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  1. These may be of interest to some even though they are low voltage. Faulhaber 8mm x 16mm servo motors 1.5 to 3.5 volt. The outer connections are + and - quality motor for less than £6.50 only drawback is the additional length of the encoder. eBay item code 282513179495 Robin
  2. Hi Valentin I have not built this kit but I believe you will require. 2 gear muffs for the worm wheel and centre axle 3 axle muffs for the outer axles and the jack shaft 1 30/1 worm set 2 M0.4/14 t gears and 12 axle bearings Hope this is of use Robin
  3. Hi Andy just search for 'micro motors' or 'coreless motors' on eBay there are pages of them in all sizes and a lot of them include postage and packing.Robin
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