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  1. But it's OK, in LM that trains about a week away yet. TONY
  2. BUT I was trying to protect your sensitivities, by cropping the post out of the pic. The "True Story" is that some while ago I posted a pic, including the post in situ. Then realised that from that angle, the post wasn't upright. I tried to straighten it ........... and the inevitable happened........ SNAP! By the time it was repaired, I had remembered that I am still meant to be adding a "shunt ahead" signal (Is that the correct term?). So the signal was laid there, as a reminder. Obviously the reminder didn't work, 'cos Gwillam didn't see it when he took the pic. Leander, again at Norton Fitzwarren 12/9/21 7822 Foxcote Manor waiting to enter Bishops Lydeard 12/9/21 9351 Makes a spirited exit from BL with a later departue 12/9/21 I'll share some of my Birthday pics inc Royal Scot, later. TONY
  3. 45690 Leander passes Norton Fitzwarren 12 Sept 2021, having taken over a Slough - Par excursion. The loco had previously been stabled, and serviced, at Bishops Lydeard (WSR). (More available, by request). That was the softener, to make up for not having got around to some updates. (Or much actual modelling, come to that). But there has been a little, although this is still work in progress. First an old Triang crane, from E-Bay, sprayed and weathered, but not yet varnished. I was modifying a flat wgon as a match truck, but came across the one in the pic for £4 in an antique centre! The new yard crane in the process of installation, and partly weathered. These all need a waft with Halfords Matt Laquer. (Unless you know different). And Gwillam Prouse chanced upon this recently, an unusual visitor to Helstonish. More pics from West Somerset may follow, as I'm currently toping up on inspiration. All the best TONY p.s. Isn't it good we can crop pictures before posting
  4. Realy like how this is shaping up Rob. But, it does prompt me to tell of Fathers Day, when my daughter kindly spent much screen time, tracking down figures, to reflect their circumstances i.e. Dairy farmers, granddaughter into horses etc. Duly ordered various individual OO figures. What did I get? ........ a selection of G scale figures, with some OO horses! Why is this relevant? 'Cos your point levers prompted the recollection. Only saying ......... but you can see them for real, I've only seen the pics. All the best TONY
  5. But why does your avee havi evit little portrait, not look a bit happier about it? All the best TONY
  6. Almost exactly the same experience is available at Bishops Lydeard (WSR). I can vouch for this as I tried much the same, about a month back. Can't share the evidence, as the autofocus on the camera was so confused, it refused to waste the (digital) "film". TONY
  7. Should have played us a sound clip, so we could identify the loco, by sound. .............. or perhaps not, how many of us still have memories that strong? TONY.
  8. Perhaps they're fed up with waiting for Kevin's How to do .............. THATCHING.
  9. Not well, by the look of it, they don't seem to be speaking, having turned their backs to each other. TONY
  10. It's a bit like Bristol buses on here today, nothing for ages then I think thats about 5 posts on here today. This is one of my acquisitions. I got it primarily for it's bogies, and underparts. But does anybody want to offer advice? What is it meant to be, my guess is a Collet brake 3rd Corridor. What would those bogies fit under, appropriately, as an upgrade? What about the underfittings ? There will be more to follow. TONY
  11. Well it wasn't Armstrong & North, we just go where I thought everybody wen't. But having flashed my card for Mrs MBs new pair, I didn't notice much saving, and wished we hadn't. All I got out of it was a possible referral to a consultant. I suppose it does give me an excuse for never cutting 2 pieces of card the same. Now, do you think my soursce might slip out, when we get around to that cup of coffee? Soon perhaps. Al the best TONY
  12. Thought I'd give you a clue! Answers on a postcard - ah those were the days. TONY
  13. Time for an update. Firstly there have been a few (low key) arrivals. Joined the fleet, following purchace for £10 as a non-runner, from WSR Watchet at their table top sale. Has been running, following attention. But is very noisy, and typical mainlne, has failed again. The problem is in the transfer of the pick-up across to the motor, and will probably require another dis-assemble, and an additional wire. But 03 382 was a long term Bristol engine, so will get some TLC. I also have a soft spot for parcels trains, so this was acquired from Minehead Toy and Train sale, a couple of weeks back. along with Obtained primarily for the containers, although the wagon will probably get some attention to tidy it. These came as a reduced price for 2 offer, also from Minehead, the car is the same colour as my 1st car (apart from the seats, and I thought the caravan would imply "seaside". I just haven't worked out where to place it, yet. There has also been a more significant acqusition, which is in process of "dilapidation" and will require some small, on layout, adjustments before the upgrade can be applied. I will resist sharing a pic yet, but will show the process... soon. On other news, 2 grandsons have requested "help" in building a layout, one they have moved house. This, I will admit, has led to more time in the railway room, with them, and a big kick up the backside for me. So that's all good. Have also come across a couple of sources for 2nd hand items, retail, but both have some more reasonably priced items. I've not photo'd purchases yet, so will update when I can. But I can say that I went to have my eyes tested on Monday, and came home with 4 wagons and an Oxford Pub book of GW Freight wagons, and loads for £25 total. Yesterday, en route, I picked up 4 items of parcels stock, either scratch, or kit built, plus a cambrian kit for a Taunton sleeper wagon for £10. (The least good item was a lima inside frame Siphon at £2) - and I didn't have time to view the "good" stuff, I only got as far as the scrapyard. Will try to get back soon. TONY
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