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  1. Just checked on Andy' thread and saw the news. The new gears appear to be free turning on the shaft no serrations to cause stress raisers.
  2. Take a needle file across the serrations on the axle held in a mini drill, or similar, just to take a couple of tenths off the peaks and it will work fine. They press on and off easily
  3. Something decent to watch, that's a novelty, looking forward to them already
  4. I never really liked having money anyway.......................
  5. class27

    Dapol 08

    I bought a Dapol 08 and it is a great little engine and I have had no problems with it. I think if you decide to go ahead then it would be better to buy new, so that you have a guarantee, and this may sound a bit over the top, it is a good idea to buy a rolling road set, which fits onto a piece of track so that you can put the engine through its paces and run it in properly. Short, plank type layouts do not let a model get properly run in, and this will show up any defects quickly. I usually run a loco 30mins each direction about 3/4 speed, then work through different speeds to see how it behaves, I have found it very helpful in getting the best from my Heljan Diesels, but that is another story All the best
  6. I feel your pain on this issue I have been trying to work on a low cost solution for this using cheap gears from ebay and have them working, but will need time to tell if it is a long term solution . When I remove the split gear I relieve the peaks of the serrations with a needle file to give less of an interference fit and reduce the stresses in the gear. Maybe I should start a thread on RM Web for this issue and post my findings and bodgings to date
  7. Sometimes you just can't beat IKEA Looks great Lee Best wishes
  8. I have used DCC concepts OO Ground signals which I thought were overscale for 4mm, but were about right for 7mm easy to use and control. The POD is looking good, you certainly don't hang about.
  9. Andy Look under bargains then O gauge £225.00. It's great fun spending other peoples money !!!
  10. Lee. This morning I started to type : you should make these announcements like Jesse's Diets and fashion tips from the fast show, and decided not to bother.
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