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  1. William, I can't remember if you have said this previously but is this intended to be a home layout just operated by yourself, or a home layout with several operators or an an exhibition layout? I love the idea of Edwardian trains but together with the task of building the stock needed there is also the complexities of movement. The 1925-39 option would seem to give a great variety of stock but also a simpler timetable. Of course, once you have laid third rail there could be no changing the period backwards. Your researches and deliberations have made for fascinating reading, but o
  2. Keeping just the single slip would provide some extra movements of empty stock etc so might be fun. Possibly more fun the building the double slip! Terry
  3. That will be it for me. I won't put up with the lack of transparency nor the lack of dialogue from the current bunch. There are a couple of exceptions, but the majority are out of touch and are only concerned with keeping things as they are. Terry
  4. I think one of the problems is that the majority of the members do not access the forum and therefore are in complete ignorance of the issues. They get information from the Gazette and Guild News which are controlled by the Committee. It will wither and die without new blood. Terry
  5. We downloaded it Thursday morning. See if it's still on catch up/iPlayer. Terry
  6. If I remember rightly, when the GOG forum was started it automatically put your membership number on it. I've never bothered to change it but obviously others have. While I am a long time member I have been saddened and appalled by the tactics and behaviour of most of the current management to try to ensure that they or their cronies are elected at the forthcoming AGM. Most unlikely that I'll be renewing my membership. As many have pointed out, there is very little benefit to being a member that anyone new to O Gauge can't find online or with other organisations. The GOG simply has
  7. Brilliant. Always good to hear from Frankland. Terry
  8. There's been a recent thread on that, under Magazines I think. Terry
  9. I too could almost see this coming! Far better to change course now than get well into the project and then have a change of mind. Good luck with the next phase William, I shall look forward to following your planning and progress. Terry
  10. Well the two years are up, let's hope we don't wait much longer. Terry
  11. Good to see you back! I would personally go for waiting for the Peco stuff or going EM. Converting stock would be a pain but I suppose you have time. Given that Holborn Viaduct is largely above ground I'm not sure how much the gauge will be too apparent. I suppose it depends what you want to do in the next 30 years! If you choose to wait for Peco you could of course begin with some buildings .... Whatever you choose, all the best. Terry
  12. Thanks for that. I'll look forward to seeing progress as it happens. Terry
  13. Perhaps the only drawback might be the amount of buildings that would need to be constructed, unless of course that is a particular interest or if it was a group project. Out of interest, is Holborn Viaduct on the back burner? Terry
  14. It was organised by Jim Snowdon initially through the Gauge O Guild. I'm not sure if he still has any in stock or what the position is. He does post on RMWEB. Terry
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