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  1. I really like this, the buildings/hard landscaping look so planted in the terrain and all the groundwork blends it together beautifully. Gathering inspiration for a small (and first ever) build, the apparent simplicity of your layout helps make the idea less daunting.
  2. https://www.myminifactory.com/scantheworld/ There's so many models, it's hard to say what they have. I'm going to attempt the Venus de Milo this morning, smaller than the above to see what detail I can retain. edit; Bottle caps and rule for scale. This came out OK, just a little clean up needed.
  3. I'm thoroughly enjoying this thread, especially with limited space like i have, a compact tale told is amazing to see. Of course, you got me thinking about printing 3D statues for the fountain and having followed the link to that amazing resource of files, the pictures here are a quick (ha!) experiment of what my humble Creality Ender3 can produce with a little fettling in Cura. The central muse has a malformed arm and there's a few hairy bits but they can clean up. I'll undercoat it tomorrow to see how that looks.
  4. Whilst I haven't tried foam yet, soft or thicker materials in my Glowforge need three or more low power passes. I've even sucessfully cut through 20mm thick birch boards by using three passes at the full thickness then three more by telling the machine that the material is the thickness minus the depth already cut. As the laser cuts through it naturally spreads a little so the cut is never perpendicular to the material. Breaking a deep cut down into multiple passes helps eliminate this.
  5. If I download a 3D file, whatever the format, free or paid for, I'll open it in my preferred program and check it out thoroughly and in some cases modify it to suit the application. Over the years I've encountered little errors in other's drawings that needed correcting so that the final render (for large format printing as exhibition graphics) looks good. It makes sense to me that if you're going to commit a file to many hours printing time on your own (or a bureaux) 3D printer then checking the file and arranging elements to suit a better print arrangement is sensible. There are loads of free 3D files available online for personal use, all given generously by individuals that enjoy the creation of the original model. Using someones drawing and modifying it was a good way for me to get to learn Blender in the way I needed to use it. Other than asking that a download is not sold on, there's nothing else you can object to. Thingiverse has been very useful for improvements to my own 3D printer, all generously given by other users. Some modify the downloads and credit the originator when re-posting (again for free) so that we may all benefit from the shared experience.
  6. Where do I begin? Finding a suitable place to make a first post on this forum was always going to be hard. My yet to begin blog charting the progress of our layout will contain the details but having found this epic on building er, building, I found myself well and truly hooked by the game of quality tennis being played out by messrs Downes and Robinson. This thread has got me started in earnest (It's near South East London) on the physical aspects of our set-up and I've almost ignored the trainy things. Thank you to all the contributors for providing plenty of inspiration - I now find that I look at buildings in a very different way, wondering how I might build them in OO scale.... Kelly
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