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  1. Noel I look forward to seeing your short videos in the future featuring Gort. Stephen
  2. Noel Surely the loop in the goods yard allows access to the goods shed while wagons are at the loading bay immediately next door. Stephen
  3. The electric services were limited to the line between Horsted Keynes and Haywards Heath. Stephen
  4. And then you’ve got the likes of the Second Severn Crossing, which is now toll-less ‘cos it’s been paid for. Stephen
  5. I believe the modern way of responding to such people is ‘you’re entitled to your opinion but not your facts’. Carry on the excellent work. You have to look very closely at your photos to realise how small everything actually is. Stephen
  6. Some lovely detail in these photos. Is Gort where old 30 ton brake vans went to die? Stephen
  7. Which Irish loco is next on your list? Stephen
  8. Tony A lovely selection of some very fine model railways. Have you ever come across Blueball Summit, a rather fine 2mm layout? It’s worth it. Stephen
  9. Absolutely stunning. Stephen
  10. I like the 0-6-0DH. Are there any details anywhere of its construction? Stephen
  11. Jonathan The story on the bigger of these two islands is oh so similar, including a realisation that the car is not the answer long term. Dunno about the little island but train travel in the big island is expensive! Stephen
  12. Surely that’s the real thing, isn’t it? Stephen
  13. As Mr Wright of this parish likes to point out, Lincolnshire hosted the highest point on the whole of the ECML, quite an achievement for a county better known for its flatness. The hilly bits are nice, though, with local stone the same as that in the Cotswolds and further south. Stephen
  14. An interesting exercise in make believe. Stephen
  15. I’d be interested to know a bit more about what you did to the flat bottom points to make them more or less match the bullhead points. Stephen
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