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  1. Thanks Simon. I'm really pleased with them. I will complete instructions for fitting and get the 'on the market'. I have also made etched wind screen wipers for 56s and 58s, much finer than the plastic ones as supplied with the models. Cheers Duncan
  2. New Class 'Mac' 20 Project The class 20s originally destined for use in Scotland were built to accommodate tablet catching equipment beneth thre cab side windows. Deeper cabside windows were also incorporated. The Farish models are the standard loco without these features. During the lives of the 20s all the tablet catching equipment recesses were plated over but the deeper cabside windows remained. I have wanted to modify my class 20s where the prototype had the deeper windows. I have drawn up an etch to make this modification to the Farish model. So with 20101 I have included the recesses and the deeper windows. I have designed the etches so the cab side windows can be shown in the closed and any degree of open positions. I have also made some etches for finer replacement footsteps. I have made two versions of the window etches as shown below. All etches are in 0.2mm nickel silver for strength I will be selling these once I have devised instructions and fitting guidelines. Cheers Duncan
  3. Sure Steven, I hope to have another in early November if you can't make this running day.
  4. Hi Nick, You have made some very nice additions. The layout is getting a good atmosphere which certainly reflects the 'real' location. I hope to achieve similar for Shirebrook. Cheers Duncan
  5. Dave I have lots of the transfers you need would you like me to drop some in the post for you? Cheers Duncan
  6. Thank you both for your support! I think I have one or perhaps two vintage german beer wagons, I'll run those round as a thank you to the German section of the Shirebrook Appreciation Society! Look out for the photos! Best wishes for the safe arrival of your new baby Dave. Cheers Duncan
  7. That's a pity Andy. You could have had a play too!
  8. Greetings to you all. We hope you are all keeping well. Regular readers of the Shirebrook Thread will know that we hold running days, well we used to until covid-19! We are planning a running day on Saturday 25th September. Please request a place if you want to attend by answering this posting or via a PM. We are located in Keighley so you may want to spend the morning with us and then go on to visit the Worth Valley Railway. Numbers will be limited places will be offered on a first come basis. The layout will be available from 9.30 am until about 18.00. This will enable you to drop in if you don't want to be around other people for too long. We will provide snacks and drinks all day. Please bring along any models you require test running or would just like to show others, kits would be great to see if you have built any during the lockdown periods. Please let us know asap if you would like to come along and your approximate eta, for example Morning, Middle of the day or Afternoon we will confirm if there is space for you. Hand sanitiser will be available and mask wearing will be optional. Entry to the day will be limited to those who are double vaccinated. We look forward to seeing you and playing trains! Regards Janet and Duncan
  9. I normally avoid these sort of discussions and prefer to see what is actually announced. In yesterdays OO class 47 anouncement one of the presenters did say 'its what our cuslomers have been asking for/ demanding'. This customer expectation along with the general raising of standards from other manudactures such as Accurascale has probably forced Bachmann to raise its own game in response, result customer is the winner. Therefore @Bomag I have to disagree with your remark 'anything would be an improvement', I think we (N gauge modellers) should be making the same demands for better models and not praising those which really are not so good. I know that I along with many others felt that the MK2 air conditioned coaches were a retrograde step from the BR Mk 1 examples and the EFE class 17 loco did not correct any of the school boy errors in original design, giving a too high bufferbeam and too high central cab. If as in some quarters these models are high praised surely the signal being sent back to Bachmann is that we do not need to increase investment in new or better tooling as the customer is perfectly happy with what we have made to date inaccurate (in the case of the class 17) and lacking the possibility of close coupling or installation of a light bar (in the case of the MK2s). As in OO we have some manufactures improving standards, Revolution and Sonic for example. If we are collectively critical of new models instead of just accepting whatever is presented, together with the raised standards from other manufacturers I remain hopeful that we may well see improved models in N from Farish too. As a footnote, during my time as Trade Liaison Officer for the NGS I visited the factory at Poole where I had a full tour of the site and a long discussion with the designers and Peter Farish about new product. I was asked at one point if 'a millimeter here or there mattered? So that's 6 inches in the real world (OK nearly 6) imagine looking at differnt examples of the prototype (perhaps a class 47) and the wheels were made 6inch larger or smaller, or the front cab windows were made 6inch deeper on one of the prototypes... would you notice the locos looked different from each other? My answer, by the way, was 'it is no more difficult to get it right as it is wrong' Let's see what today brings.
  10. More on Project Class 20 20137 Hi, Here's some more photos of 20137, now with the large BR 'arrows' added. I have placed it next to a couple of 20's that are only renumbered and weathered for a friend. You can see the amount of fading 20137 has by comparison. Cheers Duncan
  11. Thanks Jo really useful, is there a website you can direct me to? Cheers Duncan
  12. Project Class 20 20137 This project was an experiment with a very badly weathered body I found on ebay. I stripped the body until I was left with a pristine white plastic body. I examined the body closely for damage, found it to be OK. The prototype loco was based at Tinsley depot in 1992, perhaps someone can tell me if the loco had been stored previously. The loco was previously based at Thornaby although someone removed the 'kingfisher' logo at the Yorkshire depot. Careful examination of the photos will reveal that I have recreated this 'ghost' marking. I sprayed each of the railfreight livery colours faded, then I further faded the model in line with prototype photos and then weathered the livery. Lastly I masked up for the rail blue bodyside doors. The loco is not finished yet, I have large BR arrows to add to the bodysides, or part of the arrows at least. I need to pick out the door handles and overall varnish to tie the whole livery together. I posed the loco body on a chassis from one of my other class 20s as I don't have a chassis. If anyone has a reasonably priced chassis I could purchase please let me know. I didn't know if the livery would work out, it really was an experiment but now I would like to add it to the Shirebrook fleet. Cheers Duncan
  13. Morning Ian, I live about a mile from the KWVR and can hear the steam locos attacking the gradient regularly. The only time I travelled on it was when they were running extra services when the roads were closed for La tour de France. Cheers
  14. Hi Dave, I hope you're keeping well. I did consider doing a step by step on the conversion but it may only be of limited use, there being so few kits and wagons available! Cheers
  15. Hi Simon, Some very nice photos Simon... love the double headed 92's... super power... I hope you're keeping well. Cheers Duncan
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