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  1. I was looking some help. Would anyone have the dimensions of the control box that fits under the baseboard and the dimension from the centre of the hole that holds the signal and the left hand edge of the box? Its just I would like to use one but my track is close to the edge of the baseboard. Hope this makes sense and thanks for any help in advance.
  2. Some more action. 50 017 and 50 024 rest for the weekend as 50 040 takes on ballast duties.
  3. Do any of you remember dyna-drive? Fantastic piece of kit.
  4. Robert it was deliberately designed for both stock as I really like the IR era and I grew up in Northern Ireland during the hay day of the 80 Class and then living in Shropshire Class 50’s are a long time favourite as well and some great days at the SVR.
  5. Class 50 017 Royal Oak enters the station
  6. Hi just hoping to bring a few images and videos of my home layout which doubles as a NSE area late 1980’s layout and a Irish layout! Stock is never run mixed! Here’s a short video to start in the NSE theme
  7. I would imagine the name was picked as a good news story among all the doom and gloom. I’m sure there will be other locos and units named after the many hero’s of this pandemic especially the NHS. As a nation hopefully we all come to have a greater respect for the key workers in all sectors.
  8. I would imagine Captain Tom must be high on the naming list!
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