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  1. I've been off on another side track! In the job of repairing the static grass machine, I have been attempting some upgrades. More details and maybe pics when I've evaluated the results. Alongside this I did run a couple of workings, in front of the camera, so will share the results over a few posts. I will not go out of my way to enhance the offerings, you will probably get exactly what was captured, pretty much in order. We start with an unusual working, engineers from St Blazey area(?), 42xx a rare visitor to the Helstonish branch
  2. Today I got sidetracked. I decided to tidy up the front face of the Truthwell Halt section, where it had been trimmed, when it was retired from the main layout, to make way for Soudley Crossing. As it is now a sort of portrait setting, it does need to be a bit more presentable. And it will become connected by a new scenic section, at some point. So I made a new fascia from foam board, and fitted it. I had already been replacing the old half crossing, with something more appropriate. Then at lunchtime I had a ferret around in the shed, and
  3. Back to keep my promise, something about the layout. Mind you I'm not sure how much difference will be noticed. As I have said before, there has been work being done all through the year, but it felt like I was mostly fidlling about, not really having much direction. Until the November lockdown, when I gave myself a good talking to, and sorted some jobs to get on with. These included a few bits of trackwork maintenance, which had been kindly pointed out by the 72xx. The board joints at the Fiddle Yard exit were initially given a chec
  4. Longer posting gap than intended, but it seems Boris understands and has given us all some extra modelling time. Nearer to home, our Doctors, along with 3 others, have completed the (1st) vaccination of all their over 80's. Mind you I'm still not convinced they'll be given enough to carry on to Mrs MB and me. The Warship saga continued, when next at Doris, I addressed the various problems i.e. Driveshafts - all refitted and all were original Bachy ones. However it should be said that the 2 I had made did work, although they were not as
  5. Was it Hendrix who played his with his teeth on occaision? Not sure he used a plectrum though. Trust you to go one better! All the best with the results TONY
  6. 2020 in Helstonish pt 2 Whilst hiding away at the caravan I checked over all the recently acquired locos. It was not the trouble free inspection I had hoped for. I have already started on the saga of Sir Brian Robertson x2. Of the others 3 needed attention to bent and inoperable pick ups. Whilst the Std 4mt tanks motion was jamming. The pickups were straightened and each loco was cleaned and fresh grease and oil applied. The 4mt motion was poked at with a stick, and miraculously, all seemed to run much better when power was applied. Indeed at th
  7. That does prompt the question - Is there any 12" : Ft prototype for this phenomena? e.g. Did the GWR have any similar issues with the pannier tanks built by outside contractors, compared to the Swindon prototypes. ( No doubt other railways are available). TONY
  8. Well, I survived my visit to GRH, on Christmas eve. And after a shower and change of clothes, it was off to visit one set of grandchildren, before we were all promoted to tier 3. This was done with great care, by not going into their house, but sitting at a distance, in an open sided cow shed. Just the 2 kids, their parents, us and about 20 calves, and 3 sheep. Quite like our own nativity. Mind you it was Bleep Bleep Bleep cold and draughty. So on with the first part of the 2020 end of year report. The early part of the year saw us working on Huckford Road, which got to
  9. It's ok Kevin, I'm pretty sure the railcar didn't have a pep pipe. Well certainly not hanging out of the door/window. All the best, for a better New Year. TONY
  10. I thought it was generally known as a pep pipe, but could be wrong. TONY
  11. It's OK Andy. There was a knock on the door, before we had arisen, this morning. And our daughter delivered said Turkey, and it is British. We can therefore go ahead with the workparty, will you organise Jeff, and get the Bricks? But we'll have to wait until later, 'cos I aint allowed in Tier 4, til we get upgraded! All the best TONY
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