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  1. Just put in a deposit for 9400, can't wait to compare it to the main range GWR 9402 when this and the main range 94XXs come out.
  2. I do also think Hornby's Stanier 5MT needs an update as well, plus that way we can also get the Stephonson Valve Gear and Caprotti Valve Gear variants as rn they only have one variant available in the tooling.
  3. If so, then I'm hoping it'll be about two weeks before that one hits Hornby directly, and that the shed code has been added as I remember the earlier deco samples for the two BR verisons a few engine sheds ago being without a shed code on the smokeboxes, also hoping to see a Shirtbutton, BR Lined Green EE, BR Unlined Green LC, and BR Lined Black EE variant of these locos somewhere down the line in the years to come, and some of them being of the earlier 5101s, I am glad to finally have one of the GWR's most iconic mid-sized tank engines being updated, will see at least one in operation on my layout, once completed.
  4. Hey, was anyone who went to Warley able to get info on if R3719 was gonna be on the current boat to the UK or are the models gonna arrive a bit later?
  5. The changes showed up for me, even on my order, which only had the running number changed.
  6. 9402 Fredrick

    Oxford N7

    I assume you mean the GER Wartime Grey one.
  7. Kinda sad that I can't join the collector's club due to me living in the states, would've enjoyed having that 7th variant.
  8. It also looks like, from the pictures, that there was a 7th variant there on display. Wonder what that's about.
  9. Hopefully info will be up soon as I really would like to have those locos on my eventual 009 layout, anyone have luck snagging a pic of the image?
  10. Any deco samples of the three main retail release 94XXs at the Bachmann stand?
  11. No worries, I know where my first two paychecks for the month are probably going tbh.
  12. It seems I can't place a pre-order for one as it keeps saying out of stock.
  13. No worries, also if Hornby is doing the 78xx, we'll still have it sooner than Bachmann tbh.
  14. Two things 1, it's the Princess Royal Class not the Coronation/Duchess Class that were announced with the Large Prairies and Terriers this year 2, Hornby could pull off a better 78xx/Manor as their Grange Class has really well done GWR Stephenson valve gear compared to Bachmann's rendition, plus they have the correct tender type for them too, plus better modelled coaching stock for them.
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