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  1. John beat me to it... clearly I am the one confused with TV channels! I believe the episode is repeated on Thursday evening at 8pm? This was the second episode, the first is available on catch-up.
  2. Hi Jol, Did you perchance see the programme on Yesterday (Freeview channel 26) last night about Hornby? It showed the modern method of model making... all done with scanning technology and computers. It made me realise that there is much less of an art in model design now, it being rather more about the use of technology. Perhaps this is why we're seeing the emergence of new RTR suppliers, now the process is becoming less of a dark art and more openly available? Phil
  3. Peco Code 100 streamline is still the most popular system because it is cheaper, sturdy and reliable - even modellers using bullhead trackwork on their models mostly stick with code 100 in their fiddle yards, which is often over 50% of the trackwork! I agree with positive comments about the bullhead track, I have used it extensively but I still wish Peco had stuck with their already proven electrofrog design for the turnouts.
  4. They have announced a diamond crossing, single and double slips... showed samples at Warley 2019 but they are still awaited. Covid and lockdown had a big impact on the availability of Peco stuff, it seems to be taking them a while to get back on track...
  5. Same here, Jesse. You can’t send solvent-based paint tinlets via the postal service, but courier services will happily deliver them... ditto with spray cans.
  6. I have used a similar approach, with a taller piece of foam and the top trimmed to shape using scissors. Other finely graded coal suppliers are the excellent Atwood Aggregates (who paused trading during lockdown), and Hattons now have their own range of loose wagon loads: I used their coal recently which is also very effective.
  7. Agreed... some weight in the wagon helps, I add 10-15g to all my Dapol wagons.
  8. It varies. I have seen bolts, pieces of angled steel clamped over the bottom timber strut in different boxes. There is often a heavy frame supporting the interlocking mechanism that will also play a role in supporting the floor above, so it’s not just a matter of a timber frame sitting on brick walls. I am sure that the GWR will have had a standardised method of construction, there will be plans available somewhere!
  9. Flash the lamps on using F0. Most RTR diesel models have working white and red lamps installed these days.
  10. The hook will be barely visible in OO scale, as this rather nice photo on the Didcot Railway Centre website shows. I'd probably use a loop of fuse wire and superglue.
  11. Blimey, that takes me back... It wented! Where did it went? Reminds me of a conversation between Bluebottle and Eccles! Looking forward to Tony learning to speak 1337 on his new phone (!)
  12. I have not posted on this thread before, but sought it out owing to the same issue as a seemingly large number of other users. Using iPad, iOS, Safari. My concern is not the pop-up ads per se, I realise the commercial imperatives behind these. The big problem for me is that some of these adverts are unnecessarily energy/data hungry and/or are placed inappropriately, so they compromise site functionality. This is not just an RMWeb problem, it occurs elsewhere on ad-heavy sites, but it does become self-defeating when users start accessing a website less often, or click away because the advertising has overwhelmed the website’s core content and functionality to the point of impracticality. Ads - OK if you must. Dysfunctional and irritating website - I click out. You guys have worked bl**dy hard to make this forum hugely successful, it has become an everyday read for me. But these latest ads are wounding the core product because of how they are being applied... can a sensible balance be restored, please? Thanks in anticipation.
  13. I have seen 53 RTR coaches being hauled by a single locomotive around a small club layout, during one of those ‘I wonder if...’ moments. It could have pulled more, but the rear coach was only a few inches ahead of the front buffers and we couldn’t fit any more in! The train showed no tendency to derail on the curves, despite ascribing a full circuit, the trick was to use modern RTR coaches with low rolling resistance. The locomotive concerned was an unmodified 1980’s Hornby Flying Scotsman with a ringfield tender drive and traction tyres. I accept that this is a rather different proposition to hauling kit-built coaches, but we’re discussing the physics here and it illustrates a point.
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