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  1. Fleetwood in Lancashire, which reminds me I still havent rung up to report the non arrival yet.
  2. Another missing copy here, I only realised it hadn't arrived when I spotted it on sale in Tesco.
  3. If you mean what I think that you do then you could try a search for 'Solder Tag Strip' on a well known auction site.
  4. Sorry if I'm wrong but it might be advisable to put Dapol in the address also to ensure it reaches the correct unit.
  5. As Roy mentioned the packs in my first post just contains the loose gears. You can buy axles with the gears fitted but it works out more expensive although you would get the newer type wheels.
  6. Unfortunately by posting the pictures on here you have already been given the loction has away thanks to a one minute search that anyone can do on google. You could have at least edited the loco/unit numbers out of the pictures if you realy felt it was necesary to post it.
  7. Thanks Roy. You learn something every day Chris
  8. Thanks for the additional advice Alan. I will bear that in mind when I do my next loco, too late for the first which had all 6 of the 16 tooth gears split! Markus, MaGeR is a brand name, I am not sure what it means or stands for. According to BRM magazine Aprill 2011 it is the previous trading name of Lytchett Manor Models. Chris
  9. Thanks Alan. I did try using the shafts of my micro drills to measure the hole diameters but couldn't notice any real difference in internal diameter. If thats the case then I don't suppose it matters if I use the wrong type as long as they are tight on the shaft/axle.
  10. I have purchsed one of the MaGeR bulk packs of Farish gears to replace the split ones on my stock. The pack states it 'Contains 4 each of the following moulded gears for Farish Poole built locos 12, 16 and 25 tooth Type 1 for all Diesels and Bogies 16 and 25 tooth Type 2 for DMU and Railcars' What is the difference between the Type 1 and 2. They are all mixed up in the pack and I can't see anything to tell me which 4 of the 8, 16 tooth gears are the Type 1 for my locos. All 8 seem to be identical in size and pitch just like the 8, 25 tooth ones. Any clues anybody?
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