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  1. My email from Rails doesn’t say it’s in stock, it says it’s due in this week.
  2. I must have been half way through filling in the form when you did the update because I read the pre-order page and saw October, I filled in the form and submitted it and all of a sudden it said November
  3. Funny how I disagree with virtually everything there! It’s a good job we are all different isn’t it i agree that they definitely aren’t a pretty loco but I liked them in blue with or without buffer skirts and with black headcode boxes. I’m a man driven by sound though and no matter how much I love a 40, I found the whistling a little grating after a while, so I preferred the 37 for its guttural growl
  4. I rang Charlie yesterday morning Edit: And it’s just arrived
  5. Nope, I ordered mine (RT156-313) on the 6th of June 2017 and I haven’t received any email and it’s not in my spam folder either! It’s order id #88 with a £50 deposit paid. EDIT: I went to the website and saw the details for pre-ordered sets on there so I’ve just paid the remainder of the balance
  6. Remember it’s a bank holiday weekend so I wouldn’t expect a reply until Tuesday at the earliest. perhaps if they aren’t donating anything and you buy the loco you can make a personal donation yourself. personally like others have already mentioned I think charity donations are better left as voluntary
  7. I'd just like to apologise to everyone for unintentionally taking this thread off topic! I mentioned YouTube unboxing as a passing throw away comment and somehow it's just run away! Oops
  8. I have two locos on order and I wasn't going to bother with the faster delivery because I'm in no rush to do any kind of YouTube unboxing video like some people will do. But then I thought if I pay extra for one I can stagger the payments and not have the worry about paying for two locos together so close to Christmas. As 7013 says, this is a good dilemma to have
  9. I got a call on Saturday but I was driving and got no answer when I tried to ring them a little later but I rang them back today to pay for mine
  10. Many thanks for the very quick reply Cav I can relax now haha
  11. Hi, just a quick question, I put in my expression of interest last week but I never received an email confirmation (yes I checked spam folders too) is this how it works or have others on here received a confirmation?
  12. Now that I will most definitely be getting!
  13. I don't comment much but I thought I'd just mention that my first 90005 arrived with the broken bogie tower problem along with parts underneath needing to be pushed back into place, indicating to me poor handling by the delivery company. My 90042 was delivered by royal mail and was fine. My replacement for 90005 is perfect, then again I picked it up from the shop this time to be certain it would be ok
  14. I got that email from Rails too, but if you go to their site they have the price listed at £33.95
  15. That's a much better price I hope you like it (I'm sure you will, i'm really happy with mine)
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