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  1. Looks like the link got deleted cause I just checked their fb page.
  2. You mean Peco/Kato version? If you meant that one all we have rn till the Englands come out is the rough 3D print of the body.
  3. The livery for Novelty is an older LMS livery from the first something odd years during the grouping.
  4. Just gave them a call, but I have to call back tomorrow causd they have to check about overseas customers being able to pre-order the model.
  5. The item is now showing up, but only the sound fitted version and it's saying out of stock, I hope I didn't miss my chance to pre-order 7802 to go with 7812.
  6. Wouldn't their shop have a dedicated page or would it just be placed into thd modelling section on their website?
  7. Now the question remains, when do the pre-orders for this one start cauae it's still not showing up on their shop.
  8. Finally jumped on the pre-order bandwagon & pre-ordered the BR Late Crest one.
  9. To those still hating on Thompson watch the railway mania podcast that talked about Edward Thompson with Simon Martin as a guest.
  10. Okay, I'ma need you to stop right there cause if these were built on any other railwat the moment any of their flaws were seen they'd of been cut up at one of the respective works immediately during WW2, they got a new chance of life under Thompson.
  11. Will the unumbered versions come with different numbers & shed codes to make different oned from this lot number?
  12. Hope to see one by the engine shed on the 28th cause I'm especially looking forward to the WR and ScR region ones.
  13. We also now have 6201/46201 & 6203/4623 in LMS livery, 6229/46229(the rebuilt versions being exclusives), 70000, 70013, 673/65243 as well, plus Hornby are making a model of 92220 Evening Star & the replica P2 2007.
  14. The 78xxx is the BR Standard 2mt mogul, you're thinking of the 78xx Collett Manor.
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