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  1. Hello Adam, Thee sleeves were devised by Alan Smith for use in the Manor brass chassis kit that I prototyped. I have been using the sleeves in all sorts of chassis since and you basically drill the main hole and the countersink section to get the depth. Apart from that I never glued them. They are a little squishy so once tightened up expand a bit and don't tend to fall out. If you drill a tad oversize a spot of glue is fine but may not be required. They can be used to hold two halves of a chassis together as on th Manor or used to insulate the chassis from the footplate. I have found many uses for these. Cheer's Nigel
  2. Hi Andy On behalf of the 2mm Scale Association, I can confirm that our Diamond Jubilee Expo on the 20th/21st June in Derby has been postponed and the plan is to hold the celebration at the same location in June 2021 making it a 61st anniversary celebration instead. many thanks Nigel
  3. Hi Neil, The old ones were lumps of white metal and I have been looking at options including using the 3D print idea instead of re-stocking the old ones. Computer issues have rather held this up over recent months, but this will get followed up very soon. In the meantime, if you really need a dynamo, the P and D Marsh A414 set is on a par with the old shop items. The hanger however is rather long but easily shortened. regards Nigel (Products Officer)
  4. Car all loaded and ready to set off to (hopefully) sunny Stoke Mandeville. Looking forward to the show and hope to see many RMwebbers there. Just don't ask too many questions as my voice is still shakey after recovering from a cold! Nigel
  5. As I am a member at the Epsom club, Llangerisech will be representing the "home" team at Nescot. We look forward to seeing you there and possibly having a chat about 2FS - including the Club's developing Lewes layout in the scale.
  6. Hi Nick, It is a Peco item which has been modified so heavily that many folk fail to recognise it! The carrying wheels have been added to the bridge and were plastic wheels from Langley with the flanges removed. The handrails use the original stanchions with new n/s rails threaded through 0.3mm holes. The rails are the normal ones leaning outwards and therefore gauge correctly by fluke. The well is spray painted before the Scalescenes brick paper is added round the edge. The mechanism uses a clearbox and mecano gears with microswitches triggered by a sub-baseboard disc and positionanable brass lumps. It was heavily inspired by a certain Mr Greenwood, but as ever, us mere mortals never quite understand everything he does, so just have to copy what we can and hope! Cheers Nigel
  7. Hi, I should point out that the little blue fella only appeared when the audience had an average age below 10 years. Even then we had a 3 year old rivet counter asking where were Annie and Clarabel!! We had a good show. Thanks to David as usual plus Tom on Saturday and Matt and Hilary on the Sunday. Hilary has posted a great video on Youtube you can see below. Cheers Nigel
  8. Great to see what Tom has been doing with this 3D print malarkey. I am almost tempted!! Now for those who prefer a bit of old school tech, some soldering and basic woodwork! Here is the start of my new layout Drws y Nant. Main boards are built and this fiendnish bit of track would either work or kill the project. Happily it all seems OK up to here, so a bit of cleaning up and sorting the point tiebars will finish off this section. The trackbed rises from the lower ground at the front of the layout, then there is a river immediately behind, then a road then lots of trees. And I mean LOTS and LOTS of trees! The square area drawn on the boards will be the level crossing. This crossover is unlike any other formation I have seen with the imbalance in length meaning that the through line closest to the front passes through the diamond. Figuring the isolation cuts as it was built was fun and I could only use elements of templot to create it. Having got that done using the etch chairplates that Laurie Adams designed, laying the rest of the plain track with Easitrac should seem straightforward. I did find that I used a lot more slide chairs than expected, cut in half for the tricky bit in the middle. This is all hopefully going to add up to a faithful rendition of the prototype. The real place is between Bala and Dolgellau so all my existing rolling stock from Llangerisech will be at home. cheers all Nigel
  9. The Farish Castle conversion etches have arrived with me in time for the AGM this weekend. So if you have thought about moving on from a Pannier conversion, this could be for you. The etch includes rods, replacement slide bars, crossheads, front bogie and front frame extensions. Due to the design of the tender, it is assumed that the builder will employ the original Farish wheelsets turned down to Association standards, or modify Association wheelsets with wagon axles. I will see you with a completed example up at Bournmoor if you are there. regards Nigel
  10. Hi Looking forward to the show. For those who haven't seen it, Llangerisech is 2mm finescale with 9.42mm gauge track, in case the listing had you confused! See you there. Nigel
  11. Hello Roger I am told by Alan Smith who manufactures the Easitrac item that the type of cranks you refer to are included in the Easitrac tiebar kit (part 1-430). They are moulded in an engineering plastic, so would be ideal for what you require. As shop 1 is with David Short, he can probably give more detail if you enquire before ordering. regards Nigel
  12. Llangerisech

    Gresley BG

    Hi Andy, Blacksmith Models were sold by Cove Models near Farnborough did these years ago. As you say, the original Mallard etches were 4mm and they simply halved everything. My clerestories are the same source and I remember buying up as many as I could at the time. I should have looked beyond the GWR and picked up one of these as, like you, I have predeliction for BGs and the like. Looks like a really neat job.
  13. Hi, Bit late to the question on this thread, but as Products officer I have been loaned an N class by one of the Wealden group members to attempt an etch for the rods. As Chris has said, you could use the Pannier rods to get something started as I am only at a very early stage with the artwork. However, the Farish valvegear is a fair bit chunkier than the Dapol ones, and while I'm happy leaving the valve gear on the Dapol Brit and Schools, the Farish N does look rather thick. As I have mentioned in the Products thread the intention is to make most rod sets available either as private members products such as Nigel Hunt's LMS stuff, or direct via the Association if unavailable elsewhere. So no deadline yet - I'm finishing off the Castle bits and bobs - but I don't want to leave the N too long. regards Nigel (putting head in noose again!)
  14. I can only agree with the plaudits already posted. Not a duff one there and a thoroughly enjoyable day. Good to catch up with many familiar faces and see how some of the layouts have evolved since first seeing them. I hate to pick out any favourite, but the sight of Fine Fare supermarket and "It's Frothy Man!" on a poster were some of the many details that made Hornsey Broadway very nostalgic. The attractions of everything on Burntisland are impressive in differing ways and certainly inspiration to those of us on the Lewes 1886 team. Then the bucolic charm of Kyle of Sutherland and Foxcote New Pit lead you into another area of appreciation. But as I say, not a single layout to be dismissed.
  15. Those who came to the Epsom club show may have seen the club stand with evidence of some progress on the project. Andy's wagons were on display along with Tony's revised baseboards and Dave's templot print showing how fiendish some areas will be. The loco Epsom has also made progress I still have to create the distinctive Stroudly roof profile, so we just have a flat base at present. I bought a dome from N-Brass that will need a little fettling to match the drawing, but easier than starting from scratch. However, with a chimney and smoke-box door turned on the lathe it is starting to look like a locomotive. There is loads of detail to add yet, but it has run very well in testing, so we should be able to run it at a scale speed and stay within the 10mph restriction of the Lewes station environs. This did seem to catch the imagination of some potential new members, so we may be adding some new faces to the team if the reception at the show is anything to go by. Although this loco won't be at the club open day this Saturday, many other bits will be on display if you fancy a closer look. Nigel
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