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  1. Thanks! I have plans to do the K Class too - there is a kit available here: https://www.rtmodels.co.uk/rt_models_022.htm which I'm sure is good, but given the unique cab and other details, plus my budget (or lack of) I'm planning to have a crack at it myself. But I'm doing the larger (read: easier) Q Class first! I need to go back and revise the chassis for my F Class too, then I'll have the full set of SECR Mannings - quite how I'll manage the livery application is still unknown...
  2. While the Beyer Peacock project is still failing to build itself (despite my best threatening stares) I've been tweaking the SER Manning Wardle Q, and it's nearly there bar a few detail bits. I'm enjoying not having to model 100,000 rivets for a change!
  3. Have you considered a scratch build? You might be able to get a reasonable approximation by replacing the front axle of a Terrier chassis, or possibly a Bachmann Junior 0-6-0 if you want the bigger wheels (not particular familiar with that chassis myself, though). The body shapes are relatively simple to make in plasticard, the main difficulty would probably be the tanks, with the curves at the corners and how they integrate into the footplate.
  4. All approaches are nicely illustrated by the E&WJR, seeing as that seems to be our topic of the day: 1) As you say, buy standard - their 0-6-0s were Beyers, bought from the standard range, to a design done for a Dutch railway 2) buy secondhand - ex-contractor locomotives, or older designs from more mainline railways. The E&WJR had an ex-contractor Manning Wardle for a while, as did the SECR 3) buy in-stock locos - often from cancelled orders. The E&WJR acquired two of their Beyers this way after the Swindon, Marlborough and Andover couldn't afford two of the t
  5. Well, here's the catch - I have the Terrier wheels, but not the Terrier chassis, so there's an experimental gearbox in it and a custom chassis. Time will tell if this works! Thanks for that info - the proportions are based on the larger of the 4ft types in that case.
  6. I've taken a few design cues from the IoW examples too, but I've got the 4ft wheels, so might as well use them! I'm deliberately avoiding making a specific prototype with this model, mainly because I find it much quicker to make and that helps it be a bit more fun when I'm not feeling up to making a 'proper' model. Normal service will be resumed shortly!
  7. Manning Wardle progress has slowed, the gearboxes I want to use are currently unavailable and I don't want to finalise the chassis before I can get hold of one or two to measure up properly. So in the meantime, as motivation for physical modelling is still a bit lacking, I'm working on another flight of fancy - a small Beyer Peacock 2-4-0T. I had a spare set of Terrier wheels to use up, so I'm basing this one on the SMJ Beyers of the 1880s, downsized to suit a light railway with very light passenger trains. By the time of my layout in the 1910s, it will be relegated to running work
  8. The positions will change, nothing's glued down yet. However, one of the flaws of being a human is the inability to place things at random! More backscene experiments will have to be done, and I might try and tone the tree colour down a bit to match it better (well, I can't just buy something and put it on the layout without modifying it, can I?)
  9. A few bits and pieces arrived today, including various ballasts, so I'll have to mix up a brew to represent ash or mine spoil from the various blacks and greys that have arrived. The other main scenic items to arrive were trees to try and make a scenic break with. I've taken the decision to buy in more stuff for this layout, the original plan was to make my own trees and other various scenic items, but eventually I've caved in and admitted that the whole thing would never get finished and would probably be lower quality if I tried to do everything myself. I was trying t
  10. That would certainly be of interest... Latest news on the F is this: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/134891-tsds-workbench-3d-printing-and-general-bodgery/&do=findComment&comment=4245121 And it's staying like that until I can figure out how to do the clearances on the valve gear, it's all a bit too tight at the moment.
  11. Thanks for the tip-off. Unfortunately I found another interesting looking narrow gauge title on there fairly cheap... and then another... I shall have to sell some more locos if I'm not careful!
  12. I'll have to add that book to the saved search list then, possibly also the narrow gauge volume for future plans... Unfortunately a bit above my budget at the moment though.
  13. Glad it (eventually) found it's way to a good home! The green will suit it much better than my blue ever would.
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