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  1. Lovely loco. B134 thanks to Murphy Models and the RPSI. Go on support the cause and get one bought!
  2. Disappointed that a perfectly acceptable post has been closed down three times. Rails is a big player and a Class 50 from them would be terrific. 
    It maybe seen as speculation but I think everyone knows the Hornby Class 50 is now a dated model thanks to progress and a new one would be great. 
    Obviously all wish lists are out at RMweb. 
    Regards Gareth

    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      It shouldn't come as a surprise, I've always made it clear. You were daft enough to do it on the back of a contentious topic and when I'd asked for restraint I find it selfish for anyone to disregard a reasonable request.

  3. Perhaps we are not allowed to make suggestions on this forum anymore but would a new Class 50 be of interest?
  4. I think that a big difference in the UK and North American models is down to customers expectations. If a model is launched to the North American market and isn’t right it gets utterly condemned, doesn’t sell and ends up being sold off at massive discounts. In the UK we still buy it and then tweak at it and accept somethings that just shouldn’t be accepted. The Hattons Class66 story for me was one of massive disappointment. I bought one, it ran like a rocking horse. Hattons I must say gave excellent customer service for the return but its just sad this model just fell short of being a benchmark model.
  5. I had the Kernow version of the PBA previously but sold it for crazy money but I would say that the blue line on this run has slightly better definition.
  6. Just a short video of the PBA’s delivered this morning. Very happy.
  7. Personally I have been using DCC for 25 years and tried all types and brands and the Dapol Imperium is the only decoder that has beat me. Bought 2 and eventually I just gave up and that was even after I had them both replaced.
  8. If I remember correctly the OO version is packed the same way!
  9. These locos have GM 645 variant engines while the Class 66 has a 710 variant which is a later model prime mover. The Class 59 has a 645 variant.
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