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  1. I had to research the WHR. It wasn't in business the last time I was in Wales. I imagine it's well patronized. They may have made a mistake by failing to do something similar here. There was still track on it when we came here. It's now "The Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes"
  2. Beautiful day here. The only problem is too many people are spoiling it with their power garden equipment. I may have to retaliate with the tractor We've been here for 25 years and we are fortunate that we are surrounded by undeveloped lots. The third acre to our left is sporting a lot of daises at the moment. There were a lot of lupines earlier but they have died off now. The two third acre lots behind us are also undeveloped. They are heavily forested with Douglas Firs and Ponderosa PInes. The third acre lot across the street is also undeveloped. The owner put it on the market last year and MrsID was really concerned that somebody would put a house on it and spoil our view, so we bought it. It also came with a boat slip on a community dock which is quite a valuable asset. The State of Idaho no longer permits community docks on lake Coeur d'Alene I park the boat and our olde fangled looking caravan on it. Despite its appearance it's only a couple of years old. In total we have almost two acres to play on but we only pay taxes on two-thirds of an acre.
  3. As R Burns had it, "When out the hellish legion sallied"
  4. Click on the comments (bubble) count number to the far right in the topic heading at it will take you to the most recent comment.
  5. The pyromaniacs are out in force. It's usually bad but it's a lot worse than usual this year, probably on account of the virus. A large percentage of the fireworks being set off are completely illegal. A lot of the dimwits with more money than sense seem to think we are on the tribal reservation and exempt from the state/county law, but we are not. The county sheriff has jurisdiction here but he is too chicken to enforce the law. As long as they don't set fire to my boat I don't really mind for one night but this BS is likely to go on for about a week.
  6. I eventually found my Observer's Books of Railway Locomotives of Britain. (They had been relegated to the third division behind the quilting books ) As far as I can tell from my annotations the following Coronations were observed on the Canal line, almost certainly hauling that train. This was likely in 1961 or 1962. Cities of Bradford Bristol Hereford Liverpool Salford Sheffield (possibly - my notes are ambiguous) Duchess of Norfolk I also recorded Athol, Buccleuch, Gloucester and Montrose but my crappy annotations don't reveal where I actually saw them. According to my notes I also saw Princess Alexandra and Queen Mary on the Canal Line, probably hauling the same train.
  7. Hi Joseph It was heading for Glasgow St Enoch. I can't remmber if the stock was corridor or suburban. Corridor I think bit all things considered it's surprising I can remember any of it. Andy
  8. I haven't been able to find out where it originated - Stranraer perhaps? My pal across the street and I used to call it the 8:15 because it left Paisley Canal heading for St Enoch around that time. We were watching it about half a mile East of the station as it screeched along the severe check rails around Saucel Hill. My brother took it sometimes on his way to GU. There were plenty of "namers" pulling it. Clans, Britannias, IIRC. There might have been some Scots/Pats too, but I can't remember. I think the the first "namer" I ever saw was Invincible. It was shunting the Saucel sidings. I was very impressed. Prior to that it was usually a Jumbo.
  9. Not sure if it's a phobia but I now find it very difficult to watch dramas when it becomes obvious that something bad is about to happen, and not necessarily because somebody is going to be seriously injured or bumped off. It might just be that someone is going to be in a very difficult situation - which is exactly what drama writers like to do. I usually switch to something more documentary. Historical dramatizations with people getting their heads chopped seem to be OK. MrsID and myself seem to be quite happy with our own company. Our children and grand children all live far from here although it will be nice when we can finally meet them in person again but I think that's at least a year away. Between us we have more hobbies, toys and playrooms than we could possibly shake a stick at and we couldn't imagine living anywhere else so we are very fortunate. It will be a bit hectic here this weekend but things should calm down next week.
  10. Love it! For a couple of years I got up early to see a train on the Paisley Canal line. It ran behind the other side of our street and there was a train that was often hauled by Coronations both Red and Green. We could tell what was coming from the exhaust beat as it pulled out of the station.
  11. I've not bothered cleaning them for a few years. The shingles are now 25 years old. Fairly soon they will either have to be covered with a second layer or replaced. I would replace them with steel but at my age that's hardly a sound investment.
  12. I'm still none the wiser Perchance, does it have Citroën chevrons on it?
  13. One possible reason is that sudden downpours in Summer are often caused by thunder storms. It's debatable whether the beach is any safer than the water when there is lightning about.
  14. You could do something like that but you'll need some additional conditioning circuitry at the switch input to eliminate contact bounce, and probably optoisolators to prevent currents induced in the long wires from the switches banjaxing the input to your flip-flop. Alternatively you could just use two relays
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