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  1. I spent my entire working trying to deal with all aspects of flooding, both river and tidal. I say trying because it is virtually an insoluble problem. Sort out one person's problem and you invariably make another worse. People are the real problem, trying to live and work where they shouldn't. I have had a house flooded so I know what people are going through. Stephen
  2. Why can't I get the videos to play? Stephen
  3. I’ve just come back from the Cheltenham model railway exhibition, where the best of a good bunch was Rossiter Rise. Admittedly not my part of London, but I could associate with it. Congratulations to Mike Walker on another good show, raising money for worthwhile causes. Stephen
  4. Medina wharf midway between Cowes and Newport. Stephen
  5. They were originally bought for the ill fated attempt to re-open the Westerham branch in the early 1960’s. As we all know, this is now part of the M25, what a tragic waste. It was the same with the Ashburton branch, move the new road alignment over by a few feet and you could have had both. Planning, especially highway planning, can be so short sighted. Rant over. Stephen
  6. A rather fine example of a Metropolitan Railway coach. I believe there’s one on the Worth Valley. Stephen
  7. My late parents used to live at Greetham, one village away from RAF Cottesmore. One of their neighbours was selling their house and the base commander obliged by limiting flying hours for a short while. They weren’t bigwigs, just ordinary people trying to get in with their lives. Stephens
  8. Very realistic, not least in the sound department. Stephen
  9. Clive Thanks for that. Googling BR mk1 coaches produced no photos of the dia 92 SO, one of an RSO and the fact that the boat seconds were diagram 90. Happy modelling. Stephen
  10. Does anyone know how many diagram 92 TSO’s were built, how long they lasted and whether any survived into preservation. I imagine, being effectively non standard, they had relatively short working lives. Stephen
  11. No boat trains from Sheffield to the likes of Hull? Stephen
  12. I like your 'cut & shut' mk1's. I believe the difference between SO and TSO was the number of seats, the former having 48 and the latter 64. I don't suppose you have any need for a 'boat' open second, as used by the Southern on their boat trains, when such trains needed three classes. It was basically one of your dia 92 SO's with a door into the seating bay fourth from the toilet end. The door was as per your dia 72 FO. Stephen
  13. It was nice to see it in the flesh. Stephen
  14. Your ‘new’ Gresleys are beginning to look fine. This is a place where ‘cut and shut’ is an acceptable way to carry on. Stephen
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