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  1. Hopfully the 00 gauge one won't be too far behind for pre-ordering as I have ideas upon ideas for a layout that can use this loco.
  2. So I was right about 4160 not having a shed code as I just looked at Olivia Trains' page for the model.
  3. Thing is I joined using the rest of the world one so idk if that's the reason.
  4. Rn I just signed up for the club & I'm waiting to hear from them as to why the connect website account to club account didn't accept/recognize my membership number so I can purchase the new Terrier in a couple of weeks.
  5. Cause people wouldn't stop taking the mickeky about the chimney on the midland railway model.
  6. Really liking the sound fitted MR 1P Tank & EFE Rail Austerity. Hopfully they fixed the running qualms of the Austerites as they definitely have the old DJM design to them.
  7. This just gives me more reason to join, will sign up in the next week or so, hopefully the Brighton Works Shunter will still be available for pre-order by then as it'd go great with my model of 32636(Fenchurch).
  8. Hope to see a new steam locomotive announced.
  9. BOTH early livery samples for the BR livery large prairies were missing the shed plate, but R3723 has its shed plate, including in the FINAL livery sample, but not R3725.
  10. Am I one of the only people weirded out by the lack of a shed code on R3725 4160? I'm assuming they're wanting to model her when she was in storage before being needed at Severn Tunnel Junction.
  11. Just had a look & it also has the early LNER livery so it might not be that long of a wait at all now.
  12. Dapol have their other new 00 gauge steam locomotive items, but the GWR Mogul & Large Prairie being two of Dapol's first current standard 00 gauge steam locos that could be sound fitted and they didn't have the new policy for their sound fitted locomotives only being sold on their store they didn't add them onto their own webshop.
  13. No it's because they didn't start selling their 00 gauge steam models for pre-order before release for their G.W.R models till the announcement of the Manor Class cause the new update of how they'd sell their models till months after the moguls & large prairies were announced.
  14. There are some locos that had their final big four liveries into BR dayso it's not as crazy or ridiculous as you claim it to be, maybe look up some other locos before jumping to the conclusions like that?
  15. I just saw the deco samples on the site and I am extremely excited, and I am glad I chose 1655(originally sister & shedmate 1651), can't wait to get it after it's paid fot when the payment is due.
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