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  1. Ordered some of the latest Hardy's figures at the weekend (taking advantage of the 10% discount), had them custom printed at 1/72 rather than 1/76 and they arrived yesterday (Wednesday), terrific service and great figures, thanks Andy and Steve. My wife is wondering how I'm going to paint those cats to represent ours, especially the Tortoiseshell one, though!!
  2. Been scanned today by Alan at Pendon and had a couple of figures printed, have to say the new HD plastic printing is stunning, just got home, showed it to the wife and she is amazed at the detail that can be printed on a figure under an inch tall.
  3. wamwig

    Little Muddle

    I have a similar sort of 'back garden' problem but for the fifties, I guess it would be a similar list but with the addition of a few Anderson shelters!
  4. Great show again I thought, lots of interesting layouts to give inspiration, thoroughly enjoyed it and as many have said before the venue is a vast improvement on St Albans.
  5. As I said I can but hope!!! Stranger things have happened.
  6. LNER F4/F5 (GER M15) to go with the J15 on branch lines? I can but hope.
  7. Leyland Beaver perhaps? https://nationalbreweryheritagetrust.co.uk/2017/06/13/leyland-beaver/
  8. wamwig

    Little Muddle

    Ah my ears are alight!
  9. Those two wooden huts look as though they have been lifted straight off the Buntingford branch, the larger one could almost be the waiting room at Mardock!
  10. Local museum with some taxidermy examples? On a more serious note perhaps scanning the inside of a (push button A) phone box to fill that void in the Modelscene examples?
  11. Just the 7 for me at the moment, 4 J15's, a Class 15, a Class 16 and a DMU. I have an N7 on pre-order and will probably take some more and a couple more DMU's as well, just waiting for an F4 and F5 now to almost complete the line up, so I'd better get started on the layout!!
  12. This came up on my Facebook feed yesterday https://hardyshobbies.co.uk/ another range of scanned and 3D printed figures currently available in OO and O (1/76 and 1/43 scales) a small range of around 50 figures so far with more to be added soon, might be of interest to some of you.
  13. Being Laser cut kits maybe the Scale Model Scenery ones can be built to have open doors?
  14. There are another 14 WW1 figures on the way with previews on Modelu's Facebook page. WW
  15. Here are some current repaint WiP's, all to eventually become London Country SNB vehicles, at least they have a good coat of NBC Leaf Green, hopefully they wont take too long to finish!
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