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  1. Yes, thanks Andy. I understand what you're doing. I'd have put a diagonal piece of tape across. Just a different way of doing things. Trevor
  2. About the control panel - is it me, or have you missed out a crossover on the main lines to the right of the station, and another where the sidings come out onto the inside loop? Or am I jumping the gun? Best Wishes, Trevor
  3. Hi All, A big thank you to all of you that have "liked" the pictures of my South Lancashire Railway layout, you've given me the confidence to post again. Here we see former Manchester Ship Canal Peckett No11 with a wagon of coal for the coaling stage at Highfield loco shed, together with an overall view of the end of Highfield Station, with an exhibition of preserved buses in the car park. Each bus has played a part in my life. I hope you enjoy these photos.
  4. I've never posted pics on here before, but thought I might stick my neck out and show a couple of drone shots of my preserved South Lancashire Railway.
  5. Vey nice, Andy. I hope it goes past the platforms, that step on the middle of the side girder sticks out quite a bit; or is it H0 Scale? Great work so far. It's interesting to see how someone else does things. All the Best, Trevor
  6. I'm pleased Martin's doing a week driving to give him a break from trying to flatten what looks to me to be a mountain, ie levelling ground for foundations.
  7. Agree. And the DCC standards seem to be set by the NMRA in America. Trevor
  8. I'd keep it as a platform and run round loop to start with. That'll discourage you from using it for wagons so the run round will always be open. You can then see how you get on with it in use. Keep your options open. Coming along well. Love the videos. All the Best, Trevor
  9. You could run one of the GWR Castle Class short HSTs through Bute Road, Andy! Hornby do one. Better than an IET. Trevor. I'm standing well back!!
  10. They are very worthwhile. It's always useful to see how others do things, to learn faster/better ways to do things. Plus it's interesting to see how you're progressing. Seven Mills, and now Bute Road, is always the first thing I look at when I log on, even before my emails; I look forward to it, keep up the good work. All the Best, Trevor
  11. Excellent progress Andy. Looking forward to the video. All the Best, Trevor
  12. Looking forward to this build. I've never been west of Plymouth (In England, anyway!!)
  13. Well done, Andy! Looking forward to following this new (ad)venture. All the best, Trevor
  14. Can't be anything like that, cos it requires buildings, and they're off limits. Trevor
  15. This is far more widespread than the south west. Ad nauseam doesn't cover it!!.
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