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  1. Wow that looks good, well done!! Presumably there are not too many passengers on it?
  2. Ok its not a lot but here is the first part of Widford completed, a fairly obvious part, I think these are the Ancorton laser cut kit. Hopefully it won't be too long before there is something to plonk it on!
  3. For those that don't know Widford and I am sure that is many of you, The Buntingford Railway and Local History Society have a website that describes the railway including a page of photographs of Widford. http://www.thebunt.co.uk/widford.html Assuming I am including Widford Lodge (a residential property) there will be eight 'buildings' on the layout, although one is a small storage 'shed' and another is what I guess is a wooden platelayers 'shed' partly hidden in the trees. The others are the Station Building itself, a waiting room, a toilet block, the Porters hut and
  4. What I use for setts in this sort of situation (and for stone sett roadways) is a wall covering that I take 'samples' of from my local DIY store (it begins with B and ends with Q), it is an 'embossed' brick pattern (about the size of a brick in OO) that I flattern slightly, a single line of these can be easily curved.
  5. Ah well if it was me I would probably put one line along the yellow line to delineate the edge of the road and another on the blue line to delineate what would probably be the highway boundary, assuming there is a verge!
  6. You could even disguise the join with a line of 'setts' which are often used in such situations to continue the drainage along the road channel, just a thought as an almost ex highway engineer!
  7. And here is a profile along the roadway, obtained from free LIDAR data and produced using QGIS, including the driveway past Widford Lodge and showing the level of the River Ash. The profile shown follows the red line on the plan above and I have taken many sections through the area using QGIS to aid with building a fairly accurate ground model.
  8. Here is a plan of the area I will be modelling, this is an extract of an 1898 1/2500 OS Plan reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland. Although it is 1898 not that much changed over the years to 1965 but I also have several other 1/2500 maps of the area, also courtesy of the NLS. The intention is to use the road bridge as a scenic break at one end (probably including Widford Lodge as the only non station related building) and the other would, as I said previously, disappear into the trees! Now to try and 'compress' this into the space available! Although it is a s
  9. Hi All Well the time has come and with retirement rapidly approaching at the end of the year (although if there is still work to do I may still do 1 or 2 days a week for a year or two) it is time to actually physically start my retirement project, which is to be a long wanted layout featuring Widford on the Buntingford Line, which is provisionally called "Ash Valley". I think Widford is probably the most picturesque station on the line and with the road bridge at one end there is an ideal scenic break, with the other end disappearing into the trees, oh the trees, there are so many
  10. Indeed and I frequently do, if you have a GIS system (QGIS is free) you can also download the (also free) LIDAR data and then draw sections through the site to create a quite accurate ground model, yes I know the station etc has all gone but everything around it is much the same, with as you say much taller trees (and more of them).
  11. Looking forward to seeing Buntingford on the virtual show, hopefully it will spur me on to start my own representation of Widford, which I think is the most picturesque station on the line, but all those trees!
  12. wamwig

    Little Muddle

    My wife was the same, she is amazed how detailed we can now get!
  13. Yes if you are going to store magazines you really need the narrow Billy units, found that one out to my own cost, unless you just put them on the bottom shelf. However it does remind me I need to 'cull' some magazines myself!
  14. It seems these Lindas often have good ideas re layouts and buying things, mine does as well.
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