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  1. You have, several times If you PM me drawings I'll have a look, but can't guarantee anything, depends how complex it looks really
  2. If you're referring to the chassis that's under the railroad Jinty, I've used that in an R Class, but had to hack away a large cast section at the front to allow me to model the bottom of the boiler. Other than that, it runs surprisingly well, so you might be onto a budget winner.
  3. Printed the trackplan out over the weekend and spent some time playing trains. I think most of it checks out (for clearances etc.), but I might have to shorten it a bit. I'm considering getting boards laser cut, which would create a 1200mm max length. Currently about 50mm too long. Can anyone else spot any flaws/issues before I commit to this trackplan?
  4. 2mm. Fits with the gears I'm planning to use, or the backup gears if plan A fails. Will probably reuse the original Gibson axle if I can't buy just the tyres separately.
  5. Well, the 2mm association wheels plan has failed. They only sell to members, and it seems a bit backward to pay a years membership for £3 worth of tyres. Oh well. Back to Gibson's and ignore the 0.5mm overscale, which won't be hard.
  6. Hmm - the only info I have is RM Drake-Brockman's article and drawings in Railway Modeller (Jan '74, I think). He also notes the larger cylinders on the C, but also states that the C has a larger firebox, so not sure which source is right! The vaguely formed plan so far is to use Gibson 10.5mm wagon wheels (0.5mm overscale, which is hardly a compromise!), with the centres pressed out and replaced with 3D printed ones, so I can accurately represent the double-boss type. I have sketched up a quick chassis concept and I think I can make it fit! I'm well aware that my enthusiasm may outweigh my talent, but I'm enjoying the engineering challenge. Clever - I've heard of this done before, but I guess it requires well chosen gears to get the boiler at the right height? I think the motor I have in mind is small enough to go inside the boiler (just), so I'm trying to rig up a 4 wheel drive system so I don't have the struggle of getting conrods to function properly. Might have to look into this - as mentioned earlier I'll be making my own wheel centres, so I really only need the tyres.
  7. Does anyone have any info or pictures of the Manning Wardle Class B/C? I've got the '74 Railway Modeller article, but there's not much background, and no photos.
  8. I have a couple of others on my reference sheet, can dig out better copies if you want.
  9. Thinking about it, there is also the odd loop on top of the tanks that may be related to this somehow...
  10. I've no idea! There's very little info available online, and I don't have the correct reference books to look it up. I'm only assuming they're condensing pipes, no clue what else they may be though.
  11. There's a couple of other things to get through the test build queue first, but it shouldn't be too long... Was there a version without condensing pipes? All the photos I've seen (admittedly not many, but both LCDR and SECR condition) have them.
  12. As the print lifts up from the LCD screen, it creates suction - the larger area being printed, the more force you get. Angling the print reduces the area being printed in one go, reducing the force therefore reducing the likelihood of the print being pulled off the bed and failing. In theory, at least. More practically, it helps fit more parts on in one run. I'd never get away with that - it's far too cold in my flat to not be wearing the appropriate PPE...
  13. The holes are not holes for precisely that reason! At some point, I had to compromise between accuracy and practicality - fewer holes also means less warp. I tend to add primer first, and paint after construction. This gives the glue something to key onto. The warp is almost certainly down to the print orientation. I have just printed a couple more in a slightly different way, so I'll see how they've come out. Incidentally, I have now run out of the translucent green resin, and am using a much easier-to-work-with whiteish colour. I am still getting to grips with the support generating software, so I might go a little heavier on it next time. This type of printing is never going to be perfect with regards to slight warping in places, but I can mostly get this down to a level that's quite difficult to discern. Glad to have got you back to the workbench!
  14. Well, I had a go at a bash, not trying to specifically model the CMR locos. And I ain't sayin' nuffink, but if you look closely at this pic from a certain bodykit manufacturer, you may recognise a thing or two...
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