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  1. Okay, we can apologise back and forth when it appears that we are actually in agreement, in the main. I understand the grumpies, I'm working through some black times of my own and used your thread as a somewhat cathartic release. At least you have continued with Castle Aching while I have done no modelling for over a year. I hold nothing but respect for you and the other contributors to the thread, it has been my safe haven during the dark times and for that I thank you all...
  2. My apologies, no offence was intended, and I did take the item out of context just to raise a point that holds a great deal of emotional and cultural importance to all greeks. Britain has long been a close supporter of Greece and the Greek people in general - (HRH Phillip (The Greek)). As evidenced by the efforts of Lord Byron and others. The Greeks at that time were in a constant state of insurrection to throw off the Ottoman yoke. My wife has family in both Athens and in Crete and their memories are long To bring all this back to railways: The Acropolis Railway. Niko Lipsanen - posted under Creative Commons Licence. http://www.domnik.net/topoi/commons/GR/attica/athens/acropolis/ Bill
  3. My better half, being Greek might take exception here. My understanding is that Lord Elgin made his deal with the Turkish, who were in occupied control of Greece at the time. Having no regard to the history therein, the occupiers had a policy of letting antiquities decay and fall to ruin. More recent history reveals a policy of returning major antiquities to their country of origin. Why not the Parthenon frieze? Or maybe a trade for the excellent reproductions in the Acropolis museum? Bill
  4. Welcome to the hobby Trainmadmum, There are definitely female modellers on here. If you check out the cakebox challenge thread on here you will find at least one more. And Annie from New Zealand makes digital models. There are others, although they are spread around the forum. As a previous poster has said there is a history of very talented female modellers in the hobby.
  5. I used to catch thumpers from Salisbury to Southampton, in the early 70s. Iirc they ran from Newport to Portsmouth Harbour.
  6. Wishing a peaceful and relaxing Christmas to Edwardian and family, and to all CA parishioners that follow and contribute to this inspiring and thoroughly entertaining thread.
  7. This is a great diorama Marly. I really like the way you've managed to blend with the backscene and the use of colour and black & white - very "Summer Holiday"
  8. The signal box at Burghclere had an internal staircase, entry was at ground level. I have this kit from the Hornby mag, but it needs quite a bit of work to make it correct for the D N & S. These boxes were built at most of the stations between Newbury and Winchester (Chesil) during the wartime upgrades. I have some photos I can upload - when I find them...
  9. I like what you've done so far with this. I too, am experimenting with re-purposed packing materials, different methods from the usual - and I use cat litter for ballast. I very much like the fantasy element too. Look forward to seeing more. Regards, Bill
  10. My other half is Greek/Canadian. You can insult a Canadian by asking "Are you American?", but strangely not the other way round. My father-in-law, also Greek/Canadian, cannot understand most British accents (especially when it suits him not to do so). Regional accents/dialects everywhere, can differ greatly in any country. After living in Hampshire for the last forty-five years, I have a very developed Hampshire hog accent. When I fist settled here however, I had very little accent so was considered to 'talk posh'.
  11. That's a good start for a return to the hobby. You'll find lots of support here, and plenty of inspiration. Regards Bill
  12. Especially if you could make his legs move....
  13. AFAIR from my reading, all train movements to/from and between the various Southampton docks were preceded by a flagman and thus at walking speed. Could be interesting to model...
  14. The balloon is a great addition to a really nice layout. I really like the height your model has, it gives it a real presence that is often lacking in small layouts and dioramas - (including my own; when I can find time to do more). Regards
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