Valley RR's operations around the Lincoln RI area. This area was heavily involved in textiles, generating large amounts of traffic for the railroads. The chosen timeframe is the 1950s when, while the industry was in terminal decline, traffic was still considerable. This bigger project is going nowhere fast so in the meantime I've decided to have a crack at a box file. I have a spare Kato switch left over from the nephew's train set so will be using this, perhaps to "mainline" in appearance but it's available and the self contained motor makes things easy! This should allow space for two cars per spur with a "fiddle stick" outside the box file. Thanks for looking, Neil
  9. Enjoyed seeing this layout at Wakefield today. This has to be one of the best layouts on the exhibition circuit - Presentation, attention to detail and capturing the feel of American urban decay are all perfect, not to mention a New Haven RS-1! Great stuff.
  10. Hi Phil, I believe the athearn genesis model due for release next year has the correct tanks and raised walkway. Regards, Neil
  11. Hi Steve, Re - respraying a new haven model I'm sure you're aware of this but just in case you're not. The new haven gp9's had extra water tanks on the running board which the photo example nw ones don't appear to feature. Looks like this is going to be a very interesting layout, looking forward to seeing it progress. Neil
  12. Hi Daniel, I tend to agree. The line should be operated by one of the small GE switchers but you need to be able to run the odd rs-1, rs-11, H-15 or GP 9! Regards, Neil
  13. Hi Adrian, I would prefer to use two separate points but I need to save space so I'm prepared to accept it's 'unamericanness'. The stock I intend to run is made up of 40' cars so I may reduce the lead to allow a bit more room on the spurs. Regards Neil
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