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  1. I got that a few times as well but did manage eventually
  2. Ive just managed to preorder a scotrail 47 on the Hornby site. It dosent show if you search for it but if you go in 2021 releases it does show up there and allow a preorder to be put in. The site is very slow again tho Hornby R30079TTS ScotRail, Class 47, Co-Co, 47712 'Lady Diana Spencer' - Era 7 - New for 2021 - Shop
  3. So to answer my own question - the catologue lists the 08 decoder but not the 20
  4. I asked my local retailler if he could order me a scotrail 47 and he said it wasnt on his ordering sheet. He did say there was a few other things but cant remember what it was he said
  5. Bellaphorn is at my local heratige line and ill deffo be interested in one of those
  6. I used to work at a petrol station. On the day end reports it had all sorts of info about how many litres had been dispensed from each pump and it gave a price for the fuel sold as well. It also knew when the price had increased or decreased so the report would say x amount of litres at old price and x amount at new price.
  7. I really like the BR crimson livery on these. Also got some of the hattons ones on my shopping list in the NCB blue
  8. Scotrail 47 is deffo on my list as is some of the 37s. Only issue was they were very light. Is that still the case?
  9. I may have missed it but apart from the new deltic are any other TTS decoders due for release this year? Was hoping for a rerun of the 08 and 20 decoders
  10. Ill probably get at least one of the 37s and 47s. Normally i go for BR Green or blue but i do like some of the modern liveries such as the colas and europhenix liveries. Scotrail 47 with TTS looks good as well. Deltic with sound seems interesting hopefully it will be decent. Green for me i think Shame they didnt do TTS with the network rail bubble car
  11. meatloaf

    2021 hopes

    They dont, but i guess the 58 could return in railroad guise. Looking at the ones theyve done most have been inside a railroad spec loco, eg, 37, 47, 20, 31, A1, A4, tornado Theyve done some in full fat models such as the 08. Im hoping for a rat in 2021 as they have a railroad 25 or 33 they could use
  12. meatloaf

    2021 hopes

    That would be great, both are at the NRM for scanning / measuring
  13. meatloaf

    2021 hopes

    Im hoping they do some for TTS soundfiles. A railroad class 25 with a 25 TTS soundfile would be great as it could be used with 24 26 and 27 as well A railroad 121/122 with TTs would be great also as it could be used with a few other first gen dmus
  14. In the end i ended up returning it to the seller. It was obviously new as the cable and power plug were bagged and sealed. The instructions said it didnt need to be connected to the track for the light to come on - in fact they recommend not connecting the track to elimiate the possibilty of a short causing issues. I tried everyting to no avail sadly
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