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  1. Hi Michael, Very nice work. I do not like layouts built on flat baseboards with track laid directly upon it because everything is level and there is nowhere for water to run to (if it was real) and would immediately flood with the slightest rain. Even in 'flat' areas such as the Fens the tracks are mostly built above the landscape (in this case to prevent flooding). With your layout being built well above the flat datum you can incorporate slopes and multiple 'levels' both above and below track level, result a real looking model. I tried to achieve similar effects with Shirebrook but
  2. Hi John, I ticked your original post as 'informative' but could you explain how you weigh each axle, do you have something like a weigh bridge? Thanks Duncan
  3. I got some Andy, vinyl tape sometimes used as go faster strips on cars. Would you like some. You can see it on some recent posts on my Shirebrook thread. Cheers Duncan
  4. Hi, It was a pity to learn this week that the Wigan show has been cancelled for this year. We were really looking forward to October and getting Shirebrook back out on the road. Here is a photo from last weekend's running test. Let's look forward to happier days. Cheers Duncan
  5. Shirebrook Running Weekend-overview and break down I hope you have enjoyed seeing Shirebrook set up as much as we have. It is a pity we are still unable to invite guests to be part of it. We have had a chance to shake down problems and make plans ready for our next show which we hope will be Wigan in October. We have fault found all the problems we discovered and made repairs. I have been able to test run all my lock down projects and refine and improve running qualities of that stock the last of which was a rake of Five79 BBA kits shown below with 56014 providing the motive power,
  6. Of the St Vincent volcanic eruption type?
  7. Yes Rich. It was full on... you can imagine how dirty the layout had become after being stored for so long. The layout was hoovered(!) tracks cleaned, a list compiled of repairs etc. Even some of the d-type connectors had rusted.... The revised electrics to control the altered track plan in the hidden sidings was also tested. I found one fault. The junction can be operated from 2 of the five control panels I found that one route selection from one of the panels was not functioning and will require tracing through. Some point motors were sticking occasionally. It was also a chance to
  8. Shirebrook-1st running day for 18 months Hi, Quite a day for the layout. Changes to the track layout, new and kit built stock first running. The layout has not run or been fully erected for around 18 months-the day wasn't without problems and some remain to be sorted. Here are some pictures we took, some from angles rarely shown. here we have 31154 with a rake of seacows passing between the colliery spoil tips, 44010 with dogfish approaching Wood Lane over bridge, 31154 (again) with a pway train of salmons and sturgeons between the tips and 20177 and 159 heading
  9. Hi, The BBAs are nearing completion. Having previously stated that my rolling stock projects for Shirebrook had come to an end I feel I should add the word 'almost'. As well as this rake of BBAs, which just need weathering, I have the two STV pipe wagons, five HTV NGS kits which have just entered the paint shop. 3 of the HTVs I have modelled as re-bodied versions- that's a of changes and completing with lots of new parts cut from styrene sheet and square section! When painted I will add etched details, foot steps hopper operating handles and handrails before weathering. Then there's
  10. Hi, Sorry it has been so long since I mentioned rotatable couplings for the STVs (also applicable to the Five79 OTA and SPAs) but if you have been following the thread you will have seen that I have several other projects on the go! Anyway here is my solution to the problem. I'm sure there may be neater and more professional solutions kicking around. Mine are bits I found in my materials boxes. They are made from various plastic rectangular sections and 1mm diameter brass rod. Starting bottom left of the photo we have a modified coupling, the original '
  11. Hi, I have been building and painting BBAs from 579 models. The kits formerly sold as Chivers Finelines are a welcome re-release. Here you can see bauxite, railfreight and freight sector (metals) liveries in preparation. I have a selection of transfers from Steadfast to add before weathering. The prototypes carry varying styles of lettering and the bogies have several differing types of handbrake wheels I hope to model at least a few of the many permutations! Cheers Duncan
  12. Nice work on the buildings Andy... as ever. What materials have you used for the olympia building? Is it to scale or to fit location? Cheers Duncan
  13. Morning Simon, I hope you are keeping well. I try to keep tracks across baseboards joints near to right angles as I can, there are many occasions when that is not possible. In those cases I try to keep tracks straight across the joint. The most difficult are where the track is curving across the joint as I have here i try to avoid these if can, but agree with your comment. The base board shown is one of 4 baseboards carrying the hidden sidings, the other three carry the majority of the hidden sidings although the track layout has now changed you can se
  14. Track Layout Changes Completed Hi, The changes to the junction have been completed. The wiring has been modified and additionally I haverealigned the curves that take the tracks onto the next baseboard. See below. I know that all the model handbooks tell us to have track crossing baseboard joints at 90 degrees however sometimes that is not possible. I have tested the joints with the rolling stock shown in the photo above and it all works without problem. It does make life difficult though and great care has to be taken cutting across the rails at an ac
  15. Many Thanks John, I hope we can get back to showing the model at exhibitions! We only do limited shows, max a couple a year, I hope you will be able to come along to one. The next booked is Wigan in October... perhaps! For more photos of the layout please check my Flickr pages- link in my signature below Cheers Duncan
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