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  1. Yes it will work fine. Nit sure if the sound files are the same on the 121 and 117 but should be pretty similar
  2. I find it depemds on the loco. Ive done 2 this week. First was a 37 decoder into the new yellow network rail 37. Jerky running at lower speeds and starting off. Made better with cv changes . 2nd was an 08 decoder into a recent green Hornby 08. This one runs very smooth, crawls beautifully and default setting have nice amounts of interia preprogrammed. Im waiting on the Deltic TTS to see what thats like.
  3. The TTS sounds are fine for the price, especially the 08 and 20.
  4. Locos ive tried are : Dapol 08 Dapol Jinty Dapol 14xx Heljan Class 20. The 20 was fine on its own - even over 2 points arranged as a crossover - but pushing stock round them caused buffer lock
  5. Without taking the body off a model is there a way to check if a model has a loksound v4 or v5 fitted?
  6. 32-426DS Class 24 Diesel D5038 BR Two Tone Green Indicator Discs (DCC Sound) Picked an unboxed preowned one of these up from my local shop this weekend. Does anyone know if its a loksound 3.5 or 4? And where i can get a sound function sheet from. Quick glance at the Bachmann website came up with nothing.
  7. Royal mail normally dont remove things the whole package is generally destroyed
  8. Ive got a Dapol imperium decoder in a Dapol 08. It runs ok but the shunting lights are on F2 which isnt latching on my prodigy. Can someone tell me how to remap F2 to something like F7 or F8. Thanks
  9. Just watched the Hornby magazine update and they mention a different coupling to 3 link. Looking at the Dapol site it says instantiser coupling. Whats that and im assuming it will couple to existing stock and locos?
  10. Cheers ive put them on ebay with a start price of £30 which at a tenner a coach seems like a good bet.
  11. I did have a quick look on ebay but couldnt see any of the older ones. Plenty of the newer ones
  12. How close are the Green and blue ones?
  13. Ive found 3 of my old thomas coaches in my dads loft. 2 x R091 and 1x R094. Are they worth much these days? Boxed although boxes are slightly tired coaches are in fab condition.
  14. Sams trains said the cab light was red in his review
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