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  1. I'll be calling on the sunday. Hopefully will come away with a sound chip for my new Bachmann 24/1
  2. 2020 will see the Oxford Rail range grow once again with several new items to add to the range. New tooling: J26 Great Eastern 10T Covered Van Pilchard Wagon Standard Cowans Sheldon 15T Crane (mk1 and mk2 Jib) New livery: OR76TK2007- BP No.1061 Our virgin livery Mk3 coaches will be released during the year. From there facebook page
  3. Hi oliver thanks for the reply, if there meant to be in 3 parts im happy to keep them and glue them. I was planning to glue the roofs on in any case Is there anything I can do about the droopy coupling
  4. My 2 came today and im a bit disappointed with them and im wondering of I should return them. The BR Brown one came out of the box in 3 bits - the roof - the body and the chassis. I knew about the roof coming off but the body comes off if lifted up off the track. I guess a bit of glue will sort it. The BR Grey one has a broken bit on the chassis - I think its the brake stuff the V bit. I was careful getting out of the box in case this one was in 3 bits but this ones fine the bodys firmly on. However this one suffers from dapols annoying droopy couplings. EDIT : Added pics to show the issues. I'll email rails see what they say
  5. Ive ordered 2 BR ones and mine came thru like that as well. Ive had the despatch email so im guessing all is well
  6. meatloaf

    Heljan Class 27

    Do they come with the headcode / domino prefitted or are there stickers in the boxes? Im interested in 27001 in green to go with my Bachmann 20 and 25
  7. Ring them up. Normally I get stuff shipped the day after ordering if I order late at night. The only time I had an issue was once when paypal had refused payment for some reason. A quick call to make card payment and all was well
  8. Was it a proper smiths or a franchise? I work in several post offices that have a small WH Smiths part. They are all private owned and not operated by smiths there a franchise so wouldnt offer the deal - but having said that we wouldnt have had the catologues in the first place
  9. My local store told me today that every stockist is only being allocated a single set of 4.
  10. Had a quick look in the catologue and looking at the J94 I see they now list as DCC Ready. And the railroad pannier in the set says same. I always thought they lacked a socket.
  11. Was same in Longton Tesco, where I got mine from, but they were on the end of a shelf and not placed near the model magazines
  12. Im sure I had one years ago that came in a train set.
  13. Has anyone fitted sound to thiers? If so what deoder / sound file is best? Looking around the loksounds appear to come with a speaker prefitted. Can this be used in conjunction with the prefitted one in the loco or should I cut the one off the decoder snd use the one already in the loco?
  14. I shall be visiting my local shop tomorrow to get my pre orders in for a 5 car APT and a TTS Blue 08. Umming and arring over a Hush hush, but it would be the BR version I had if any. Regards to the rest of the announcements... Dissapointed that there dosent seem to be much in the way of new TTS decoders - had hoped for class 25 or first gen DMU. Im sure Hornby work on these announcents several years in advance, so while duplication of the Class 91 is unfortunate Hornby possibly had theres in the works before cavalex announced theres. Possibly the same for the APT.
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