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  1. I hope you finish the road over bridge on Argyle Street first, it would be a shame to leave such a brilliant layout unfinished! All the Best, Trevor
  2. Thank you Andy. All the Best to you and yours. Thank you for all the pleasure, interest and knowledge your threads provide over the months. Hope your move is sorted soon. Trevor
  3. Exactly right Andy, especially about the floors! Warley seems particularly bad. Like the way you've fitted the controller in; quite often on layouts its an afterthought and becomes a problem to fit it in somewhere. Trevor
  4. Sorry Andy, I'll be there on Saturday. At 76 I'm finding two days on my feet to be too much. Young Trevor has become Old Git I'm afraid. But I can, and do, still enjoy your threads. I've looked at you old ones too. Keep up the good work. All the Best, Trevor
  5. Hi Andy, it's coming on well. I've used the DCC80's on a couple of layouts and they've been reliable so far. All the best, Trevor
  6. Good to see you're modelling again Andy. Is this the same Cadley Hill that Hornby did a green Austerity tank for, Cadley Hill No1? Good luck with the move. Trevor
  7. That's great, Andy. Filling the blank at the front is making a big difference. Just some capping on the bridge abutments, and you're really getting there. Love the sound of that 08, it really takes me back. All the best for the house move etc. Trevor
  8. It's probably a bit modern for you, Martin. So far as I'm aware it's a TOPS CARKND code for a non-automatic brake fitted brake van, with a through vacuum brake pipe. It only has a hand brake. Love the JInty. Trevor. Edit - Sorry, Jintyman posted while I was typing! T
  9. Amazing work Andy, and so quick!! You really make something so difficult to get right so easy to do.Keep up the good work. Trevor
  10. I take it back Andy, I should have known. Brilliant work. Trevor
  11. I'm disappointed, Andy, you've let me down! I forecast running by Friday, and it was Saturday! Seriously though, It's coming along splendidly. Looking forward to watching it being comleted. All the Best, Trevor
  12. Impressive, Martin. Just needs the discipline to keep it up to date, especially from guest operators like me! Trevor
  13. Thanks, Andy, I get the idea now. Splendid work. Looking forward to a you tube video of it running by Friday. All the best, Trevor
  14. Intriguing Andy!! I'm waiting to see what happens to trains going into the tunnels?? Or is there a short fiddle yard there? Trevor
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