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  1. If there's a choice, Kevin, please leave the door off! TONY
  2. Did you really mean to say, we can make do with the rejects? Mind you given the chance to have Helstonish in print, they'd get the best. And there would be far more rejects. TONY
  3. Kevin The crane looks great, I almost got one cheap off, ee by gum, a while back, and may get tempted again now I 've seen yours. But, I'm sorry I have to ask, why Yate? As a former resident, I can't see how a GWR crane would be based at an LMS location. The nearest proper GWR station would be Chipping Sodbury, or Coalpit Heath. Ah now I may see why Yate was attractive! TONY
  4. On board now, Andy. (About time too, eh?) What you got against a class 14, would look beautiful on this. Mind you could be trumped by a suitably weathered pannier, especially a small one. Both would be very Forest of Dean, although I'm not convinced by a Class 37. They were very late visitors, and to my mind always out of place. Looking forward to further developments, TONY
  5. Hi Kevin - may I raise a point of order? I note that goods trains arriving at LM seem to use the run round loop. However, intuitively, I would expect that, in the absence of another train, the signalman would route it into the platform. Thereby giving it the use of the most commodious line, as he wouldn't necessarily know the loading. And in signalling terms, I suspect, it would be the primary route as per the design. Quite possibly involving fewer levers to work. Might I invite discussion, from those who KNOW? All the best.
  6. Don't you mean A rake, surely they're not the same ones, time and time again! Have a good day TONY
  7. Lovely - but I have seen fewer locos on Severn Tunnel Junction, even in the good old days of the down hump. TONY
  8. Oops! That's what I get for being too clever. I think I might have a couple of oil drums in 7mm, not quite the same though. TONY
  9. I've got a triang (1960s) snowplough you can borrow mate. I can even look up where it's stashed now, as we have virtually completed the stock inventory. Don't you think I'm brave letting the Mrs get involved? (Sorry only blue / grey is about 3 Hornby (1980s?) mk 2s and a class 29 of similar vintage.) All the best, and stay safe TONY
  10. Sorry to bother you Kevin, but.... Can you point me to your article on detailing the B Set. I'm sure I saved a copy or link for future reference, but even the search engines have let me down, not to mention my memory. All the best TONY
  11. Kevin I've thought of doing one of these in the past, so would very much appreciate as detailed a coverage of the build, as you can manage. Your standards are so much higher than mine, so it would be a great encouragement to my following behind. Will be adding this to my recently drawn up to-do list. Once you've done this, might I suggest a GW 6ton yard crane, so typically GW. Osbornes in Barnstaple do a laser cut kit, but I've always thought it rather fiddly, and not a given that it would go well. It would certainly be interesting to see what, and how
  12. Well one Andy - 8/10 here this week, didn't get headcode Dots or Feet. All the best TONY
  13. Hope you checked on our caravan whilst you were there Robin. We're not, this week, but missing the start of the Autumn Gala today. At least the got the weeding done before you arrived, just not got enough brasso to start on the railhead. All the besy TONY
  14. That means I was old in 1958 - when DMUs started to appear! TONY
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