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  1. Thank you, It's not the easiest loco to fit. Had to cut the tail right down then just super clued in place. It is strong enough for my needs and it does look a lot better than standard tension hooks. Regards Paul.
  2. A couple more from me. A Jinty and a class 14. Regards Paul.
  3. A massive thank you to everyone who commented and liked this Micro layout. I was planning to take some more photos and make a short video, but the day after I uploaded the first post I badly sprained my ankle. So haven't been able to do much for the last 12 days. Hopefully I will be able to add some more photos to this soon. Thanks again. Regards Paul.
  4. How about a J70, sat on my micro layout 'Rural Goods' Regards Paul.
  5. Hello All, Just couldn't resist giving the new Scalescenes Boxfile layout a go. Although I decided to build it in an Ikea crate, the internal dimensions of the crate is roughly the same size as a box file with only the depth a little deeper. The track is Peco set track, left hand point with two sidings. Thanks for looking. Regards Paul.
  6. Hi GWR_Mike, I do tend to change these kits, and use a bit of plastic here and there. I used some wills wooden planks for the top of the doors. Regards Paul.
  7. Thank you. Its mainly woodland scenics foliage a mixture of olive green and burnt green. Regards Paul.
  8. Thank You. It is just pretty much what you can see in the first post an oval of track with just a single siding. Unfortunately the layout got damaged in storage so I stripped it down. Saved what I could and scrapped the rest. It was a shame but I'm glad It has been an inspiration to other modellers. Regards Paul.
  9. Thank you. The layout lives on a shelf in my living room and I mainly just have it as a scenic display. When I do want to shunt a few wagons around, the houses on the bridge lift out so I can get to the hidden sidings. Regards Paul.
  10. Thank you Kevin. No not at all, it had been stored away until I had a suggestion from Mikkel on one of my other threads that I should try and extend it. A little bit more contemplating followed then I made a start, I knew I wanted to keep it as a micro though. Regards Paul.
  11. A Short video of the now completed extension to Canal side. Regards Paul.
  12. Just uploaded a short video of Canal side to You Tube. Regards Paul.
  13. No Triplets, their other brother works at city goods. Regards Paul.
  14. A couple of figures added to the scene both from Dart castings Montys Models range. Regards Paul.
  15. Thought I would also share on here the result so far of turning my cake box entry into a micro layout. Regards Paul.
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