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  1. and if I may say, very effectively done too. Nice photo-work. Compliments, E
  2. Hello people Not forgetting all the things (even contrast with background) that can change the appearance of colour, but what looks weird in CJL's photo is that the cab and short hood of 3012 look (at least to me on my monitor) to be a different shade of orange to the long hood and closer in shade to 3410. Has the cab had an extra clean or paint (perhaps a repair needed)?
  3. Hi Just read your thread and it's a great little layout coming along there. (You've also given me an idea or two with the wagon turntable that may solve a design problem I've got with my own attempts to build a small shunting factory layout (design problem because in many years I've still not got past track laying!)). Thanks! - E
  4. Using the Model Rail index at Huddersfield Railway Modellers https://huddersfieldrailwaymodellers.weebly.com - was it Oct 2005 (issue 85)? I seem to recall something like this (and as a small layout idea it stuck with me) but I can't find the issue to be sure. Regards - e
  5. Very nice - wonderful craftsmanship on show. A great model. Regards - E
  6. Hello I wonder if the "agreed junction" may have come about if the LNW had some sort of running powers over the Midland line from Stamford. Noting (from Rail Map Online) that the LNW had a line to Luffenham. Wikipedia (I know...) identifies this as part of the Rugby and Stamford Railway, shared with the Midland from Luffenham to Stamford. If the LNW had powers to continue into Peterborough along that line, you'd need some administrative point to say when you were entering Great Northern territory. Just a suggestion. Regards - E.
  7. Greetings Fascinating topic. I'm not knowledgeable about the geology of Cornwall, and it's your railway, so I'm happy to be shot down - but if I may be permitted to offer a suggestion, how about a colour mill (ochre works) as an industry? Regards - E
  8. Greetings people I'm thinking there may be some confusion with dawn and zenith going on here. North of the tropics the sun will be south of you at it's zenith (local noon / highest above the horizon / lunchtime) but it does rise and set north of due East in summer. Isint it amazing what you need to know when modelling railways. Regards - E
  9. And so another construction mystery arises - does anyone know the meaning for some of the pile tops being marked in green and some in yellow on the reinforcing mat of raft one? I doubt it's because they ran out of green paint... . Regards - E
  10. G'day all David, I think you're right about the new trench - I'm guessing that it will be for a new culvert as the old one already there may not be too healthy, and you'd want to sort your drainage out before you finish the raft. I'm wondering if the green text means that the base of the raft will be 3.2m above whatever datum height they are using?, or maybe it's to say that the trench will be 10ft deep? Looking forward to finding out, which will be thanks to you and your camera. Much appreciated. Regards - E
  11. G,day folks I'll take a crack at 1.25m or so - if we assume each part of the telescoping stick is 1 metre and the large black marks are 10cm, which looks about right comparing to the stick support operative holding it. This beats trying to guess the number of jelly beans in the jar... Regards - E
  12. Not necessarily a very dim-witted management, but a risk-taking and/or overly focused on measurable results management culture. A risk-taker may eventually turn "it hasn't happened to me" to "it won't happen to me" and then the consequences don't really matter, because you'll never have them. A measurable results focus results in dealing with the issue in front of management (eg a bill for delaying traffic) rather than dealing with the issue that isn't in front of it (the smash that didn't happen because you delayed traffic). Also, many businesses don't have large margins so too many bills or expenses blamed on following regulations (H&S and otherwise) can jeopardise the business. Lastly, corporate pride can get involved in management culture - if the slogan is "we leave on time every time" then failing to do so is seen as a failure, and "failing is not an option". All of these can result in a culture that will take risks with low occurrence/high consequence (eg a smash) to avoid or reduce high occurrence/low(er) consequence. People (and management is composed of people) aren't very good at assessing all relative risks, and so can do strange things sometimes. Regards - E
  13. Hello Mr Stubby 47, sir Just a possible suggestion, if you'll pardon the presumption: would it be possible to fit a not-at-all-suspicious rim of slightly raised and very smooth ground about 15mm from the monorail and disappears under the loco body, and have the rh wheels of the loco mysteriously happen to be riding on it? It would still be a monorail with outrigger, just with an inrigger as well. It's just a possible way to cover for the lack of support, but as I don't know much in model railway, I don't know if it would help. Regards and support - E
  14. G'day Just a suggestion, but could the tanks have been connected to the 1940 invasion beach protection plan, where the idea was to spread oil offshore of the beaches and ignite it? I've seen film of it tested but I don't know if any sites were installed; if they were, then it would make sense for Dover to be high up the list of places to get it. Happy to be shot down (but for preference not into a flaming sea ). Regards - E
  15. Post #235 shows a sign saying it's a "legally protected environment" site, so I wouldn't be all that surprised if some sort of permission is required if there is the possible need to make significant alterations - or possibly just needing to be on site for a longish time (might disturb the local wildlife). To be honest, I'm rather surprised that special authorisations weren't already required for the rocks on beach. Regards - E
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