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    4mm scale scratchbuilding and kit manufacture for 19th century railways, mainly LB&SCR, SER, LCDR and London railways.

    Currently building an exhibition layout of Bricklayers Arms C.1844 in EM gauge.

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  1. Brassmasters provide them in their very useful etch for coupling hooks. I only ever need the coupling hooks and have dozens of draw hook plates I don’t need. If you’re interested I can pop some in the post?
  2. I agree about crossing a Rubicon when you paint ModelU figures. I wouldn’t use anything else now. I’ve even had a go at sculpting my own figures in 4mm and my layout has a few of those. They’re ok if they have their back to you! Personally I prefer enamels for painting anything and that includes figures. I stir the paint very well, wipe the stirrer onto a palette and then have a black, white and dark brown handy for mixing lighter and darker shades. A very pale dry brush is helpful afterwards to highlight the fantastic detail these figures have. I certainly agree about avoidin
  3. I’ve been saving it up all year!
  4. That is a very neat solution. I’m just beginning to think about point control on my own layout and I’m rather inspired by this, thank you for sharing and explaining.
  5. ‘Reflect upon your present blessings... not your past misfortunes ... fill your glass again, with a merry face and contented heart. Our life on it, but your Christmas shall be Merry, and your New Year a happy one!’ Sketches by Boz, Charles Dickens.
  6. Thank you, much appreciated.
  7. Thanks Chris. I don’t know how old the building is but by the time this picture was taken c.1865 it looked pretty knackered! I haven’t copied it exactly but used it for inspiration. My version is a bit cleaner being 20 years younger. I’m also slightly spooked. The second image is of people working in a Tannery, only I didn’t upload it. It uploaded itself....!
  8. Thank you Mikkel, much appreciated. To be precise the barrels are Dart Castings L71 hogsheads, £3.95 for three. I have a mixture of Dart and Langley. I prefer these though, there's something 'old' about them. One thing I did notice whilst looking at old pictures of London docks is that many of the barrels had whitewashed or painted ends with initials and/or numbers on them, presumably to identify owner and contents? It's an obvious requirement really but one that's easily missed.
  9. Just a small filler project to sit between the Stables and Greyhound Place at Bricklayers Arms. Bermondsey was the centre of the London leather trade chosen because it was sufficiently south of the Thames for the inevitable stench not to trouble the great and the good, notwithstanding the fact that at that time they had their own stinking cess-filled river to contend with. Apparently, at their peak, the tanneries of Bermondsey supplied one third of all the leather in the country. I chose to reproduce a section of Alfred Hunt's chemical works as it can be interpreted as such or perh
  10. What a wonderful selection of images and well said sentiments too. Well done, and here’s to a much better 2021.
  11. The ones I list are specifically Stroudley’s self-contained buffers for his standardised LB&SCR wagons and vans, probably not right for your project?
  12. Message received and replied to, thank you. The wagons aren’t specific to area so you should be fine with that. I’m also happy to supply any axleboxes, springs brakes etc if you have a scratch build in mind.
  13. Very handsome indeed Mikkel. I particularly like the round end wagon, there’s definitely something about them!
  14. Thank you. It took two evenings but only about an hour each evening. I find it’s much better not to attempt such things all in one go.
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