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  1. PM has just announced that none essential shops can open june 15th with social distancing measures
  2. I used to work in a petrol station, the amount of times a customer says they have no means of payment was obscence. But because they came into the store its a civil officence, police not interested - no crime occurred. Its only a crime if they drive off without coming in the store.
  3. Have a look at drop and go. You'll get a card that you top up online. Then you simply leave your parcels at the office, theres usually a designated place to leave them ( or ar least there is in the offices I work at ). You wont need to queue. All your tracking numbers show up online in your account once they have been processed - usually the same day. https://www.postoffice.co.uk/dropandgo
  4. Ive been obtaining supplies from my local shop pretty frequently. Hes there 2 days a week and ive rang him with my requirements. I pay via BACS and when I get to the shop I ring him and he puts the items outside. No contact at all but vital support for the local shop.
  5. ive seen card kits before on ebay before https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7mm-Scale-Station-Building-Kit-Ideal-For-O-Gauge-Trains-Trams-1-43-Scale-Cars/254595973498?hash=item3b471a417a:g:a5sAAOSwwO9d4~vo
  6. Im really looking forward to getting one of these, I cant preorder one tho -is that correct?
  7. That black princess Elizabeth is very tempting
  8. Has ayone found theres gets warm when running? My guagemaster special of Eastleigh is pretty warm to the touch after extended running
  9. no mate but the headcode panel is blanked like the one pictured above, so it dosent light up so not needed however Ive also got a blue one with the 2 digit headcode box at the front. I didn't get one with that either even tho that needed them. I ended up paying a tenner for them from dcc supplies
  10. My blue / grey one wth the stag on the front arrived today from hattons. With a lais DCC decoder it ran a bit jittery ( had already run in on DC so knew it wasn't the loco ) Swapped it with an imperium from another loco and it runs ok now and the class 24 now runs ok with the lais chip.
  11. Hereford models have found some more of there limited edition TTA tankers. Different running numbers to the previous ones also.. http://herefordmodels.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=369_370_286&products_id=5979 Nauturally ive had to have a couple but 5 left at time of posting
  12. youll probably find if its on say speed step 30 when you turn it on just turn the dial back to 0. If you press anything else the loco will begin to move
  13. I think its just a quirk of the prodigy. Mine does it also, not just on a single loco.
  14. meatloaf


    So can I use these straight from the box and connect them to a frog juicer ( dcc80 ) without modifying the point?
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