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  1. I make no apology for liking both the Princess Coronation and A4 locomotives. They are different, but equally fine machines, in my book.
  2. All this algebra stuff is going right over my head. My calculations got as far as: Tb R (not Tb). That is the question... I’ll stick with my trusty tracksetta’s for laying out curves, and my eye...
  3. A happy ending, following my stupidly leaving my new 'Grange' on my modelling bench under the magnifying lens on a sunny day. My profuse thanks to @TrevorP1 of this parish, who promptly rode to the rescue with the (rather large) parts from his 'spares' box, which have now been transformed into this: 6857 was mostly deployed on the Welsh Borders but was observed at Severn Tunnel Junction, so likely also made occasional further runs down into the West Country. Tudor Grange was chosen for no other reason than it was the name of the school that I attended as a teenager i
  4. I’ve not used the tangent tool before but however the initial alignment is achieved, you can’t beat getting your eye down to track level and just looking along it. If the flow looks smooth, that’s the first test passed. Then run a train of bogie coaches along it, and see how they behave. Any irregularities will be shown up by the movement between the coaches as they traverse the formation. If you have the space, transition curves are well worth it. Using a slightly tighter radius with transition entry and exit will look better than a single radius curve, especially when laid
  5. I have started to use 3D printed figures from You-choos. They are similar to Modelu, with natural poses. They’re not as crisply defined, but when they are placed in the cab that doesn’t show, and if bought unpainted they are less than half the price.
  6. ...and black! Wikipedia claims that City of London, City of Liverpool and City of St Albans all carried the attractive LMS lined black livery into 1953. Others still carried BR lined black - in the case of City of Nottingham until 1955. And uniquely, City of Bradford carried plain black until November 1954.
  7. @Clive Mortimore Nice one Clive. I think you’ve just spawned a new branch of the hobby... Model Railway Ergonomics. The creation of a high quality operator environment is often overlooked, and somewhere to put your mug of coffee and pasty should definitely be high on the list! @Barry O A place for your plate depends on what star rating you are seeking for your operator environment. No place for your plate, and you’ll only get a maximum three star rating, and that’s only if a well padded seat and good on-site catering facilities are also available!
  8. Hatton’s and Bachmann I can understand (given that the Class 66 was a blatant ‘tanks on your lawn’ moment). Hornby appear to be tightly controlling discounting through their T&C’s, decisively cutting out retailers who continue to discount more than Hornby are prepared to allow, and now appear to be deliberately keeping supply of new models short of the demand, so there are not any surplus stocks hanging around that warrant discounting to shift. Trouble is, it’s also changing how the whole market works. In a situation like this, there are unforeseen consequences
  9. It might not be Hatton’s fault... maybe Hornby are going to deliberately short supply the market in order to maintain strong desirability and therefore higher pricing. Remember what happened with Sir William Stanier? Hornby will have learned from that. Could be that Hatton's are just the first ones to let us know what’s happening?
  10. For me, the ‘ungainly’ look of Thompson’s Pacific’s over the Swindon products comes down to the visual impact of the exposed frames in front of the cylinders. The frames of Thompson’s machines appear to be much more apparent, and create an impression of ‘something missing’ aesthetically. Perhaps something to do with there being enough space there for a fourth pair of drivers... whereas this is not the case with the Swindon products.
  11. There’s quite a lot of permanent way around that part of the layout. It might be worth thinking about the practicalities such as how all the happy campers and their children might gain access to and from the coach, they would need a safe means of egress to visit the local pasty shop and the rest of Gods own country, without having to cross the main running lines every time.
  12. What a wonderful and unexpected offer, thank you. I’ll send a p.m.
  13. We've had a lovely sunny day here in Cornwall and I decided to visit the local beach for a couple of hours, it was pleasantly warm when in the lee of the chilly winds that we're getting from the Arctic at the moment. I returned to my modelling bench to resume detailing my new Hornby Grange locomotive, to find this! I had stupidly left it sitting under the magnifying lens on my workbench, as the sun traversed the sky... damaged beyond repair, I think - the smokebox has become mis-shapen as well.
  14. A large fiddle yard would be ideal, but... in the absence of a substantial loft or basement, a large fiddle yard is simply not viable. In the end I decided to continue modelling this favoured location, accepting current space limitations and also accepting the operational constraints this implies. I won't be able to run a full days sequence with each train simply being pulled off from a large fiddle yard. Instead, I can still model most of the trains, but will only be able to run a very selective sequence at any given time. I decided that this was better than not proceeding with the mode
  15. Ditto. I succumbed last week when I found that a very nice Hornby Grange had been added to Kernow’s bargains list. It’s such a lovely model and runs so well that I don’t feel guilty at all, and am now very tempted to get another one!
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