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  1. Has anyone done a comparison of the Backmann and Dapol one? I understand the Dapol one is a few years old now, any pros or cons?
  2. The Cobra facility at Wakefield is for sure looking like at an inspiration but I also like the photo above from Cardiff. Having seen the different amount of traffic that seemed to go into Cobra, this could be an ideal solution. Was there a kit or ready made version of this building? i seem to recall seeing it somewhere, no idea why however? Pikestuff unit seems to be similar
  3. Both my rails and Direct orders arrived here in Switzerland. Stunning models.
  4. Thanks for the ideas so far, I will be looking at all of the above for inspiration
  5. Hi everyone, I am trying to get some ideas for one or possible two siding near a large town terminus. my layout is set in South Yorkshire and I have space for a couple of sidings in the approach to the station ( probably 4-5 wagons max) and a loco. I am trying to get prototype inspirations where wagons may have been unloaded as this is the only easy way to get freight traffic onto the layout. I have got rid of the idea of oil and departmental sidings, so in reality I am either looking at speed link / distribution sector workings, metals or possibly cement. I have a
  6. Got some in the way from the US via eBay. Thanks
  7. Thanks funny I looked last week and found none so either I searched wrong or they are all new. Brilliant thanks
  8. Hi all Just wondered if anyone had any news on the exact position of supply for tortoise motors. I understand the current situation may have affected things, but the only info I can see on the website is that they were supposed to update it in 2019 and everyone seems to be out of stock. So I just wanted to check before I look at alternatives. I did find a few Smails available so may go for them if not Thanks Russell
  9. May I ask what you did with the 141 cab fronts, did you narrow the Hornby cabs? what did you use for the roof as well? thanks Russell
  10. Thanks for clearing that up. do you have a link to this please so I can look things up myself. Checked Wikipedia and the DEMU Wiki and could find that text so wondering if there is a decent online resource. Thanks Russell
  11. Thank for that. Am I Right in thinking the only use for Railcom is showing the loco number and it’s position?
  12. Came across this while looking for exactly this question. Have read the thread but am a little confused so wanted to list My exact questions if that’s OK. i have ECoS and Tortoise and need a suitable Decoders, which i see from this thread is either the NCE Switch 8 or DCC concepts — which seems to be about 3/4 the price of the First. 1: can the DCC concepts AD8fx also handle crossovers — is 2 tortoise at once? 2: I assume 8 outputs means 8 points and not 4 points in 2 directions...... ( sorry been away from DCC for a while and want to be sure) 3: if I use the
  13. May I ask when these liveries were present - looking at 1988-1994 for my timescale
  14. May I ask what phasing is? Just about to put 2 sugarcubes in my 128 bif. As I understand it these are to be wired in parallel
  15. Really enjoyed it once again. Case is packed with goodies.
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