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  1. Evening All, Here's a shot from above the new water tower looking down towards the depot yard. Cheers Duncan
  2. Hi Dave, I think you've got it spot on. Roof looks very good. Cheers Duncan
  3. Hi Simon, I am sure you are aware that my wife, Janet has made several buildings and added lots of scenic details on Shirebrook. She has asked me to pass on her admiration of the pub and warehouse. We are both impressed with the build, it very much reminds us of our own building. The buildings you are making convey your personality something a purchased kit can never do. Pity we don't have an empty plot on Shirebrook. Cheers Duncan (and Janet)
  4. Putting us all to shame Simon. Well done this is an interesting building complex and coming together nicely. Cheers Duncan
  5. Hi Everyone, I have completed 37239. I took a couple of photos around lunchtime when the light was greatest, but not sure if the photos are so great. The loco has been varnished and etched ;arrows' applied. Loco now ready to be added to the Shirebrook running list! And the building works.... not good, not good at all, but that story is not suitable for this site, however, the next Shirebrook running day will have to be postponed until the new year Cheers Duncan
  6. Hi Dave, Once when I was asked about weathering, must be 20 years ago, I remember saying it makes the model look heavier, you can see the weight i it. I think they look fine Dave, once again I am glad to see someone having a go. I will be posting some pictures of 37239 soon complete with 'full' front repeater number. Cheers Duncan
  7. Nice work Simon, are you working from plans, or photos, to your own dimensions to fill the space, or is it freelance, based upon an original? Oh that is a lot of questions in one sentence, sorry. Cheers Duncan
  8. Hi Phil, Where did you acquire the 3d printed racking please. Cheers Duncan
  9. Hi Ben, Mike, Great News. Do you have a time frame for delivery? Will the wagons some complete with a Cawoods container?, Will they be available wagon only so I can fit my c rail coal containers? I'll be looking at 30 roughly what size 2nd mortgage will I require? Cheers Duncan
  10. Hi Steve, Thanks to my friend who commissioned the seacows I can now provide a couple of photos of the wagons and A NGS Shark I made at the same time. Cheers Duncan
  11. Thank you Smallwonder, I guess that nails it to Christmas/New Year 1989-90, perhaps it was sent to works in December 1989. Would you care to say where you think the repaint may have been carried out? I have no idea, it isn't really important other than to satisfy my own curiosity. Cheers Duncan
  12. OH bu***r! I have lowered the body- it was even higher.... I think the inclusion of the 'well' for the radiator fan has reduced the lowering slightly. I still have a little work to do on the weathering and detailing, but as I said in the post above we are having building work carried out so that will have to wait for a week. Please check back in (or 'follow') this thread to see the fully finished loco then. Cheers Duncan
  13. Hi Steve, The Farish RTR and NGS kit represent different batches of this wagon. I just had a quick read through of the instructions and apparently the bogies are different. I made a rake of 4 or 5 wagons some time ago as a commission. They are fiddly, and I found it best to make and paint (and weather) sub-assemblies before final construction. At the moment photos of those wagons are stashed away while we have some building work done. I wont be starting these kits until the Christmas holidays, but when I can get my hands on a photo I will post it on this thread so keep checking in or 'follow' this thread. I will post updates during the build but that won't happen 'till after Christmas Cheers Duncan.
  14. Hi Paul, They were briefly in stock at the N Gauge Society shop. I saw them last week and ordered straight away. I see they are once again out of stock. Cheers Duncan
  15. Hi Everyone, The postman brought me these today. So that's another project to add to the list! Cheers Duncan
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