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  1. Mines perfect on insulfrogs so its possible the pickups need adjusting on yours
  2. where can i buy the baseboards that phil built up in the dvd?
  3. Didnt the original batch of 73s have a faulty pcb and dcc socket
  4. Saw this posted on facebook just now Sad news coming through this morning that another event has been hit by a break-in and traders have lost stalls Brecon toy fair in Wales last night was targeted . At this moment in time it is unknown what was taken but diecast toys and trains are the usual things Its been a difficult year so far for traders Please be mindful of Goods sold on various Auction Sites etc within the Next Couple of Weeks ...
  5. cheers picked up the decoder from time tunnel. Whilst the lais chip i inially fitted works well i wanted the manual brake feature of the Bachmann / zimo chip
  6. With regards to the price im happy with the 129.00 i paid for mine. Its roughly the same as i paid for the new 24/1 and only slightly more than the new Bachmann pannier releases. The laisdcc decoder works well, giving super low speed running on 128 speed steps.
  7. Decoder fitted an still runs great. Decoder fitting was a simple job of popping the smokebox door off pulling the socket out of the smokebox with tweezers and installing the chip. Unlike the DJM version only the small door comes off.
  8. Picked up the BR early crest version today. Only had a quick test to check it runs and the difference in running quality between this and the DJM version is like night and day. Smooth quiet and runs nice over insulfrogs. Will run it in some more later on then fit a DCC chip, the only Next18 chip i have is a laisdcc, hopefully it will be ok
  9. Id be sending it back again for refund - thats a right state its come in.
  10. They are using the plastic cradle solution they used with the 14xx.
  11. Does it say loksound 5 in the instructions? My new 20 from the whiskies galore set state a loksound select but Bachmann said it was a full loksound 5 and the instructions were wrong.
  12. Have you had the j94 tanks?
  13. Ive rechecked and they do seem to be metal, sorry for any confusion
  14. Ive picked up one of the new Bachmann egg vans today from my local shop. Not from rails but using the link to show the wagon https://railsofsheffield.com/products/35082/Bachmann-37-807-oo-gauge-lms-12-ton-planked-ventilated-van-express-dairy-company- Its got plastic wheels - is this a new thing for new Bachmann wagons or a one off? EDIT : they are metal after all
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