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  1. Hello all, I'm currently designing the point work for my station approach. The mainlines are all made up of Code 75 Concrete track, and thus I'm hoping to use Concrete Points/Turnouts. I'm hoping to use the Large Radius Turnouts for realism, however I can only find these in wooden form. Do Peco actually make Large Radius Code 75 Turnouts with Concrete Sleepers? Thanks for the help Matthew
  2. More progress has taken place since my previous post! The fiddle yard is 95% complete, and only requires droppers to be installed near the points, and the point motors need installing themselves. The idea with the entire layout, is that every piece of track has its own power source, so we aren’t relying on fishplates to conduct electricity. As for the controller, I have been looking at the Gaugemaster Prodigy unit. Still to be decided what I actually go for! Each road within the Fiddle yard can accommodate 12 coach trains, meaning all my HST sets fit comfortably. It is
  3. Hi all! The Class 91 is from the late 2000s (Its the mallard pack so the MK4s have the orange doors) . I got it second hand about 4 years ago. My friend came over yesterday to help me with the fault, and we started to adjust the point to see if that helped. I then ran my limited edition Hornby Class 91 (VTEC Pack) and that passed over the points with ease. So we turned our attention to the GNER 91, to find the powered axles look like they've been swapped with those from a steam engine! Four years and I've only just spotted this now. I've ordered a replacement chassis wi
  4. Hi all! Slowly starting to build my fiddle yard, and have got a few trains running about (Just to test what is down so far!) I've used Peco SL-E187 curved points in the fiddle yard, and have come across an issue with my Hornby GNER Class 91. When taking the point, the axles are getting caught on the wing rails of the points, thus jumping up and sometimes de-railing at high speed. Does anyone have any ideas to what may be causing this? I've attached a photo of the point in question. The issue happens when coming from the left hand side of the point, in the direction that the ph
  5. Once we came out of lockdown, I finally managed to contact another (Much better) builder and the work was done within two weeks! Now I had the garage sorted, myself and my friend began to construct the baseboards. There were constructed over August and September, and measure 22ft by 8 ft. The tops of the baseboard is made from 9mm Plywood, and is braced by 2x1 softwood. The legs are made from 3x1.5. They have just been painted grey to protect the plywood from the glue and any other material we end up placing down. The cork used is 4mm, and so far this has been placed on the fi
  6. Therefore, earlier this year I decided to take down 'Bala' and start the long process of building my first proper layout (All my previous layouts have been bought)! One thing that I decided, was that I wanted to sort the garage out before starting to build the layout. I could just about cope with the cold temperatures in my teens, but them days are long gone! After months of saving up and getting the RDW/Sundays in, I had enough to start convert the garage into a room, were I could happily play trains all year around. Come February 2020, we contacted a firm to begin the conversion.
  7. Hello all! Thought I would start a thread on here to run alongside my YouTube channel! My layout is called 'Wyreford' and is based on the WCML, roughly between Weaver Junction and Stafford. The layout will be set between 1995 and 2010, an era which I fondly remember from when I used to go for days out with my Dad and latterly, my friends. I previously owned Bala, a Liverpool Model Railway Society layout that my Dad bought for me back in 2009. The layout served me well for ten years, before slowly starting to fail in places (Dead sections, warping ect). Bala, was house
  8. Hi all, I'm just about to start building my new layout, having had my garage converted into a room a few days ago. The layout will be approx 24ft by 8ft. Regarding materials, we were originally looking at constructing the baseboards with Plywood. Having costed up the baseboards, we are looking at over £1,170 for all the wood, that is before we even start to buy the track and other parts. Is there any other materials we could potentially use that would be equally as reliable (such as 2x1), without risking the baseboards warping? I've shopped around looking at pri
  9. Hi guys, I'm after something around the size of 15 foot by 8 foot, could be longer but nothing wider than 8 foot due to layout size. I understand they are few and far between but my options really are limited at the moment.
  10. Hello, Firstly, apologies is this is posted in the wrong section of the forums. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I've just started a full-time job on the railway, and therefore I do not have the time to build my own layout. My currently layout that I have is passed its best and is no longer worth keeping. I've looked and searched through eBay and Gumtree for years, however I have had no luck. Would anyone be able to point me in the best direction? I am aware that buying layouts isn't that popular, but it is my only choice. Thanks Matthew
  11. I have packaged the motorcar up to send it to Bachmann,hopefully it comes back better.
  12. I don't want to send mine back to Bachmann as I have a feeling they'll say it's fine and send it back. I've had poor service from there repairs department before when my FL 66 came back still not working.
  13. I have done, and the track is clean, it's just this one Voyager that is slow. Seams I have no luck with models, I've already had to send a 8 back to manufactures this year
  14. Hey guys, I have two Bachmann Voyagers,a 4 car Cross Country Voyager and a 5 car Virgin Tilting Super Voyager. My Cross Country Voyager is brilliant, it's smooth and fast. However,My Super Voyager is really slow. It crawls around the layout at full speed, nothing like the cross country voyager. Does anyone know any ways of fixing this? My layout is dc powered.
  15. Hello guys! I got my Bachmann model of 220001 back in 2004ish when I was still a child, anyways I broke the front delner coupler on one of the units. Could anyone point me in the right direction of a suitable replacement which would also allow me to couple it to other units? Thanks Matthew
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