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  1. Transfers now on . Heading for the weathering shop.
  2. Added some gloss yesterday prior to the decals. I think it makes a big difference.
  3. The light makes it look a bit patchy but it isn't. I used a tin of matt Rail Blue precision paint purchased in the early 80s along with the rail yellow so had kept very well. In retrospect I think I would use a satin or gloss in future. However this loco is going to get an end of service look so no to bothered. Andrew
  4. Blue is the colour . Some tidying up to do but quite pleased .
  5. Due to the lockdown have reserected this build. Completed the front and fitted all the pipes etc . Now given an undercoat today.
  6. The Preston Dock - Lindsey Oil empty tankers today passing through Bamber Bridge .
  7. Hi Discovered another slide from 17/7/71 same time and date as the above you may be interested to trace the working Mark . Best of luck .
  8. Just to update ,I asked the same question was informed not quite ready yet some more additions to be made to the hopper etc , should be available by Warley . Andrew
  9. Some random pictures from the show . The man himself being a bit camera shy .
  10. Having been nudged by Phil I really need to resurrect this build . I originally started this in 2008 how time flies . The original start can be found on page 8 of the archive under the Workbench forum. Updates as follows : Having obtained some parts from JLTRT last year current state of play : The indicator boxes are etches I had made and before any one asks these are the only ones and required a lot of fettling to get them to this stage as they originally came out to large . Hopefully I can push on and get it finished
  11. Hi Phil I have sent a PM re the head code boxes . I intend to model 6354 Blue , yellow ends as there are some good photos . Re the valances having read the article in Traction by Richard Dockerill (incidental 6343) I just couldn't shape and solder the brass panels that came with the kit so opted for evergreen strips paired down with a brass former. I have modelled some as slightly open but none missing . I had intend to buy a JLTRT class 22 but missed the boat . I will more than likely purchase the LLC one once funds are available. I do have a whitemetal and resin one by Mendip Mod
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