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  1. The Dapol rep told me Yesterday at MIOG that they were in production now, so should be end of year/new year.
  2. It really is outstanding isn't it. Have you become involved in the customising of the rolling stock or are you sworn to secrecy?
  3. Well that developed quickly We certainly had them in 1984 at work when you just held your breath for the dust! Today you would be in very hot water if you used one without dust suppression, and appropriate PPE.
  4. Simon you will need to see if modelu would print a Stihl saw for you
  5. These photo backscenes are brilliant, it brings the whole thing to life, love the 33.
  6. Absolutely incredible job Simon. Will this work as a one man operation or will some lucky friends be helping!
  7. I also hope to be able to see this somewhere. It may well be a once in a lifetime experience all the best
  8. Really like the wagon sheets in the last pic. How were they done?
  9. Speaking as a Railway Modeller it would have been nice to have a bit more Railway in it, but my wife really enjoyed it, so well done to all concerned as the idea is to make modelling and railways more appealing in general, which I think it did. Also all the teams efforts were very good considering the time element. I look forward to ep2
  10. Steve I will definitely miss seeing your work. I hope you are able to be back soon best wishes Steve S
  11. You may be at the forefront of a whole new modelling hobby here!!! I have acquired a Bedford TK , think I will need to get it into Roadline livery first, then perhaps I will try Your vehicles are all excellent Regards
  12. Hello I have managed to quire an immaculate Heljan O Gauge Hymek in GSYP . Thing is I was wanting a BSYP version. Anyone out there with a Blue small panel version who wants a Green small panel version who would be interested in swapping bodyshells ? please get in touch if you can help cheers Steve
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