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  1. Thanks for watching the video, we really enjoyed running the trains. The GBRF ones are also very smart and would look great with any celebrity 66 or gbrf 60.
  2. Good afternoon. My 6 Freightliner MJAs have arrived from Hattons. Here are a few photos of Freightliner 70006 on my rake of 6 which just fit in the siding.
  3. Great work with the 222 Jack. We had a fantastic few hours didn't we! Can't wait for the next one. In the meantime I will try to crack on with the layout but as I type this it's 19.23, tea still not ready so looks like no garage time again tonight!
  4. Well myself and Jack Taylor had a fantastic few hours running trains on Durrington Central. Here is a video of Jack's locomotives going about their business away from their home layout of
  5. Here is a video of my sons Hornby TTS sound Flying Scotsman and Bachmann Freightliner 70006. . . . . Two big green machines!!
  6. FLYING SCOTSMAN RESURRECTION! My sons Hornby TTS sound Flying Scotsman has been broken and in pieces for years so earlier in the week I removed the motor and came to a conclusion it was the motor at fault as the sound still worked but wouldn't drive. So I ordered a replacement replacement motor from Ebay and fitted it and it now works! In the photo above The Flying Scotsman was derailing on the opposite track but it was down to a joint, one track being tacked down too low and one not down enough which resulted in the 1st pair of big wheels riding off the track. I will make a video soon.
  7. Good evening. Here is a update on the layout. These scale model scenary picnic benches are ideal for the beer garden but they are so fiddly to assemble! I could only make 3 before having to take a break! I need more seated people. I've completed the black spear fencing around the church yard. Now the fencing is in I can complete the grave yard. I'm not sure the colourful houses are keepers yet. Could do with them being 3 stories high so may reattempt them. I was gutted to miss the GBRF "This time its personal 2021" charity rail tour involving the 3x class 50s from Preston to Bescot so I had a go at double heading my own 50s. Below is a video. Thanks for visiting.
  8. Nice selection of locos, especially the colas 56!
  9. The layout is looking great Jack, nice videos too which I've seen on you tube and left comments. Keep it going!
  10. Good evening. Still really busy at work and weekends but some scenic items arrived a few days ago so I've literally just had half hour on the layout. The black spear fencing arrived (still need more) so I've finished the fencing along the sea wall. Some scale model scenary lifebuoys have arrived so I've positioned a few.
  11. Good evening. I am back at work after self isolating hence the reason for the recent resurgence of modelling. Progress has slowed now but managed to do a little more scenics and ballasting. The dirt track will hopefully lead to a signal box. I have a Hornby semaphore junction signal but I have not took it out of the box yet as I am not sure I like it. Maybe with a bit of painting and weathering it will look better but undecided at the moment.
  12. Great photos of the 68s they look great.
  13. Here is a video I made this morning of DRS 37405 navigating the siding to the aggregate terminal and passing other locations on the layout.
  14. Good evening, here are a few more photos of progress. A bit more vegetation added. Some more detail added to bridge. More ballast on outside of tracks. A bit more fencing. Below is the aggregate yard. I am hoping to squeeze in a Metcalfe signal box at the bottom of the track that runs down from the bridge. I should just fit. Lots to do here yet.
  15. Good evening. Here are a couple of photos showing a little progress as I transition from the dunes to the aggregate terminal. Photo below. So looking towards the seaside town I've decided to break the scene with a small occupation bridge. I just painted the white plaster cloth in any colour of acrylic paint I had left. Photo below:- Looking from the seaside/dunes back towards the aggregate terminal I've raised the land to the occupation bridge and phased out the sand.
  16. Good evening. I've been continuing with scenics again today but unfortunately have no photos yet as it all looks a but bare. However, this morning I had my Hornby GBRF 50049 Defiance out on the layout for a bit. The 1st railtour to take in the aggregate sidings (probably a Branchline Society Tour) A shot of 50049 passing the dunes. A photo of 50049 rounding the seawall, the small queue at the icecream van oblivious to the sweet English Electric tones passing by!
  17. Good evening everyone. I've been doing a little more work on the sand dune area, extending it, static grass and other vegetation products. I am now not far off getting around the whole layout. There is only the aggregate yard that has bare wooden boards so I need to transition from sand dunes. I am planning to have another signal box and a semaphore Junction signal for added interest. So below are photos of Direct Rail Services 37405 working an engineers train through the dunes! Hope you like them.
  18. Good evening. Today I have been carrying on with the sand dune area. Still not finished but added a fence, more sand, more static grass and other scenic materials to blend the area together. I am alot more happy with how it looks today. Ordered more scenic materials as I have run out! Some photos below.
  19. Good evening. I've continued to work on the area in the previous post having got hold of some mod rock. As this area is relatively close to the seaside area I thought I would have some sand dune type terrain. My Missus pointed out that sand will be facing the sea and going further away would be grass so I need to add more static grass and vegetation yet at the backs of the dunes. I also need to try and blend the vegetation on other side of the siding a little better Here is a video of my 31 on a charter train around the layout.
  20. Good afternoon. Happy fathers day to all. Here is one of my presents off the missus and kids. Which inspired me to go in the garage for a hour or so and made some banks from polystyrene covered in plaster cloth. However, I have run out of plaster cloth.
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