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  1. Funny you should say that Paul, I came to the same conclusion. Here is my attempt with the existing Keeper plate. And here is one of the replacement keeper plates once I have managed to remove the brake rods to transfer over.
  2. Thanks Rob, they do look substantially stronger than the originals, very helpful. Following Fireline's post looks like no point at the moment searching out these new pickups. Suppose we might have to wait until Hornby update their service sheet HSS 445B to get the new part number.
  3. Have checked again and the rods on mine are definitely glued on, will be getting another soon so will be interesting to compare. Three X7425 sets purchased last week from Lendons, good service, but look no different, how can one tell apart. ?
  4. Finally decided to do something about the light tension on the pick ups on my Terrier and remove the keeper plate for better access. Hornby why do you glue the brake rods to the rear operating arm which is attached to the chassis making removal of the keeper plate so awkward. Luckily the rods are not plastic so a little Glue Buster does the trick and then the plate can be removed. I've tried increasing the tension by stroking the wipers rather than bending them, something you can't do without removing the keeper plate. Time will tell if I've been successful
  5. Lovely modelling Colin as usual and a great idea about celebrating the 100 years, may be it could be put to the powers that be that something like this should be done on the real thing. Do you think the second year apprentices could have a crack at the “Eastleigh” D6508 Class 33, how about it Colin.
  6. Delay due to the pandemic has led to Bachmann recently announcing their “Retailer of the Year” award for 2019, which has gone to Model Railway Solutions of Poole. A well-deserved achievement for the team pictured l to r, Nick, Steve, Martin and Jamie, who have worked hard (as have many other retailers) to serve their customers in very difficult trading conditions. I am sure the recently re-vamped website https://www.modelrailwaysolutions.co.uk/ and enlarged s/h department will only reinforce MRS as one of the major retailers in the south of England. Congratulations to all concerned.
  7. Thanks Mark for the compliment, but it’s nothing compared with your tenement building. The scale is OO and is my first scratch built building, following the guidance from fellow club members. The main structure is 3 mm ply, with balsa added as necessary to create the profile of the building, wish I had known about foamex before. The upper stone work is Slaters 0420 7mm Stone Courses, lower stone work 0424 4mm Dressed Stone, wood planking Slaters 0434 4mm planking. Corners Stones Wills Quions , Door shutters Plastruct 91510 N scale corrugated siding and roof tiles York Modelmaking self adhesive tiles range. The windows were 3D printed by a club member. Down Pipes were from the ModelU Architectural Gutting, Pipes and Fittings Range. The clubs proposed Harbour layout includes an upper level with a small terminus station. I tried my hardest to convince them to base it on Leith Citadel, but they just kept saying the platforms are too short l to be prototypical. Ian
  8. Came across this thread by chance and can say never has a layout brought back so many memoirs of happier days than yours has. Although living all my life on the south coast my grandparents lived in Beaverhall Road off Broughton Road where I spent many happy holidays so the Bar, shop and tenement look so familiar to me. My club are building a harbour layout and wanted a Fish Dock so I built this, I think you might recognize the building, it is based on a much larger one not a million miles away from that Trinity Corner. Fantastic modelling will follow with pleasure.
  9. Whilst researching the web for 30102 I came across a couple of interesting observations I hadn’t noticed before with reference to 30089 as modelled by Dapol. Apart from the two pervious mentioned discrepancies concerning the buffer shape and front centre lamp iron I’ve noticed that the safety valve on 30089 never appears in any photos found of it with a cover fitted. Also it also had that mystery pipe from the front of the cab to the base of the safety valve.
  10. I think they must have their CAD's mixed up as the video is also showing 7S-018-002 CAEN Brown 90 as an open cab.
  11. Let's hope that the CAD drawings for 7S-018-004 BR Early Crest 30084 are wrong or the description is incorrect. Drawings are showing it with an Adams boiler and cab. Their OO model of 30084 is correct, except it has two tool boxes, so probably just an adim. error at this early stage.
  12. In my rebuild to 30102 I've come across this pipe, marked in the picture below. I have also found pictures of 30096 which also has the same pipe but doesn't appear on the Dapol model. Anyone have ideas as to what it was for.
  13. The answer is, Its not a separate part, Dapol in it's wisdom have included it with the tank sides, cab sides and cab back and fronts. This CAD derived picture in the Owners Manual shows it in Pink. The roof on the open cab version is a separate part, the same design and size as the closed cab, why make them different. ? You will notice from these pictures that there is a lip at the top of the cab front panels to which, on the open cab, the roof is glued to. The close cab has the same lip but is all part of the complete cab modeling. The problem with this lip is when cutting through the front cab panel it makes it at least twice as thick to cut through. After using a model knife to cut the cab side and rear panel I had to result to this to cut the front panel. I'm glad this is just a spares body, I would have been very reluctant in doing this to a serviceable model Now to the infilling of the square window on the cab front panel and drilling for the new round windows.
  14. Glad I don't do "N" the body sit on the chassis looks too much like this.
  15. Cab Roof Removal I’ve got five of these including two 30096’s and have plans to convert one to Bournemouth’s Station pilot/ Poole Harbour’s 30102. To prevent destroying a good functional model in the process I’ve just purchased a spare 30096 body shell from DCC Supplies along with other required detailing parts . The starting point for such a conversion is the same as if converting it to Poole’s other regular stable mate 30093 which is the removal of the brake handle cover on the rear of the cab. The additional tasks required to achieve the conversion is the installation of two extra round windows in the front cab panel as per this picture. When I first planned this mod I thought it would be just a case of removing the two small square Bezels drilling them out to the correct size and fitting the spare bezels from DCC Supplies. However when I offered them up to the model you will notice the round windows are much more towards the centre than the square ones. So to carry out this conversion I think the square apertures will need filling in and new ones drilled in the correct position. To carry this out and aid the fitting of crew in the cab requires the cab roof to be removed. I’ve looked back through the previous 32 pages and can’t see this being mentioned before so has anyone done that before and how easy was it. Credit to Dapol, everything looks so close fitting I’m not sure if it is a separate part or not.
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