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  1. Well HR has moved on a bit. The point rodding has been completed, in a manner that suits me, but maybe not for the purists. But it was economic, and avoided having to resort to mal order. (Will probably re-do and complete on Helstonish, when I get back in the train room). Also the North side ( rear in photos), scenic trays have reached completion, subject to detailing. These have now been moved into storage, so the South trays can be started, although this may not happen just yet. Am I the only person that would appreciate another 10 weeks of lockdown to let me get on with this? All the best TONY
  2. At last a snippet of progress for Helstonish! Whilst most work in lockdown has been on Huckford Road, on the kitchen table, a and with Mrs MBs help, the (Soudley) cottage has also finally received some attention. A while back I showed it to Graham, resident gardens expert, at the club. He suggested that whilst it was supposed to be early Autumn, the garden needed a bit of colour, maybe some roses? Well alongside making weeds for Huckford Rd, we also made some "plants" for the cottage. In line with the cartoon principles, none of the plants are identifiable, but some do hopefully look a bit like roses. Hopefully I'll soon find time to bed it back in the layout, and tidy up the fencing, which I was doing an age ago. All the best TONY
  3. Who remembers Fred? In an advert (from 1964), he said GRADEDGRAINS MAKE FINER bALLAST, or something like that. So today Mrs MB and I have (part) processed about 5 litres of limestone, which made our shed feel like Norton Fitzwarren ballst dump. The limestone has been in storage since 1985, and whilst some has been used as it comes, it suddenly occurred to me that we may have the means to improve its attributes. To be fair it was always a little coarse for 4mm scale, but it was free! So I first sieved through a cheep kitchen sieve (app £2.50 Sainsburys) with a view to using the finer element as ballast. But then I remember I had a spare teastrainer (Wilko 50p) for my homemad static grass machine. So I used this to further sieve the potential ballast, with a view to removing the fines. As result we now have 4 grades of potental "ballast" from Coarse (probably 7mm scale perhaps) Grade 1 probably okk for 4mm, Grade 2 a cleaner grade 1 with dust removed (4mm) and grade 3 Fines, should be good for paths, textures etc/ At this point Mrs MB and I disagreed which was best, so some has been laid on Huckford Road (not glued)) Se pics and any comments would be apreciated. Grade 2 and Coarse Grade 3 and grade 1 All the best TONY p.s. Fred was the Homepride flour guy.
  4. Coming on nicely Rob. If my memory is ok, the weighbridge at Lawrence Hill was really interesting. As I recall its siding was on;y long enough for about 2 wagons, and it took a double slip to fit it in. TONY
  5. Mulgabill

    Little Muddle

    Oh dear - has he modelled THAT as well? And I bet it's far more convincing than my cow pats. TONY
  6. Pleased to say the wiring is working, and packed into the control panel. Now just needs just needs a big HANDLE WITH CARE label! Now need to get on with point rodding and balasting before starting on the 2 scenic trays for the other (near) side of the lines. A couple more picks of the low relief backscene/ The line of fence / trees etc is on the back edge of the scenic tray - representing the boundary of the goods yard. Behind which would be the back gardens, and houses of Bradley Ave. These are represented by a depth of app 30mm and very low relief app 2mm scale semi detached house outlines. The aim to give an impression of distant houses, mostly hidden by the trees etc. I think it works, do my viewers? All the best TONY
  7. I am going to put my thoughts up, to be shot down! Could it be that the rodding refered to may provide a form of interlocking. So the 2 ground frames couldn't be set for conflicting moves. That would then allow for the 2 2lever groundframes to have point & point lock levers, to operate the facing mainlne points. If you don't get any other suggestions, you could try a pm to Paul (5BarVT on here) (And he won't be guessing, like me). All the best TONY
  8. We know you mean to look at the pictures TONY
  9. Good to hear they are doing OK. I'm left wondering what scale the garden layout is? (I'm sure thats the only reason Andy would be gardening!) All the best TONY
  10. A couple more, including the inovative backscene. Does it work? Keep smiling TONY
  11. Could it be dependant on whether it is loaded, or empty? I did read somewhere recently that they were rated more important when load, for animal welfare considerations. All the best TONY
  12. This does raise the question, which is the wrong way round? I don't know where I got it from, but I understood that the GWR didn't go to the expense of duplicating doors etc, when the guard only needed a good view of his train. i.e. veranda forwards. Of couse that implies that somebody at Swindon didn't think the problem through. So I would understand if you were to say, that can't be right. TONY
  13. A couple more pics of the trip working, and how the yard is coming on. I guess nobody would believe it if I said I have since spent the morning planting weeds! All the best TONY
  14. Have updated Huckford Road, and hope to have something to put up here soon. Stay safe TONY
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