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  1. Thanks Peter, Just had a quick look. Great photos and yes useful. Nice colour for weathering locos. Looks you had an enjoyable visit back in '84. Cheers Duncan
  2. Yes changing the number will require close examination of prototype photos. Some were fitted with sealed beam headlights, you can buy moulded examples or build up your own from plasticard. Snowploughs would not be fitted as a permanent fixture on the prototype.
  3. Hi, Most of the Shirebrook loco fleet are renumbered. This was a rare instance where renumbering was not essential. I used to live just over a mile from Tinsley and this loco could be seen regularly on Speedlink services and local trip freights. Therefore it is entirely possible it could have worked to Shirebrook too. How did you get on with replacing your tunout? Cheers Duncan
  4. Yes, so does the class 40. I'm not entirely happy about it as I feel I'm being charged for an item I don't require and have no plans to use... and in the case of the 31 the previous release had the recessed and fully 3D (was it etched or moulded) radiator fan and etched grille now replaced (in a retrograde step) by a combination moulded grille and fan Cheers Duncan
  5. You may have problems fitting the fan, unless you remove the factory fitted speaker?
  6. Hi Cav, The factory example in petroleum livery is, IMO, let down by the inverted roof cowling. I purchased one of these locos for a xmas present (not to myself!) The recipient wants me to produce an etched replacement! I think you would want something finer yourself. Cheers Duncan
  7. Class 31 154. A somewhat unusual visitor at Shriebrook was 31154. It had worked down from Tinsley light loco to collect condemmed 16 toners from Mansfield Concentration Sidings for onward movement to Booth's. However a problem was found on the loco. It returned to Shirebrook for remedial work before completing the job. This new (refubished) loco was weathered and detailed at one end using the parts supplied. I was disappointed to see that the radiator fan has reverted from a 3D recessed example to a moulded version. I guess this has been done to accommodate the speaker, Personally I
  8. Hi Porkie, I stumbled upon some 3d printed engines. I thought you might be interested. Cheers Duncan https://rustyrailsmodelling.com/shop#!/widget/products/class-60-engine--0x28-n-gauge-0x29-
  9. Hi Rich, I hope you are keeping well. You are quite right, I knew someone would pick up on my 'Baldrick' plan! There is also the problem of the signals approaching the junction from the north, one is a colour light (from Clipstone) the other pictured in the post above a semaphore (from Worksop) I have several ideas about suitable solutions, but if you or anyone else has ideas please contact me, all help gratefully accepted. Plan attached below to help you work it out! Cheers Duncan
  10. Hi Simon, I have a cunning plan....(Mr Blackadder) to avoid spads. Including red repeater LEDs on the control panels and use of a timing circuit. So (unrealistically) the signals will normally be (off) the passing train will set them to danger and the timer will be configured to return signal to clear, hopefully before the next train arrives. An override switch could hold the signal at danger when shunting is taking place. Good theory(?) now just have to design and build! Cheers Duncan
  11. Leaving My Comfort Zone! Happy New Year, well it hasn't got off to a good start has it? The options for projects on Shirebrook is getting smaller now that the stock is largely complete. So I have decided to tackle some of the more challenging projects that I have avoided until now. Project One, Working Signals There are a selection of signals on Shirebrook, (I won't be tackling the ground signals), ranging from a two arm bracket to colour light signals. There are several problems to overcome, firstly myself, the fact that I did not consider working signals when I design
  12. Hi Michael, Nice modelling. I am glad to see that you have only illuminated some of the rooms in the pub. I have done this to the buildings on Shirebrook, I think the illusion is lost if light glares from every window. Cheers Duncan
  13. Hi, If you are using the point blades to power the frog (point crossing vee) you may need to change the point motor for a 'latching' type such as the seep PM4. I had a similar problem on a previous layout, in the end I had to replace the point, not for the faint hearted... careful removal was the key. Installation of the replacement was relatively easy by comparison.
  14. Season's Greetings to you and your family Dave. Be sure to keep the original photographs (or even print some out), I think it will be a long time before we see such a wonderfully modelled countryside part of the WCML in N scale. Cheers Duncan
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