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  1. Thanks for that advice, changed CV29 and both go in the same direction now.



  2. I am trying to programme a pair of 20s. Not the latest version but the ones that were in a set, the Triple grey Sound ones. I am trying to run them back to back as per prototypical running. I am using a Dynamis, have set both to the same address, but no matter how I configure them they go in opposite directions. I dont want to use the consist function as I will not be running them on my layout with the Dynamis. I havent yet figured how to programme with my Digitrax controller. (i'm not very good with DCC controllers) Any suggestions please
  3. Thanks everyone for all the advice, once ive taken it all in I'll come to a decision! Thank you
  4. Hi, Just building a new depot layout, will only have a small amount of wagons entering the yard, fuel tanks and the odd engineers wagon. I wondered which kadee couplings would be best to use, I am working in 00 gauge with Hornby, Bachmann and Heljan Locos, my stock is all Bachmann and Hornby. Also how do you fit the magnets for uncoupling? Any advice would be much appreciated
  5. Hornby have brought out the R6765 20 Ton Brake Van in RES livery, what stock would this have been used with please? Any help would be appreciated
  6. Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble getting the body screws out of the new class 90s?
  7. Hi James, can you tell me the measurements of Wells Green TMD please. I know it’s 750 square inches but how long and how wide please. Thanks

    1. James Makin

      James Makin

      Hi! It was originally 5ft x 1ft for the DEMU 750sq inch competition and then after that I added a 5” front scenic section on to add some extra depth, hope that helps!!

  8. Hi, I want to have automatic uncoupling on my 00 gauge layout. Which type are best please? I understand kadee are good but its such a minefield. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi Paul, Did rakes of Turbots ever use a brake van, Ive looked through many photos but cannot find an answer as most pics only show individual wagons.
  10. Was just searching for some Depot layouts for a little inspiration, well..............................this one has blown me away!! Need look no further, what a fantastic layout. Well done
  11. Thanks guys, ill look into buying from abroad. Buy Blitish.lol Cheers
  12. Thanks to all for your help. It has given me plenty of food for thought. John
  13. I have just started in N gauge, I want my layout to be DCC. The price of decoders seems a lot higher than Oo gauge. Is there a cheaper alternative? Thanks
  14. After much deliberating I have decided that due to space, or lack of it, I am going to change gauge and go to N gauge. Right, I have seen a nice layout that I would like to replicate a 4 x 2ft 6 board. The question I want to ask the N gaugers is this. Would I be better off using code 55 or code 80, I intend to use Farish and Dapol modern era Locos and stock. I feel I should go to code 55, but are there any pitfalls in using this finescale track? Any help /comments would be appreciated. Thanks John
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