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  1. It would appear DCC Concepts might have a problem they have yet a acknowledge. Can I assume if you had any contact with them they advised they decoders were out of warranty, which is what happened when I contacted them.

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  2. On my layout I have two Dcc Concepts ADS-8fx decoders operating single Peco point motors. They have both operated without problems since purchase until a few weeks ago when on one of the decoders one pair of sections ceased to operate the points, although there appeared to be a faint click when the appropriate accessory was called up. I got around the problem by rewiring, as four of the individual sections 'controlled' two crossovers. A few weeks later another section failed on the same ADS-8fx and today a section has ceased to operate on my other ADS-8fx. Any sensible suggestions?
  3. In late October I ordered a number of Modelu HO figures, when received they were on the sprues, not what I had expected and no mention made on their website that this would be their condition. I contacted Modelu who offered either for me to return the figures for a) them to remove them from the sprues and send them back or b) a refund. I opted for a refund and the figures were posted in early November. To date no refund has been made despite reminders.
  4. Thanks for all the info and suggestions, I've rigged another accessory decoder to power a couple of the points and no apparent problems. Train Tech agreed for me to swop the faulty PC2 for another at my supplier, unfortunately no improvement. So maybe the NCE Power Cab in its standard form does not produce enough "oomph" for the PC2.
  5. As far as I'm aware the PC2 includes a capacitor.
  6. Installed PC2 with new Peco PL10 'motors' with direct track feed from NCE Power Cab and there appears to be insufficient power to throw the solenoid. Is this a common problem for accessory decoders without an 'outside' power supply? I have two DAC10's with 'outside' supply and two ADS-8fx all of which function without this type of problem
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