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  1. Just seen of facebook they are doing 0 gauge mk2 coaches
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - unboxed, modified and evidence of use

    Bachmann Class 20 with sound from the recently released train set. In excellent condition but unboxed. Has a new sound file from Bachmann and has active braking and drive lock.


  3. Brilliant thank you, and great layout too.
  4. Has anyone tried the 05 around peco set track points?
  5. meatloaf

    CLASS 24/0

    I think the 21 pin versions come in the newer style box. If im ever not sure I google the running number and I can usually fins the old product page from hattons where they say if its 8 or 21 pin
  6. The screws are partly under the bogies, but its easy to get a screwdriver through the bogie and get the screws out. Once the screws are out the shell just lifts off. It dosent come completely off as theres wires attached to it for the lighting but theres enough give to place the body by the side of the loco whislt putting the decoder in
  7. Yep deffo has working head and tail lights. The pics above do seem to show some bleed on the different colours but mines fine. fitted with a zimo decoder and ive got no complaints at all, for £99 its a no brainer really. Might get it sound fitted after ive got xmas out of the way,
  8. Arrived today and shes a beauty. Runs smooth from the box and it was fairly easy to get into to fit a decoder
  9. Ill get on the live chat to hattons tomorrow
  10. meatloaf

    Dapol 08

    Yep runs really smooth and sounds good with a beefier speaker, only lights that work are the top ones. But with the newer ones the shunting lights might work
  11. Hi got another Dapol 122 today. Fitted it with a imperium 21 pin decoder. Out of the box it was very stop start, lights flickering all over the place. After a bit of running in a clean of the tracks its better on plain track but on double slips and some points its stall. When it stalls you can still hear the motor as if its trying to go. Track is spotless and all my other locos run without issue including a couple of 08s at a crawling speed. Ive tried turning off back emf on the decoder and its slightly better but still far from perfect. Now casting my mind back I had a Dapol 22 which also did the same thing with an imperium. I don't think its the decoder as ive had it in a Bachmann 20 and it was fine in that. So anyone else had similar issues? Could I have a duff loco? Is it worth returning for exchange?
  12. Ordered one from kernow today for the bargain price of £99.99. Will be here tomorrow
  13. Ill wish for a TTS decoder with class 25 or first gen dmu sounds as I do every year
  14. My little layouts only 9ft, but a 14xx and an autocoach I think would fit nicely
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