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  1. Hi, In what scale are you modelling? I have Shirebrook Depot as the centre piece of my layout (see links below). In N scale it is 6ft in length. To model a depot and include all your list you will need a larger space to avoid it looking cramped up. Cheers Duncan
  2. Hi Ric, Not my work but that of Mr Bachmann-Farish. The loco is 47436 but I am changing the identity to 47120 RAF Kinloss. So I am only repainting the parts that I have to, the basic livery is the factory finish. Cheers Duncan
  3. OK Cav, I'll see your handrails and raise you a lamp Iron! (Well two actually there's another at the other end) This will be 47120 when finished. The aerial has been removed wire handrails and lamp iron added,hole filled (for eth), pipework added, headcode panel painted black and roof partially respayed. Cheers Duncan
  4. Hi, I'm in the process of making 47436 into 47150 as mentioned above. I have had several mods to make. The roof mounted aerials had to be removed. There was a hole just above the buffer beam where it was possible to fit the supplied eth jumper which also required to be filled (no eth on this loco). I have replaced all the moulded handrails with wire ones on the ends of the loco and I will be detailing no1 end with the usual brake pipework and screw coupling. The printed numbers 47436 on this loco came off very easily, probably too easily... I can see them coming off even with gentle
  5. It has been said that rub down are superior to waterslide transfers due to the lack of carrier film. However I find waterslide easier to work with. When you see my locos that I have renumbered you are looking at waterslide transfers. My preferred brand is Fox. However as you can see from the photos above I think the transfers on my 47362 (Fox) and Cav's 47190 (Railtec) both look great. I have found that it is not possible to use Microsol and Microset solutions with Railtec transfers. (These solutions are used to help transfers form to a ridged surface, but that's not an issue with renumb
  6. Lovely work John. May I be so bold to recommend that you add a figure from Modelu https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/product/1035/ I have no connection with them. Cheers Duncan
  7. Time for a catch Up. My wallet has been suffering lately, perhaps your has too. I have purchased some stock for Shirebrook, whenever it is possible to get it back on the road. Some MK 2fs for a weekend diversion of St. Pancras -Sheffield services and 47018 and 47436. You know it would not be me to run these locos and coaches on the layout straight from the box. 47018 has become 47362, a modification to the roof -362 didn't have a boiler of course,weathered and is pictured below ,while 47436 is still in 'the works' and will shortly reappear on Shirebrook as 47120 RAF Kinloss. This l
  8. i have to say 9C85 I think you made a mistake going to OO, Dallam sidings is a great layout and like my N gauge layout we were both supposed to at the Wigan show. So if you dare check out Shirebrook via the link.... Hopefully we will both be at Wigan in 2021, I sure Simon would join me in hoping to see you there! Cheers Duncan
  9. Hi Andy, I'm not sure if I want to know what is happening in the penthouse flat. However, (perhaps I missed it earlier in the thread), can you tell me about the construction of the Georgian (?) Terrace at the back of the layout? Have you produced your own artwork for these buildings? The layout is looking really great. Cheers Duncan
  10. Oh Simon, sometimes I wish the Midland had built 4 running lines through Shirebrook! Cheers Duncan
  11. Hello, Well household projects, work and other commitments have taken me away from the modelling bench. I was excited and delighted with the IPA from RevolutioN that was delivered this week. I think it is the best model they have produced to date. Here's a quick photo of it on the layout. Cheers Duncan
  12. Hi PC, They come with very short spare NEM couplers. You can replace those fitted with the shorter couplings to bring the carriages closer together, it is possibe to have a standard and short or short and short depending upon the severity of the curves on your layout. My 7 coaches arrived today, just need some detail painting and weathering then they will be good to go. Cheers Duncan
  13. Hi Ben and Mike, Wow, a fantastic model. Beautifully fine detail and printing, excellent running and exactly to scale. Well done all involved, the CAD engineers, toolmakers and yourselves. I have just a single twin set (it was a rare sight at Shirebrook) but so good I really would like at least one more-thank you. Cheers Duncan
  14. Thanks Ben, That's fine. I am looking at ordering 8 packs so that time scale will give me time to save up. Cheers
  15. Hi Mike, Ben, Is there any news on when the order book will close on these? I have to admit that I have not yet placed an order as my available funds have gone on 'Caroline' and Class A tanks. I will order but could do with a heads up as to how long I might have to save up! Cheers Duncan
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