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  1. Hello Aidan, that model is absolutely superb and as said by Regularity, we want to see more! It will be very welcome on Blakey Junction, Rosedale Branch one of these days, covid and the resumption of exhibitions permitting. S has, as you have found, so many advantages. All the best, Paul
  2. Ian, there were problems with some of the original wheels. The new Slaters ones are excellent and we still have stocks of the open-spoke wheels at the old price. Your excellent track deserves nothing better! Paul
  3. Impressive results - I look forward to seeing it painted. I've long noted that real engines rarely had flat platework, whilst metal and plastic models are usually perfectly flat. So, card could get that subtle look. Very ingenious all round Stephen. And yes, you should build the second engine, particularly if it is another engine you remember.
  4. I'm greatly looking forward to this. They were very attractive engines and yours looks very good.
  5. That looks superb. The 3D tank especially is brilliant and being complete with boiler fittings is especially impressive. Are the cab sides, bunker and splashers etched with beading in place or did you add the beading seperately? I look forward to seeing the final result!
  6. More S Scale chairs available Ian - I've got loads! But I do agree with the other comments that the SSMRS track system is best for the grouping onwards. And I think that older rail and presumeably chairs were recycled into sidings and branch lines. It all looks good by the way and I'm glad you're enjoying it.
  7. Just the 8 (8 not 8 dozen!!) Jim, as discussed today. The last thing I want to do is break your new machine! Thanks again. In building the chassis I will be closely following the techniques illustrated so well in Scot's articles. But I think I'm going to use internal rocking solebars for suspension. Because of the hopper it will be difficult to have a lateral rocking W-Iron. And I'm not sure I'll be able to get enough weight in (even with a large lump of ironstone!). But I can get an rocking solebar behind the actual solebar and this system works very well. Having spoken with Scott I am also going to treat these wagons to proper printed transfers instead of my usual crude hand lettering!! Then I'm going to cover them in copious amounts of ironstone weathering - these skips on railway wheels lived outside and got a right battering!
  8. Wow Jim!! Those hoppers look superb and I'm glad they have tested out your new Phrozen. I can't wait to build the chassis to go with them. Thank you so much.
  9. Models really come to life when all the various details get added and this engine is certainly no exception! It's looking really good and is showing us all the great potential of the new technologies and your innovative approach.
  10. I am astounded, this is really clear and helpful. Stage by stage, really clear pictures, graphics and explanations. And building into a very nice engine. Brilliant!
  11. That looks superb Stephen! I think card is a greatly underestimated material and I would like to read more about how you have built this model. I am faced with having to scratchbuild a rake of 6 wheel panelled coaches and am thinking of using photocopies glued to an inner frame and shelaced for strength. So any hints and tips you can give would be much appreciated. Happy New Year to you!
  12. Great stuff Ian! The S Scale standards are really good and work well. I'll e-mail you the RCH instructions by the way. Regards, Paul
  13. This is very impressive and I think that metal 3D printed centres that can be fitted into our tyres and mounted on a split axle is the holy grail for our scale. So, I take my hat off to you. I would be very interested in the running quality, trueness, concentricity etc. Please keep us posted either here or via email. Brilliant!
  14. Another angle to this interesting debate is that perhaps MRJ could now do with a permanent Editor rather than the current approach of a rotating pool? Although it is now fashionable to believe in controversy and that even bad publicity is good publicity (look at the current POTUS and Michael O'Leary of Ryannair), perhaps a permanent Editor would have had the confidence to swish the blue pencil over Tim Watson's more controversial comments (but thanks for the apology Tim - takes a big man etc) and would not have published Mr Bennett's second paragraph which was too angry (he had clearly worked himself up into a lather before pressing send?). Just a thought. I have every MRJ since 0 and although it sometimes disappoints, and occasionally infuriates, it is full of so much inspiration across the scales and varied subject matters of this marvelous hobby. I also wish they would make it easier to buy and renew - online banking anyone - to have a more secure income and be a safer treasure for us all in the years to come.
  15. Copenhagen Fields is superb but Tim Watson's general comments about other modellers layouts and modelling approach were a tad smug - never a good look - and detracted from an otherwise interesting, informative and useful article. Good modelling should always just speak for itself and there is no need to look down on others who are just trying to enjoy their hobby. Very few layouts achieve immortality; of those that get sold on following their builders demise, I do wonder if they'll last into a further generation. Of those that are 'immortal' there seems to be no constant factor and many are often a bit crude in modern terms, mainly because techniques move on in this wonderful hobby . The point is, they surely all gave immense pleasure to their builders, operators, readers and viewers. I'm so looking forward to the return of exhibitions in general and seeing CF again in particular.
  16. Good idea Jim! Your gauge is great by the way, but you do often need more of the widening gauges so yes I'll explore the possibilities. Paul
  17. Great progress Ian! I really like the TOU and may try this approach on a future layout - I'll be interested in how it turns out. All the best, Paul
  18. Blimey Ian that's quick (and good) work - I only sent the parts on Friday! It looks a great project and shows what can be done in a small space. And there will be plenty of help here from S scalers and other modellers if you need it. All power to your arm, Paul.
  19. Really good stuff Scott. Great advice, techniques and superb end results! Looking forward to seeing more, cheers, Paul
  20. Barry's scenic and grass work has stood the test of time according to those photos. Unless it has faded since, I'm not sure it will need extensive 'static grassing'? Its great that you have taken on this seminal layout and that it will be back on display in shows around the country.
  21. A lovely engine Paul! Which transfers do you use for the side and buffer beam? I'm asking because I'm about to paint my S Scale Y7. I'm going to use Fox transfers for the lining but need to use something for the letters. Thanks.
  22. Sounds interesting Keith! How do I get hold of a copy - not that I'll be playing it at shows though!! John Taylor did suggest I needed a tape of sheep and grouse though.............
  23. Ah, all high tech LED pelmet stuff now and a backscene to hide my workbench!
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