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  1. Thanks to https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/ who had a big stand at Warley this year, finally found some gates for the cottages
  2. The farmers wife finally gets some chickens to feed, just need some Geese now
  3. Thanks for prompt help. Unfortunately it is a not suitable for a 1936 layout since I have just checked Matadors where produced only in the Second World war.
  4. Well not been able to do any modelling all month, owing to tidying up the garden, a weeks grandson sitting duties. Which he thanked up for by giving me a horrendous cough. It was touch and go whether I would even make Warley. However in the end I struggled around and went to the Doctor on the following Monday when he diagnosed a case of mild pneumonia!! So after a series of antibiotics I'm just about fit enough to make it up the the railway room. Started by giving 1364 a coat of Veljo black grey to cover the black plastic.
  5. This lorry was the Hornby stand at Warley. When I inquired who supplied it, the guy on the stand didn't know, but had a quick look underneath and said Oxford Models I visited the Oxford Models stand but they couldn't help, does anyone know a source?
  6. Best of Luck, I've know about this photo for awhile, which is why I recognised the significance of the picture By the way there is a 6 sqn association who may be able to help
  7. it was quite surreal looking at those pictures of Hanaiyah because i realised the hanger in the background is probably the same one as the on he is standing in front of along with rest of 6 sqn in 1954!
  8. gosh i remember those from 1970 at RAF Changi, forget which RNZAF sqn it was ,but we used to call them supershakers.
  9. Never experienced any warping using 40 thous plasticard
  10. Spotted this on a market stall whilst on Holiday in France
  11. Finally got around to motorising the final point in the crossing, so I can now drive trains from the siding to the Gas Works without the hand of God, Haven't decided to do something about the uncoupling once the train reaches the Gas works
  12. Recently acquired Petters Ltd Van in ffont of the Petter Ghost Sign.
  13. Have a look at Rocrail, it's what I use on Barkham Green and it's free with a small donation
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