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  1. Dapol has already commented on the blue shade on Facebook. Like it or lump it, it’s staying the same!
  2. I agree but then if there pricing is right you could sell 1 class 31 and have the same profit as three class 66’s! It’s rather ironic that For the latest released batch of 66’s they picked all the same paint schemes and running numbers as Hattons had already announced!
  3. It’s a bit of a poor show that Hornby can produce class 66’s in colours galore once there is competition for the market with Hattons release yet Class 31’s are released at a drastically slow rate with massive gaps in the market!
  4. I thought the code 70 samples on the Peco stand at Warley looked very nice. Almost tempted to make a little North American layout again!
  5. According to a Dapol rep at Warley all the PCB problems are sorted but he doesn’t expect them to be complete before Chinese New Year. So possibly May/June 2020 delivery.
  6. They are available at Kernow Models in partnership with MMRG
  7. Hopefully a OO Class 50. They seem to know a lot about their bogies!!
  8. High end detailed HST with top notch Mark3s! That’s my guess!
  9. Cost me £265 but you only live once so stuff it!
  10. I must admit these do look stunning, just sadly not my era.
  11. Yeah, well aware. But I think it’s more representation than accuracy just like Lima coach releases of the past.
  12. When released they also said that Irish Rail ones would follow but still waiting.
  13. I believe the price to reinstate it was quoted in some press article at the time to be around £7000 per locomotive.
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