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  1. Thanks Andy - the covered coal staithes were one of the first bits built for Helstonish. The corrugated iron is actually from coffee cup sleeves, and is therefore a bit overscale, but does convey the dilapidated feel of the cobbled together structure. The original was real 12" to the 1' BODGING! Would really look good in 7mm scale - theres a free tip. I should add my apologies to you, and other readers. A week ago our laptop crashed and we couldn't get back in. I had advice from the GMRC crowd. summoned my son, who verified and refined said advice. To no avail, he retreated too consult and expert (our grandson), who apparently felt reloading windows would be appropriate. We felt that sounded both extreme and not without risk. I concluded that perhaps in the first instance we should seek a relacement, but that is not easy, when using a tablet which itself has been un cooperative for some while. But its usability was improved yesterday with my daughters suggestion that we use chrome to browse. So today modelling time has been taken ploughing through the technical minefield of laptop specs. Until, when showing Mrs MB where I had got to, out of frustration I turned on the computer...... and it had repaired itself!!!!! Hence this missive. I do not propose turning it off, or even closing the lid. How long it will keep going I don't know, but such time will be taken up largely by my catching up with the last weeks worth of RMWeb. TONY
  2. Quick couple of pics from last batch
  3. Today the coal train featured before, continues past the crossing keepers cottage, towards the tunnel entrance. And a cws scarrab leaves the milk depot. I'm not sure what it was doing there because theres no bottling facility. But when I came across the lorry I felt I had too have it to go with the ril tankers. TONY
  4. Good morning... This was Dan's 1st pic of the down working. And a view of the station masters garden. Presumably thats his father in lsw toiling in the garden, 'cos he always seems to be there! TONY
  5. Surey thats all point East isn't it? TONY
  6. For this morning, this is Dans next shot. After a quick climb of a nearby treem the branch train continues towards Helstonish. Meanwhile on what would later be called an Industrial Estate, earnest work conversation, even with no crate in sight. Bye for now TONY
  7. Clive Hope this wasn't filmed at Sheffield Exchange.... Would love to hear your DC sound for it. All the best TONY
  8. This morning we see a 45xx hauled up coal train. Just how, or wht< the train is loaded in that direction is unclear. But it may have something to do with my relacing the 3 links with ratio couplings, and the neeed for testing. As the coal continues the photographer noticed he was not alone, but in the company of "royalty". So he grabbed a pic of Dan Beechworth. No doubt he is there in the hope that a pannier will come down , on a goods, and chimney first. He wants to get "that shot". Note he has his trusty bike close to hand, and there is no need to climb any trees today. TONY
  9. A couple of hours later ........ and I have \ bunch of new pics, which will appear here soon. Some are typical branch workings, some of an exceptional visitor. And a few of scenic cameos with, shock horror, no trains! First for Paul, in recognition of his help re signalling. And of the BIG intruder which arrived just before Christmas Still needs new traction tyres and a good dirtying, but theres plenty of time for that, it wont be appearing here very often! More to come TONY
  10. Peter - good that you are inder way. I always thought Praze a little limited operationally, but an interesting modelling subject. Mind you it's more involved and extensive than the 2 wagon siding I 've just taken a year to instal! For the rest of you a couple more from the WSR before I pay my 1st visit to the railway room since Christmas. May even plant a couple more trees. As promised last time pics are also on the agenda. All the best TONY
  11. With best wishes to all for a happy and good modelling New Year. And to cheer us on our way, a couple of pics from the WSR Winter Gala on Monday. Unfortunately the pannier had to stop to raise steam twice on Saturday, eventually being rescued and relieved by a class 33. Losing about an hour on the timetable. It was out and seeemingly ok on Sun / Mon for the gala. For Xmas I received a "new"vtripod which I hope to test out and bring some layout pics to share, soon. TONY
  12. You mean the trading estate, opposite the carting track, if you model the current scene. Incidentally it is/was a manufactory accoding to the carved stone embelishment. TONY
  13. Bund looks good Andy, you're still improving. All the best TONY
  14. Sorry Clive, I was perhaps being too clever lazy, just copying & pasting. Reproduced properly here. I just didn't want to offend anybody of a Northern persuasion. But then of course a remembered, a pannier rarely offends! TONY
  15. Clive A message from West of Royal Oak https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/FMfcgxwGCQbMjwNkRcnKWmrTPBBLqXPC TONY
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