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  1. It's probably a bit modern for you, Martin. So far as I'm aware it's a TOPS CARKND code for a non-automatic brake fitted brake van, with a through vacuum brake pipe. It only has a hand brake. Love the JInty. Trevor. Edit - Sorry, Jintyman posted while I was typing! T
  2. Amazing work Andy, and so quick!! You really make something so difficult to get right so easy to do.Keep up the good work. Trevor
  3. I take it back Andy, I should have known. Brilliant work. Trevor
  4. I'm disappointed, Andy, you've let me down! I forecast running by Friday, and it was Saturday! Seriously though, It's coming along splendidly. Looking forward to watching it being comleted. All the Best, Trevor
  5. Impressive, Martin. Just needs the discipline to keep it up to date, especially from guest operators like me! Trevor
  6. Thanks, Andy, I get the idea now. Splendid work. Looking forward to a you tube video of it running by Friday. All the best, Trevor
  7. Intriguing Andy!! I'm waiting to see what happens to trains going into the tunnels?? Or is there a short fiddle yard there? Trevor
  8. Impressive work, Martin. Love the mug!! Trevor
  9. Thought that would work, Martin, glad it does. Worth a bit of effort to get it right. Trevor
  10. Sounds wonderful to me Martin. Looking forward to it. Trevor
  11. Looking really good Martin. Is it going to be all diesel, or will steam make an appearance? Trevor
  12. Thanks, Martin, that's helpful. I thought you weren't supposed to put more than 6v into those things. Is the Megapoints system coming back to you now? Keep up the good work. Trevor
  13. Hi Martin looks well engineered. What have you got powering that tiny looking servo tester? Trevor
  14. By 'eck Martin, that was quick! What a brilliant job too. Looks amazing. Far better than a signal on the "wrong" side of the track! Love it! Trevor
  15. Just love that 40. Keep the pictures coming please Andy. Trevor
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