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  1. Sorry Rob D2, that's just not funny and I publicly ask you to withdraw your comment that someone has already ill advisedly thought funny. You should know as an adult that saying such daft things can only bring hassle and distress. You know as well as I do you should have said 'decade' not year. As captain mainwaring would say 'stupid boy' ;-)
  2. Hi, the Terrier train pack was dropped a couple of years back, and we have no current plans for M7's, sorry. cheers Dave
  3. DapolDave

    Dapol 'Western'

    Hi Dogmatix, Any guarantee by any Uk manufacturer is only valid, unless specifically mentioned in the instructions to Great Britain. Even more is that the guarantee really isn't worth anything anyway, as the manufacturer cannot be held responsible in any way for a customer or a third party contract ( between the modeller and the supplying shop) which results in a duff model European doesn't count either as the UK opted out of the main rules regarding warranties. So basically there is no warranty outside Great Britain, just a contract within Great Britain under the sale of goods act between the supplying shop and the customer. Any warranty offered is purely a goodwill gesture by each company, as they will have independent agreements in place with each of their customers ( I.e in this case the model shop they supplied to). Dapol's warranty helps the shops in this case as it gives the customer within the GB further access to a decent remedy above and beyond the SOGA, which obviously for UK sales is the over riding statutory rights. Only return postage within the GB is covered as customers in the GB should not be out of pocket ( I'm paraphrasing slightly here). Oh and you can contact DCC supplies for parts rather than return the model, and this has taken place more than once since the 'W' scheme was introduced, although DCC supplies will not pay postage. I hope this clarifies things, and maybe shows up the guarantee to be a goodwill thing from manufacturers rather than a 'right', but goodwill is important to all of us and I think we are going in the right direction, even if we aren't there just yet. Cheers Dave
  4. Hi, As a courtesy thing for the group that own'Champion', we decided that they will have rights to produce 'their' loco in any colour and any gauge. You might find possible news on this shortly. (They allowed us unlimited access to Champion for scanning etc). Cheers Dave
  5. DapolDave

    Dapol 'Western'

    Hi Richard, Members here have suggested possible remedies to you, not to put the blame on you but to try and eliminate possibilities to help you. You have ignored people's suggestions and not had the courtesy of thanking them, merely put the 'your trying to blame me' defences up. A little humility and less trolling would help you in every way here, but I doubt on your past postings and lack of respect for your peers on here that that will happen. Dave
  6. DapolDave

    Dapol 'Western'

    Hi Richard, Got out from under that bridge I see, it must be the heat. Congratulations on winning this weeks 'Dapol wooden spoon award' for stirring and services against Dapol while still ignoring help from RMweb members.:-) Dave
  7. DapolDave

    Dapol 'Western'

    Hi Dave, Surprisingly I agree with you, just not the inflammatory way you have put it over on here. You say you've fixed every model. Great, and I mean it sincerely. However, you are quite right ,you shouldn't have to. Maybe the problem is with you? Thought that would get your attention. Yes you and the other modellers who fix their model rather than send it back. After all its a 1 year warranty extended to 2 for a cheap service in between. And........(and here's the point) if you keep fixing it when you shouldn't have to we don't get the model back via DCC supplies who then would normally fix then send a monthly report to Dapol listing faults and suggesting remedies. We need to see a pattern in returned loco's I'm afraid. Just saying its a 'wrong un, but don't worry I fixed it' helps neither you, your fellow modeller or Dapol investigate and improve things. Bitching here is all well and good and is your right of ourse but let us see the model. It helps everyone. Again, the use of the word considerable is emotive. Considerable in my books would be 3% and I'm afraid whether your contributing to the lower figure or not, is the one we and the Conese go on. Cheers Dave
  8. DapolDave

    Dapol 'Western'

    Hi Dave, Sorry mate, but 'a considerable amount of these models are not fit for purpose' is incorrect, inflamatory and potentially damaging to any company. Please let me and your fellow modellers on here know how many is 'considerable' out of the almost 4000 models out there? I'm sure we'd all be interested to know please. Back in the real world, I can totally appreciate frustration and annoyance when a model someone buys from us (or anyone come to that) does not perform as advertised. It's not good for the customer, the stockist or the manufacturer. I sympathise, and will go out of my way to get any problem for customers rectified personally if I can. I hate problems. Now the problem with the Western isn't an epidemic, it's a relative few out of the whole production batch. That doesn't mean the whole lot are like it, and it doesn't, I assure you, mean a 'considerable' amount. so far, and yes I understand the argument that; 1) People might have them in cabinets and not ran them yet ergo problems might be latent for the time being. 2) People may not have noticed. 3) People may have a problem but have decided to live with it 4) There might be loads sitting in model shops (pretty much sold out but a possible valid argument) But I can tell you that so far DCCSupplies have , as of my conversation this morning with Andy, only now had a grand total of 30 Westerns back as faulty in 1 way or another. so in other words less than 1% have been returned and only 3 of those 30 have been written off so far. This has been due to Dapol making sure that we have a great repair/service agent in place and a large batch of spares when the product was launched, just in case. Now again, this is not saying that 30 isn't a high figure (I know it isn't) but morally, taking into account where I hope OO manufacture to go to in respect of reliability I don't like it at all, and will always strive to have better figures. However we are in good company here as I don't think for an instant (based on the less than 1% ive quoted) any of the other manufacturers come close in terms of reliability. There certainly wont be a Western on the to clear section of the Dapol stand at Warley this year I can tell you! As for posting 'potential problems' on the front of our box before selling them, i'm sorry that's a daft statement. Would you say that to every other manufacturer? if so I look forward to you posting that to their forums too. Any product should work as advertised out of the box. the fact it doesn't seriously makes me unhappy, and we do endeavour to put it right under the warranty. Rest assured the Western doesn't portray us sitting back on our laurels and trying to rake in the kudos, we look at problems and action them, where possible, as I hope others on this forum would testify. Cheers Dave
  9. DapolDave

    Dapol 'Western'

    Ah, that lovely Brunswick green western with a copper exhaust and lining. One special commission for later I think :-)
  10. DapolDave

    Dapol 'Western'

    Welcome back Richard, I've missed you here! Lol
  11. I understand they are being taken this last couple of days. However don't get too excited. A black body, lacking glazing, exhaust, grills, bagpipes, lights, chassis, buffers, motor etc. Unless you like the idea of a Dapol snap together kit ;-)
  12. DapolDave

    Dapol 'Western'

    Wouldn't have been dirty wheels would it? Remember they are sprayed too and the cleaners might have missed cleaning the paint off the tread properly. Cheers Dave
  13. Doesn't mean to say I post them does it? in fact I have never posted to Facebook, sorry.
  14. Hi Jeremiah, Sorry I don't post to facebook, only here. cheers Dave
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