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  1. More on Project Class 20 20137 Hi, Here's some more photos of 20137, now with the large BR 'arrows' added. I have placed it next to a couple of 20's that are only renumbered and weathered for a friend. You can see the amount of fading 20137 has by comparison. Cheers Duncan
  2. Thanks Jo really useful, is there a website you can direct me to? Cheers Duncan
  3. Project Class 20 20137 This project was an experiment with a very badly weathered body I found on ebay. I stripped the body until I was left with a pristine white plastic body. I examined the body closely for damage, found it to be OK. The prototype loco was based at Tinsley depot in 1992, perhaps someone can tell me if the loco had been stored previously. The loco was previously based at Thornaby although someone removed the 'kingfisher' logo at the Yorkshire depot. Careful examination of the photos will reveal that I have recreated this 'ghost' marking. I sprayed each of the railfreight livery colours faded, then I further faded the model in line with prototype photos and then weathered the livery. Lastly I masked up for the rail blue bodyside doors. The loco is not finished yet, I have large BR arrows to add to the bodysides, or part of the arrows at least. I need to pick out the door handles and overall varnish to tie the whole livery together. I posed the loco body on a chassis from one of my other class 20s as I don't have a chassis. If anyone has a reasonably priced chassis I could purchase please let me know. I didn't know if the livery would work out, it really was an experiment but now I would like to add it to the Shirebrook fleet. Cheers Duncan
  4. Morning Ian, I live about a mile from the KWVR and can hear the steam locos attacking the gradient regularly. The only time I travelled on it was when they were running extra services when the roads were closed for La tour de France. Cheers
  5. Hi Dave, I hope you're keeping well. I did consider doing a step by step on the conversion but it may only be of limited use, there being so few kits and wagons available! Cheers
  6. Hi Simon, Some very nice photos Simon... love the double headed 92's... super power... I hope you're keeping well. Cheers Duncan
  7. Shirebrook Update #3 PAA BIS Sand hopper. As supplied the Farish model of this wagon is a real disappointment.... it always surprises when I see others writing glowing comment s about a new model when it is full of glaring errors.. aren't they really saying ' Doesn't matter if you make a poor/inacccurate/unprototypical model I will buy it.' Isn't that giving a green light to manufacturers to produce poor models? I digress... The photo below clearly demonstrates the original Farish model and the modified model using the TPM detailing kit. It is a fairly easy conversion but it is getting difficult to find the PAA base wagon and the now discontinued TPM detail kit. I have a few more to complete that will form part of a speedlink feeder service from Worksop to Toton. Cheers Duncan
  8. Shirebrook Updates #2 HTV hopper wagons These wagons are kits supplied by the N Gauge Society. I have made 5 in total, they are a little tricky and the etched detail parts available separately are really fiddly but are well worth the effort- I don't think the wagons look finished without them. In these first 3 views the wagons have been fully built and the etched parts were pre-painted (satin white) before fixing to the wagon. Some parts of the etches need to be painted over with black/dirt/rust. I took these photographs so you can more easily see the etched parts. Below there is a photo of some of the completed wagons. Please also note I have modified some of the kits to depict the rebodied welded hopper body, which required the careful removal of three of the bodyside strengthening ribs and changes to the hopper supports on the wagon ends. The eagle eyed among you may notice the lack of vacuum cylinders, I will have to retro fit these in the future! Cheers Duncan
  9. Shirebrook Updates #1 STV Pipe wagons Hello, I hope you are enjoying this glorious bank holiday. I have come in from the hot sunshine to make some updates. Please see original post for the stv wagons further up this page (43). I have finally got around to painting the models, on this occasion with a brush, not my air brush. I have decided that they will be the zdv engineers examples. I don't have specific transfers available for these wagons. I had a look through my transfers box to find suitable transfers although not totally prototypically correct I think they work OK, see below. I'm really happy with them. Cheers Duncan
  10. Hi Michael, Very nice work. I do not like layouts built on flat baseboards with track laid directly upon it because everything is level and there is nowhere for water to run to (if it was real) and would immediately flood with the slightest rain. Even in 'flat' areas such as the Fens the tracks are mostly built above the landscape (in this case to prevent flooding). With your layout being built well above the flat datum you can incorporate slopes and multiple 'levels' both above and below track level, result a real looking model. I tried to achieve similar effects with Shirebrook but my datum was the track base... that is the only flat and level part of the model everything else is rising (or falling) to some degree. Your buildings are impressive and look entirely correct for the area modelled. Cheers Duncan
  11. Hi John, I ticked your original post as 'informative' but could you explain how you weigh each axle, do you have something like a weigh bridge? Thanks Duncan
  12. I got some Andy, vinyl tape sometimes used as go faster strips on cars. Would you like some. You can see it on some recent posts on my Shirebrook thread. Cheers Duncan
  13. Hi, It was a pity to learn this week that the Wigan show has been cancelled for this year. We were really looking forward to October and getting Shirebrook back out on the road. Here is a photo from last weekend's running test. Let's look forward to happier days. Cheers Duncan
  14. Shirebrook Running Weekend-overview and break down I hope you have enjoyed seeing Shirebrook set up as much as we have. It is a pity we are still unable to invite guests to be part of it. We have had a chance to shake down problems and make plans ready for our next show which we hope will be Wigan in October. We have fault found all the problems we discovered and made repairs. I have been able to test run all my lock down projects and refine and improve running qualities of that stock the last of which was a rake of Five79 BBA kits shown below with 56014 providing the motive power, The photographs below give an overview of the entire layout. You should be able to see the five control panels the electrical supply box (white on the floor), there are only low voltage outputs to the layout. The first photo shows Wood Lane over bridge and the southern entrance to the hidden sidings. The second is a view looking south from the station, the eagle eyed will notice that the depot building, radio mast and water tower are missing (along with the back scenes). The third is a general overview with the spoil tips of Shirebrook Colliery to the right and the depot and station to the left. The last photo below... all packed away and stacked against the wall to the right. Well one scenic section is still standing, here I can test locos and rolling stock shunting around the depot. Cheers Duncan
  15. Of the St Vincent volcanic eruption type?
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