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  1. The first thing I would check is for any wires rubbing on the drive shafts as this can produce noise.
  2. ESU Loksound MKL V5 chip with the free download sound file from the official ESU website. Thanks for your positive feedback.
  3. Here’s a video that shows more images and slow run byes of these fantastic wagons.
  4. My KUA’s arrived today. Lovely wagons, fantastic work.
  5. Did anyone ever find a cure for the jerky running?
  6. Another great product by C-Rail
  7. This is a fantastic development. When are the CP Rail RS18u’s due for release?
  8. I think you only have to look at the pre owned models that Hattons have been selling and read the descriptions to know Hattons have fully acknowledged the problems! The descriptions regularly contain one of the following statements wobble lights not working Steps broken or paint missing etc If that’s not a public acknowledgement I don’t know how much clearer they can make it!
  9. Easy, use this calculator https://www.modelbuildings.org/scale-speed-calculator/
  10. Dapol's 68 look sharp waiting for MK5 TPE.
  11. Just a shame they only done the one running number in this livery.
  12. DRS 20 with Digitrains sound fitted.
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