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  1. Hey Charlie, if you could, I would love to see the New Warship Sound? Love the Class 42's!
  2. After owning a Howes one, I wouldn't bother personally, Biffo is far superior!
  3. Thanks mate, but i'm after the half yellow one, which seems to be a bit rare... haha!
  4. Hi Evryone, I'm looking for a Two-Tone Green Half Yellow Panel Class 25/3 in O gauge. I'm willing to pay in between 325-350 pounds, if anyone has one for sale. Many Thanks! Will.
  5. Hey Everyone! I'm looking for some headcode disks for my green, half yellow panel Class 20. If anyone has any or knows where I can get some, that would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Yeah the sounds were recorded from a 25/3 - Has unique horns compared to the other subclasses and those of a 24,26 and 26. Which are quite smilar in terms of their hron sounds.
  7. I’m pretty sure they used the same part as the 33 moulding. You will find that if you look at pictures there is a part that you need to remove on the end. If you look at the part of the brake rigging next to the fuel tank, you can see what part I’m on about, and you will find that the 33 has it, but the 26 shouldn’t. hope this sort of helps...
  8. Jamie Goodman sound with a Zimo "Dumbo" Speaker in the tank.
  9. This sound will compliment the Heljan 25 quite nicely!
  10. Hey guys, loving all the information regarding the new 25/3 by Heljan! Just wondering abut the dcc sound side of things... how much room is inside for speakers etc?... thanks!
  11. Will 1062

    Dapol 'Western'

    How did you fit these headcodes, were and what did you use? thanks, Wiill
  12. Hello everyone, Has anyone got an older Heljan Class 27 in Br Blue for sale. It dos not matter if its TOPS or pre-Tops. Thanks, Will. (or the one in the image attached)
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