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  1. Surely that’s the real thing, isn’t it? Stephen
  2. As Mr Wright of this parish likes to point out, Lincolnshire hosted the highest point on the whole of the ECML, quite an achievement for a county better known for its flatness. The hilly bits are nice, though, with local stone the same as that in the Cotswolds and further south. Stephen
  3. An interesting exercise in make believe. Stephen
  4. I’d be interested to know a bit more about what you did to the flat bottom points to make them more or less match the bullhead points. Stephen
  5. Some lovely stuff there JHB. Stephen
  6. I agree with Clearwater, Sydney Gardens is a delightful layout, one of those where you can just stand and watch trains go by. Stephen
  7. Tony I’ve seen your attempt at reproducing Essendine. As you say, some of the curves are a tad on the tight side but, overall, I thought it quite convincing. Stephen
  8. You’ll enjoy seeing it in the flesh. Stephen
  9. John Keep up the good work. Irish modellers are getting spoilt these days with the choice. Stephen
  10. Nice, smooth running - very impressive. Stephen
  11. Robert I’ve just come across this and I have to say what a lucky chap you are to have care of Minsterley. I saw it a number of times at my local exhibition in Cheltenham and each time was a delight. The other layout that was equally delightful was Mullion, Peter’s take on Helston. I believe he sold it to a chap in Holland who used to keep Peter updated on his layout. Stephen
  12. We haven’t seen any recent updates. Are things still progressing ok with Gort? Stephen
  13. As one who models Irish modern image, I’ve found your posts about BR modern image quite inspirational. I particularly liked your reasoning for leaving much of the station infrastructure out, namely that it gets in the way of watching the trains. The problem with social media is that people can post whatever they like without fear of upsetting people. It’s the modern form of cowardice. It’s for that reason that I leave Facebook alone. Mrs B seems to get on ok with her account. I do hope you’ll reconsider your decision to quit. Stephen
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