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  1. Mulgabill

    A Cartoon of Helston(ish)

    A brief update re Helstonish. The engineers posession continues. But yet more "non-work" days means progress continues. I have today managed to lay the missing section of track, but its not wired yet. Care will be taken as theres not much of that there bullhead rail to solder to. Will take a couple of pics once the wiring is done. The redundant "old" corner board has been trimmed down. The lager part currently sits on the kitchen table, as a fine photo-diorama. It will probably be incorporated as a non-working scenic feature in future developments. The remainig small piece will be further trimmed and used to bridge onto the new corner section. Last week I succomed to Andy Ps influence, and a 25/1 arrived, it was duly photo'd on the new diorama. Neither of these views were previously possible on the layout. To compound things, I also "won" a Heljan Hymek at the weekend, which will arrive later this week. Trouble is I'll have to work out how to remove the extra C chip, before I can use it. Mind you I'd also have to get some wiring done first as well. Bought myself a couple of mainline ore hoppers at the Monmouth show on Sunday, then found some more info re those used at Helston, identifying them as ex MR design - DOH!
  2. Mulgabill

    Bala Town

    Looking good Andy, but I'm a bit worried. Looks like the painting team has been around the station, a common presage to closure. Hope theres no doctor B around the corner.
  3. Mulgabill

    Huckford Road or Harecombe Common (to be decided)

    May I start with thanks to Rob for his response to the last post on here. Not much has progressed on Huckford Road, but on a visit to its new home at the weekend a couple of things were achieved. One was a little running for my new green Class 25 which arrived last Thursday. I also "won" a Heljan Hymek whilst there. Also managed to tempoarily fit the led lights, so Photos and uncoupling are easier. Only downside is the 25 also identified a misaligned rail join which will need attention. (Nothing else has been brave enough to tell me!) Also went with grandson to Monmouth show on Sunday. All the best
  4. Mulgabill

    Bath Queen Square

    Apart from wheighbridge, I seem to recall some sheds had small wheeldrops. Not for removing wheels, but for relieving the weight off springs etc when the old suspension needed tuning.
  5. Mulgabill

    Seven Mills Sidings

    Andy you must stop showing us such inspirational pictures. I blame your recent ones of the rats for one (in green) which has today be notified as re-allocating to Helstonish. (What am I doing getting that when I haven't got a Heljan Hymek yet?) Its all your fault, at least thats what I've told Mrs MB.
  6. Mulgabill

    Ade's proposed 7mm layout: Malmesbury station

    With all due deference to your Volvo, I know which I prefer. ATB
  7. Mulgabill

    Mayshill - GWR

    Hi Jules Always good to see developments. But might I suggest a bush/tree next to the new building, to help hide the fact it disappears into the backscene. All the best
  8. Mulgabill

    A Cartoon of Helston(ish)

    Thanks 81C for the query. The short answer is no. There are a few reasons for this: 1) Part of the rationalle for shortening the Fiddle Yard, was that would regain access to the floorspace neccessary for the loft ladder above. 2) As it stands the "Best" view of the layout is available every time I pass. As it is the Cartoon is appreciated from the overall effect, rather than the close up fine detail. 3) The scene to be depicted here is based on the angle in the last pic, which has often been photographed, particularly by Ben Ashworth. 4) If all goes well, I doo have plans for a facia and arch which will be along the door side and around the door opening. This, with the addition of suitable legs, could lead to an exibitable, small, L shaped layout. Not really part of the answer re the door, but I also have ideas for further developing the Fiddle Yard area, which would give great depth to this view. But I'm cautious about running before I can walk. So we'll see how it goes. Thanks again.
  9. Mulgabill

    A Cartoon of Helston(ish)

    Thanks for the "likes" overnight. Here is a teaser giving a hint of the direction this is going. Suppose I should say there is a prototype for this.
  10. Mulgabill

    A Cartoon of Helston(ish)

    To continue Problem was that,in spite of careful measurement, the boards overlapped when offered up to the space. I'm blaming an unsquare cottage bedroom! Therefore plans were ammended, And at least all is together now. Comprises 2 interlocking boards . Next post will give a hint of the future.
  11. Mulgabill

    A Cartoon of Helston(ish)

    Can't recall whether I mentioned that Helstonish had a 4' gap in it. Well it did. This was due to my having set to and shortened the fiddle yard. Having got that done, I then started on building some new baseboards. During the cold snowy spell I managed to negotiate authority to cut and assemble wood in the kitchen. Then the work van packed up, giving me another couple of unplanned days off so, more progress has been made. A view of the decimation achieved And the basic frames made. But thats as much as this new system will let me load now. So hopefully I can follow up on this teaser soon!
  12. Mulgabill

    Seven Mills Sidings

    It's alright Andy, he's still got the other half , on his workbench!!!!! (This bit does look good though).
  13. Mulgabill

    Seven Mills Sidings

    Looking good Andy. But might I suggest the cabin would benefit from being raised on 2 or 3 rows of bricks. So its not sat, rotting, on the platform surface.
  14. Hi Rich How many pasties can you eat? In principle I wouldn't be averse to layout sitting, (with appropriate training!) All the best TONY
  15. Mulgabill

    SOS Junction. Railway Modelling not included.

    Not convinced thats true, they just called them handbrakes.

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