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  1. Simon What will life be like "After Heaton lodge Junction" ??? One of the best things about this thread is I always get notifications of 'Allan Downes' thread which makes me smile every time I read it. I never met him, but had marvelled at his work since the late 70's. He obviously knew this was going to be something special All the best Steve
  2. That scrap mini has one of the old Aldon Automotive rear beam axles fitted ! prototype for everything!
  3. One of the best purchases I ever made was my photo backscene, worth every penny for the illusion it creates. Everyone who has seen it comments on it.
  4. Hi Simon. Outstanding work as always. I never cease to be amazed at the people who rubbish Heljan Diesels at every opportunity, but their Haulage capacity has to be seen to be believed, I have had gear issues with a Hymek , one of my 26's and a 20, I have repaired all of these with gears sourced on ebay and have slightly relieved the interference fit on the shafts, but only time will tell if I have got it right or not. Really sad to hear about your 40's they are beautiful models, but they will have to work for their living on this layout!!!! Keep up the good work best wishes
  5. Is there a Golden track pin somewhere? Seriously what an achievement, even my wife has said she wants to see this best wishes
  6. I had a similar issue trying to get the correct pool of light from the yard lamps without lighting the backscene. Several resistors later I was happy. I use a small battery LED spotlight in the roof of my attic railway room to give the effect of moonlight which is better than complete dark, and as a bonus, I can just see what I am doing when playing trains
  7. Simon Maybe you should Marshall up the train, and set up the airbrush at the side of the track, then just drive the train past the airbrush ! Drive by weathering. A bit like the real process only speeded up Keep up the good work. Will deffo be coming to see this cheers
  8. Lee. It seemed quite mild, but of late I had been going over the fleet armed with some CV changes to make my loco's perform better on my small layout. The 20 never was great at low speed, and I thought I would be able to fix it, but one motor is rough, like a bad armature and will not start smooth, ok for a big tail chase layout once moving but no good on my small effort. I have removed it and am running it 1 motor which is a huge improvement, but would like a replacement motor if possible. Sorted the part number on Gaugemasters site and phoned, but they have no spare motors of any description. I will search on the net to see if anything can be found cheers Steve
  9. HI Lee. Just a quick note to say the control boards are here thank you. Also a quick hijack. I have traced the rough running on my Heljan class 20 to a dud motor. Do you or anyone else on here have any suggestions? No joy with the official spares supplier. keep healthy and busy Steve
  10. Really like the underframe weathering on the 47.
  11. Do you know what the duty free policy is? Is it levied per item or per shipment? You may be able to pay up and claim it back. I had to do this with something from the US to UK once, but it took about 3-4 months to settle and was a lot of hassle. I feel your pain.
  12. I have shipped a number of things out to Australia over the years, and twice have had the unpleasant situation when said items disappeared for about a week, only to turn up unannounced, but safe. I hope this is what happens to your items best Steve
  13. Yes it is not the most user friendly site. As I live in the UK I always phone to confirm my order. It may be worth the extra cost of a phone call to save a lot of time and hassle. Love your layout, looking forward to more loco weathering updates as you get around to them cheers
  14. HI. i'm looking for 2 Three light ground signals to complete my project does anyone have any they would like to sell ?
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