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  1. I should have said in my original post that it was the perception that Oxford Diecast got rid of slow selling stock using this method. In the days when Corgi was made here in Swansea it was possible to buy a bundle of stuff from the factory if you knew someone working there. These were often slow sellers and sometimes seconds which were working. As Lyndon worked there then perhaps he got the idea and carried it on.
  2. This is an Oxford thing. They have for a number of years offered Mystery Bags of Oxford Diecast products at shows they attend.Looks like Lyndon has extended it to all the Hornby ranges except they are boxes not bags. Oxford however are now doing boxes as well.
  3. It is Mild Steel but its the bar with scale on it thats the Black/Brown coating. Can't remember if thats the hot rolled Mild Steel or not. The alternative is what we knew as Bright mild Steel and was far more accurate and true in size and was easier to work. The scale on the outside of these weights is a pig to work and can blunt a file in no time.
  4. Better to use messaging if you are on Facebook, experience has proved you get a pretty prompt reply. It worked for me.
  5. Me too it must be where we live !!! Them Canadians don't like the Welsh .
  6. Had one as well , rather strange !
  7. Is anybody still waiting for their GT3 ?
  8. I've not commented before , i've just looked on in awe. That now is looking absolutely brilliant, a masterpiece of modelling.
  9. The wired coupling you want seems to be item code X8448. newmodellersshop.co.uk do have them listed but not in stock.It may be worth an email to them to see if they are likely to have any more in. The Service sheet makes it look as if it wouldn't be too difficult to fix yourself. Just a thought .
  10. One day before the Bachmann Winter offering. LOL
  11. Ordered on Sunday PM and received order today Wednesday AM. Had nothing but superb service from ModelMaster whenever i've used them.
  12. It was on Facebook early today - Just saying.
  13. It didn't seem to be that bad an area but perhaps he had some bad experiences.
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