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  1. Yes if you are going to store magazines you really need the narrow Billy units, found that one out to my own cost, unless you just put them on the bottom shelf. However it does remind me I need to 'cull' some magazines myself!
  2. It seems these Lindas often have good ideas re layouts and buying things, mine does as well.
  3. They are good Stu I've seen the scans and I already have a good number lined up to order!
  4. General opinion elsewhere is that the Scammells and the Case tractor are models that Thunder Models were working on a couple of years ago but then quietly dropped to concentrate on larger scales. Also IBG Models (A Polish company I think, who also make 1/72 scale Bedford QL's and CMP trucks) are understood to be producing a Scammell Recovery Vehicle and an Artillery Tractor variant (with a tank transporter to come later) in 1/72 scale, with the first two versions probably released in a couple of months.
  5. If you want one that is suitable for a 1936 layout Richard you could try one of these, a Gaz AA (Hannants have several versions including the three axle AAA version available) https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MW7233?result-token=3kERY I know its 1/72 but it can easily pass off as a Ford AA (which of course is what it essentially is) just move the steering wheel over and hey presto! It is worth looking round the military vehicle kit manufacturers, especially those from eastern Europe, as they occasionally come up with a gem or two, there is also a 'German' Ford 917 available that I intend to finish as a Fordson as used by the LFB! They are of course 1/72 but I can ignore the small difference in size.
  6. Superglue gel and normal from memory and yes it is but the end result is worth it with patience!
  7. Callum Vallejo acrylic mud is pretty good for simulating mud I used it on my small WW1 dio and I can recommend WD Models for the pickets and barbed wire (best to 'rust' it before taking it off the etch though!). Anthony
  8. Its all coming together and looking good, very interested in this one as my great uncle died at the CCS at Dernancourt in October 1916. If you can get them the recent Roden 1/72 B Type goes together well and the WD Figures fit well in it. The attached is a picture of mine that is part of a small diorama that won the category at the recent MBF national show. Most figures are by WD and some by Modelu and HaT with a solitary Bachmann one.
  9. Also on the WD Models listings are some figures in overalls, useful for many situations!
  10. Also WD Models do some resin cast 'Flimsies' in 4mm http://www.wdmodels.com/page9.htm Pack of 10 for £2.20
  11. If you cant find them most (if not all) sets are also available via Amazon
  12. I will try to speak to an admin for you to see if there is a problem.
  13. This may help answer it http://www.gmhistory.chevytalk.org/OPEL_UK_IMPORTS_PRE-WW2_by_Daiv.html
  14. Also a member of the MBF, actually the Mid Anglia area branch secretary, and I'll echo whats been said, Model Bus and Coach on FB is a good MBF presence, its open to all though, there is another FB group only open to members but model bus and coach on FB is a great place to start and who knows you might then want to become a member. At Mid Anglia we have a fairly active branch with around a dozen core members that attend monthly meetings, which can be all around the area (roughly 30 to 40 miles around Bedford) and which does offer that bit more than the (albeit very good) monthly magazine and forum (which can be quiet at times but has a lot of useful information on it). We also recently held our annual showcase event which was possibly the best attended ever, so although I'm a bit biased I can recommend MBF membership particularly if you then attend meetings where you can pick up and share ideas and get support.
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