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  1. Ordered on Sunday PM and received order today Wednesday AM. Had nothing but superb service from ModelMaster whenever i've used them.
  2. It was on Facebook early today - Just saying.
  3. I like it all its brilliant to understand the thought that goes into it.
  4. It didn't seem to be that bad an area but perhaps he had some bad experiences.
  5. Is it still open.I went there in the summer of 2000 and what amused me was that it was open but the door was locked and he had to size me up before he let me in. Bought a San Francisco Cablecar. You're right though a curious little shop.
  6. Bilbo

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    Theres going to be an awful lot of Class 66s' about. Just saying.
  7. According to my programme guide it seems to be a one off episode with no other parts advertised.
  8. They are still trading, down the road from me. Haven't had reason to call there lately. Would have thought not now having a website would hit their mail order business significantly.
  9. Bilbo


    Anyone know if there is definition available for a Dapol Imperium ?
  10. Well that probably confirms its a limited edition certificate. It hadn't crossed my mind about one being included. It doesn't explain the Bachmann Branchline reference though.
  11. This is the document and looking at it the number at the bottom suggests it may be a limited edition certificate unless of course everyone has one with 150 on it. No getting away from the Bachmann logo at the top though
  12. It was leaflet about the particular model which is why I was a little surprised.
  13. Mine arrived yesterday,it was from the final batch.The service from Kernow was exemplary. They have been fantastic sticking with this project. I notice that on the literature inside the box one of the leaflets had Bachmann Branchline on it. I wasn't aware that Bachmann were involved in this, or did they take over when the others failed ?
  14. Not that it matters too much after all this time,but where did it say that ?
  15. Yippee 12/06/10 is my order date so I can manage a wait of a few more days. To be fair Kernow have been fantastic through the whole process .
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