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    Yes, I mentioned that in my first post
  2. I've had that one a few times in the US too. There's little point in trying to explain to I just say thank you.
  3. I suspect all social-media channels (apart from RMweb of course) are ultimately doomed. The noise-to-signal ratio is just far too great. They try to compartmentalize traffic using a load of highly suspect algorithms and ultimately the whole thing turns into a house of cards.
  4. I think we should probably leave that one right there. (There's a sort of connection here with dad's chemist shop that I ..........)
  5. Another vote for Loctite. There is at least one version intended for securing gears on shafts. It should have low enough viscosity so that the gear will be concentric with the shaft before it sets. Also, you do not want too good a grip in case you want to remove the gear in the future.
  6. I was in a taxi in Oxford about 45 years ago and the driver asked me where I was from. On hearing I was from Scotland he asked, quite seriously, if I had a rough crossing coming over on the ferry
  7. Turns out we wasted 28 bucks on the chemist (pharmacy) photos. As you are probably aware they are supposed to incorporate some magic numbers but chemists here have no knowledge of such things. We'll have to take them ourselves. I suspect there will be many attempts before they are accepted. Just as well we're not in a great rush. BTW, Dad had a chemist shop and I used to help-out behind the counter occasionally in my late teens. Fortunately I was never required to serve any products from the prophylactics drawer.
  8. I was at the chemist's today and I asked about getting a flu shot but they are by appointment only. The reason I went in was to get a mugshot to renew my UK passport. Under the present circumstances we decided it might be a good idea in case a sudden exit-stage-left is called for in 2024.
  9. Thanks John. (My question was intentionally bl00dy silly )
  10. I was a bit surprised to learn that I could use the same color (black) for both "hot" sides from the main distribution panel to my shop despite the 180 degree phase-difference
  11. Do Gaugemaster make a controller than runs on three-phase? We only have two phases to the house (really just 240 and a center-tap). It conked-out yesterday for about an hour. We had some heavy rain and a fir tree likely leaned over a bit and made contact with one phase of the high-tension three-phase distribution system.
  12. Some of us might be old enough to remember how the late Terry Wogan used to discuss the meaning of slightly obscure words on his morning radio program. On one occasion the word "leveret" was being kicked around. I sent him a letter which he read on the air where I pointed out that a leveret is the small lever used to flush a gents urinal and it was also frequently applied on BR trains with the inscription: "DO NOT PULL THE LEVERET WHILE THE TRAIN IS STANDING IN THE STATION"
  13. As described by Billy Connolly My big brother had a Summer job with Loganair at Renfrew Airport (this was some time ago). The toilet tank on the small Loganair planes had to be removed and carried through the main cabin to be emptied. Yup, one his colleagues dropped a tank and made a big mess in the cabin.
  14. Been used for yonks on Manhattan Island, usually with steam I think. Another advantage is that the central facility can be converted to use different forms of energy without any impact of the customers' properties.
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