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  1. Bilbo

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    Theres going to be an awful lot of Class 66s' about. Just saying.
  2. According to my programme guide it seems to be a one off episode with no other parts advertised.
  3. They are still trading, down the road from me. Haven't had reason to call there lately. Would have thought not now having a website would hit their mail order business significantly.
  4. Bilbo


    Anyone know if there is definition available for a Dapol Imperium ?
  5. Well that probably confirms its a limited edition certificate. It hadn't crossed my mind about one being included. It doesn't explain the Bachmann Branchline reference though.
  6. This is the document and looking at it the number at the bottom suggests it may be a limited edition certificate unless of course everyone has one with 150 on it. No getting away from the Bachmann logo at the top though
  7. It was leaflet about the particular model which is why I was a little surprised.
  8. Mine arrived yesterday,it was from the final batch.The service from Kernow was exemplary. They have been fantastic sticking with this project. I notice that on the literature inside the box one of the leaflets had Bachmann Branchline on it. I wasn't aware that Bachmann were involved in this, or did they take over when the others failed ?
  9. Not that it matters too much after all this time,but where did it say that ?
  10. Yippee 12/06/10 is my order date so I can manage a wait of a few more days. To be fair Kernow have been fantastic through the whole process .
  11. Rails are having them in any day soon and they are also advertising the Hornby Terriers .
  12. Interestingly I can only find one or two references on here to Corgi. Is there any significance in the fact that Corgi and Oxford Diecast operate in the same market and Lyndon Davies has a vested interest in both? Is something going on there?.The other point in this scenario is that Lyndon was very much part of the Corgi operation in Swansea before it disappeared from the scene bought out by one of the (then) big toy conglomerates. I know he was not allowed to go back into the market for number of years but he kept some part of the operation here in South Wales and I presume some of the design work is still done here. Cue Corgi/Oxford merger perhaps?
  13. Well I watched volume 1 last evening. May make more observations(sorry) but to start with James May. He is what he is, amusing,sometimes cynical, realistic,an enthusiast and pretty intelligent. We could have had Clarkson(perish the thought). Its like travel shows, you don't get Michael Palin when you watch Portillo, they are different animals and you may or may not like either of them so you pays your money and takes your choice. Likewise with this we could have had an in depth BBC2 type investigation by that guy who used to be on Dragons Den but what would that have been like. The joke about blurring the young guys faces was a typical May joke, what you would expect from him but in reality I think it was bit more than that as it was a safeguarding issue too protect them. Then we come to Simon Kohler, I have been a critic of his lately because I was unsure that he was right for the role. Not always good to go back and there were some moments when I felt Engine Shed and the way it was going was being held back. I liked the drip feed of new product info. However he proved his passion in this episode, none more so when he discovered the tools(or lack of them).I honestly thought he was going to burst into tears. Interesting days ahead with Terriers and 66s and Rails and Hattons. There's a battle going on will it all cool down or will it explode.
  14. Notice the web site is offline again. Anyone heard anything ?
  15. Might be worth emailing or ringing A&H. I know they told me they needed my LH90 to send to Germany so that I could have the LH101 but they may be able to persuade Lenz to let them sell them.Its in both their interests I would think.
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