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  1. No need for that emoji! Here’s a 80 class set entering Ballymoney with an ex-Enterprise Mk2B Driving Trailer and the middle coach also a ex-Enterprise Mk2B open!
  2. 80 class trailer standard 8779 formerly 827 Mk2B seen in Portrush 2001
  3. I will happily try and encourage some support for that idea!
  4. Evening Star would be a must buy for me too. Here’s hoping!
  5. It certainly seems to be a large sum of money tied up in moulds for a long time with no return financially yet. I would imagine Dapol are as determined as anyone to get these to market.
  6. Pat’s long gone after that accident in a phone box!
  7. Once 20 minutes work performed on each model, best British outline model by a country mile. Fantastic runner. Just my opinion.
  8. Here’s an image of motor driven fan mechanism i an HO scale model on the Canadian market.
  9. Why would Dapol not bring it to market themselves?
  10. The first thing I would check is for any wires rubbing on the drive shafts as this can produce noise.
  11. ESU Loksound MKL V5 chip with the free download sound file from the official ESU website. Thanks for your positive feedback.
  12. Here’s a video that shows more images and slow run byes of these fantastic wagons.
  13. My KUA’s arrived today. Lovely wagons, fantastic work.
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