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  1. Looking good chaps! Can't wait to have a rake (or two, or three...) rolling on the metals... Now to source and build some CVR(T)s and Landrovers to go on them!
  2. Yeah, I'd definitley grab another batch if there was another run!
  3. Figured as much. There is certainly an irony to me complaining about plastic use on my predomanently plastic purchases! Packaging aside, both the product and the service are truly truly outstanding. Makes me very excited for the additional items I have on pre-order, and all potential future Accurascale products! Accurascale have knocked it clean out of the grounds for 6 again!
  4. Mine just arrived, and I am very happy! Gorgeous packaging (tho in this environmentally friendly world, is the plastic bag and plastic sleve around the sumptuous cardboard box really necessary?) for a gorgeous product. I look forward to watching them trundle around some track!
  5. Just to add my 2 pence worth, I am sticking with my Cavalex order too. Some new players in the field should be encouraged, so as to shake up the status quo. Railroad quality models at top-spec price points should not be a thing!
  6. The end of this year is proving to be expensive! Will definitely be having a handful of the OO version! Looking forward to the Realtrack quality!
  7. This is utterly fantastic news! Have just ordered my pair, along with 2x 37's to boot. A painful week for the wallet!!!
  8. Well, this is deadly to the wallet... Will definitely be having a couple of DRS versions, and if the as-builts end up in Large logo, Red Stripe or Triple Grey, I'll be having a fair few of them too!
  9. Thats another pre-order sorted, the wallet takes another beating! Loving that Accurascale (and a few other smaller manufacturers) are properly scratching my modern itch! Top work chaps.
  10. Its a properly bright blue, too! You'll need your shades on in a 5 mile radius of it!
  11. Getting a lot of use out of Finn this month! This is brilliant news, as one of the people requesting a 4mm version, all I can say is: thank you RevolutioN!!! A great wagon to add some out-of-the-ordinary variety to the modern freight flows of containers and bogie box wagons, I really hope it does well (especially well enough that someone considers doing the WIA’s too). I don’t think my wallet it too happy about the prospect of all these amazing new releases tho!
  12. This is amazing news! I will be having a good chunk of these to go with the other MoD stuff. Excellent choice Trains4U and Cavalex! ("All" we need now is the proper MoD PFA container wagons!)
  13. I definitely don't want to start an argument, or really derail the topic any further. But I would just like to point out the brands such as Airfix, Revell, Tamiya, Academy, Italeri, Trumpeter, etc etc. They seem to be doing ok, so there must be at least some interest in doing painting it yourself. I know for sure that I am in a minority of people who want to paint up their own models, and I also know that I will never be able to achieve the factory-finish quality. But it doesn't stop me from wanting to do it, and trying to do it. All I'm saying is it would be cool if the manufacturers could put a small allotment of models aside as the "unpainted" option. I know it will never happen, but never hurts to dream, right?
  14. I would definitely pick up a third (and possibly fourth) set if this were available as an option!
  15. No way I can resist these! Full DRS set ordered. Perfect for short layout shunting. Any chance of doing the MoD variants? I would have an awful lot of those!
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