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  1. Hi, thanks John for the link. All ok now. All the best, Richard.
  2. Hi, thanks for the info, I will give that a go later. Hopefully I wont blow anything up
  3. Hi, thanks for the quick reply, but not being the cleverest person around the instructions have just managed to totally confuse me . If anyone could give me a step by step run through I would be a lot happier. All the best, Richard.
  4. Hi, I have fitted a TCS FL4P-MH decoder into the dummy vehicle of my Bachmann 105. The directional lights only work if I press 1 on the controller for the white lights and 2 for the red lights. Is there any way I can change this to turn on and off with light button as with the powered vehicle and to automatically change with the direction the unit is travelling in. I am using dynamis controller. All the best, Richard.
  5. Hi Pete, I agree with you that starting again would be a real no-no, especially with all that point rodding !! I shall be watching your efforts with great interest. All the best, Richard.
  6. Hi Stuart, I too would like to heap praise on you for what you have achieved so far. Could you please tell me what make are the tower lights in your depot area, as they are exactly what I am looking for. All the best, Richard.
  7. Hi Pete, Thanks for the quick reply, I just noticed Dave has beaten me to the question of whether you used an airbrush or just brushed it on. Also, could you tell me what you used for the cable trunking? All the best, Richard.
  8. Hi, I just put a message on the old thread, but have now just found you here. May I start by saying a big thank you, as your layout is superb and has inspired me to keep going with mine. I would like to ask how do you weather your tracks, (sorry if you have already explained this on the old thread - I have looked!). Have to say, I too am not that sure of the new blog system. I have a blog, (Karrik) and very few people have left messages, giving their thoughts or advice or answering the questions I have asked. I am not sure why others do not do what you have done and post like you have as I do like scrolling through looking at the photos. Anyway, having said that I shall keep updating my blog from time to time and see what happens. All the best, Richard.
  9. Ok, why didn't this add itself my first blog? Now I'm confused. Any help would be appreciated. All the best, Rik. Ok, doesn't matter, thanks to my wife I now understand what's happening
  10. Ok,hopefully this adds to my blog about Karrik. The name is partly my wife's name ( Kara )and my computer name ( Rik ). The layout is based in the midland/north west area from about the 1977 -1980 period. I will probably extend that to 1985 when I can afford to! any comments gratefully excepted, especially nice ones. I am thinking of changing the colour light signals to semaphore signals. Does any one know of any decent working semaphores? All the best, Rik.
  11. Hi, if you mean the two small buildings they are Harburn Hamlet FL-185 workmans bothy and FL-186 general purpose railway office repainted. Of course, if you mean the shed itself then that is from peco. Hope that helps, all the best, Richard.
  12. This is a test to see if I can actually use this blog thing. Must say I wasn't aware that the old forum was moving and I am a little unhappy the layouts I was looking at, I can no longer see. Anyway, rant over. Hopefully, the following photos are of the layout that were on the old forum and if all goes well some new shots will follow soon. All the best, Richard
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