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  1. Thanks Fran. I love seeing IRM stuff on my layout even though I may have to eBay a kidney!
  2. I’m sure during this project Hattons has wished they had never started! A steep learning curve for a excellent retailer.
  3. Thanks for posting. Looks fantastic, a real inspiration for getting back into North American modelling.
  4. I have purchased a brand new 21pin Imperium decoder but have found that CV3 has no effect on acceleration rate no matter what it is set at. I have tried it in 2 different locos and my system is Lenz. Any ideas would be appreciated?
  5. 2 occasions since October 2019 of extremely poor service and blank responses when enquires were made. Happy experiences for years before this.
  6. I think the best thing any small manufacturer could do is if they have confidence in the product they are going to produce, and can fund the development of it, is keep silent until its on the ship from China! Therefore the competition has no time to react!
  7. The 68 still wins on axle loading!!!
  8. I hope you’re right with your wish list! C / MV Class is the biggest gap in the Irish Loco market and must be a favourite to appear. A NIR Class 80 would likely leave me financially broke, divorced and homeless but bring it on!
  9. The first part of the Project 42’ products have arrived. The Liners. Lovely wagons. Some of the containers in this video are separate C Rail products.
  10. Dapol has already commented on the blue shade on Facebook. Like it or lump it, it’s staying the same!
  11. I agree but then if there pricing is right you could sell 1 class 31 and have the same profit as three class 66’s! It’s rather ironic that For the latest released batch of 66’s they picked all the same paint schemes and running numbers as Hattons had already announced!
  12. It’s a bit of a poor show that Hornby can produce class 66’s in colours galore once there is competition for the market with Hattons release yet Class 31’s are released at a drastically slow rate with massive gaps in the market!
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