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  1. Only issue I can see is the turntable, you need a commutator or similar to switch the polarity as the table rotates or it will short out. Better with 4 than without.
  2. Remove all other locos from the track you are using. If you go to "programming" "read address on xxx" where XXX is maintrack if connected with the green terminal, service track if connected with the red - and see what value you get. That will be the programmed decoder number. Train should then run if you select that number.
  3. Its an anomalous scale / gauge combination - but looks very good! Not sure about other curves in the Bernina line but the Brusio spiral ranges between 50m and 70m radious - so at 150 scale, between 33 and 46 mm - certainly, I would not be surprised if the Alp Glum curve was less than that. Stock on the Bernina Line is generally shorter than elsewhere on RhB to allow for that situation. Stock is a bit constrained by the unusual scale/gauge combination but between Kato and MDS there is a growing range.
  4. Cannot answer the question - but lot more detail and info here that may help. They do not list any UK suppliers on their website but you can buy direct from them in Spain.
  5. Do you have a multi meter with a continuity test function? Very helpful in tracing shorts. Disconnect the DCC command station and simply check for continuity between the 2 rails. If there is continuity - you have a short. By process of elimination, you should be able to track it down. A common error - I know, I have made it - is to have one pair of droppers in opposite "polarity" to the others or miss an isolating fishplate from a live frog point. Good advice - resolve one thing at a time or confusion reigns.
  6. Your local sign making company should be able to knock these out quite readily - same process for them as creating an advertising sandwich board. Using that sort of external grade material, no obvious need to put acrylic sheet on the front of it I would have thought.
  7. JimFin

    RhB news

    Reports from Swiss forums that a regional train pulled by Ge 4/4 I 602 has hit a landslide near Ilanz. No injuries but 602 plus first coach have derailed.
  8. I will have a look and see if I can find any bridge drawings for you - not the greatest picture - but shows you are on the right tracks. Richmond is to the left and to the right, the coal drops are to the far side of the bridge.
  9. JimFin

    RhB news

    Stay longer!
  10. JimFin

    RhB news

    They seem to be following the plan they laid out in the Feb 19 article in "Todays Railways" by Toma Bacic which is ultimately leading to a half hour regular interval timetable through infrastructure and stock improvements.
  11. Not encountered that - were you using model colour (brush paint) or model air (airbrush)?
  12. Vallejo are my brand of choice. UK railway bauxite as I understand has many permutations! Where you have a specific RAL number for a colour, this site is helpful - https://www.modelshade.com/paint-conversion-chart/ral/ So - using "Oxide Red" as a starter - Vallejo 71.105 "Brown Rlm" looks close.
  13. You can sort of get them to spray but only with some nozzles on the Aztec airbrush and as @Nearholmer said, they have very different chemical properties. They sort of run back together and either fill scored lines or create blobs over raised detail. They coalesce over detail with thick patches and leave very thin almost translucent areas between Just seem all wrong for model railway purposes. http://www.thecombatcompany.com/categories/vallejo/model-air/paints.html maybe?
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