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  1. Hi noctilux2, they are scratch built using wills brick sheets. Regards Paul.
  2. Nice start, look forward to seeing more. Regards Paul.
  3. Thank you Chris, The backdrop is handpainted onto ply wood using test pots from Wilkos. Regards Paul.
  4. Howl03

    Howl's Bay.

    Thank you Marlyn. Working on some ideas at the moment for my next layout. Want to extend my cake box entry canal side into a small working micro. Will probably keep it simple with just a single point. Regards Paul.
  5. A Few more photos i took the other day of the Hornby Ruston on City Goods. Regards Paul.
  6. Thank You Mikkel. Extending Canal Side is definitely something I want to do at some point. Regards Paul.
  7. Thank you. Please feel free, out of all the layouts I have built City Goods is probably my favourite. Regards Paul.
  8. I Made a short video of all the micro layouts I have built over the last few years. I definitely have a micro layout addiction. The only one of these layouts I don't have anymore is Windmill lane, it sadly got damaged whilst in storage. I have always been more of a builder than an operator I think that's why I enjoy building these micro layouts so much. Regards Paul.
  9. Howl03

    Howl's Bay.

    A short video of my J70 running on Howls Bay. Regards Paul.
  10. Howl03

    Howl's Bay.

    A few more photos of the Ruston. Regards Paul.
  11. Howl03

    Howl's Bay.

    Thank you. Hornby have certainly produced a lovely little loco with this one. It did amaze me how well it runs without the match truck. Regards Paul.
  12. Howl03

    Howl's Bay.

    A short video that I have just uploaded to Youtube of the Hornby Ruston running on Howl Bay. Regards Paul.
  13. Hi All, Here is a short video of mine running on my layout Howls Bay. Regards Paul.
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