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  1. 918 pages impressive I have a lot to read. Nice modelling work and a lot of history. Thanks Henk
  2. I'm sure she is not a member of your model railway club Last days I'm working on n gauge semaphore signals The prototype is almost ready the lights are working now I have to develop the best way for the movement of it. Best wishes for 2020 for everybody on this forum. Henk
  3. Jim I will visiting Richmond next spring when I will see a friend who lives in Brompton on swale I go to Richmond almost every year but next time I will buy some loco and wagons in England aswell. Thanks again
  4. Thanks Jim I did visit the museum some years ago and have seen the model railway there. The circels are ground signals I think . I have to make a small study of Britishs signaling I think. Is it right that the semaphore signal at the end of the platform are starters aswel the semaphore on the entrance of the goods yard? Henk
  5. Update with new pictures of my n gauge layout I build the buildings only from cardboard and paper the trees are made with a frame of metal wire. If someone has information about the signals used on richmond's yard then I will like to hear that. Greetz Henk
  6. After my last post about modelling Richmond station in 2015, I moved quite suddenly. But now in a new space I'm again busy with the layout. Enclose a few photos, then I will read if there are any interested people.
  7. Hi Andy Had a look at your Topic and it´s beautifull. Years ago I build a dutch/English loco in LGB scale and it is live steam. I Holland the name is NS8800 but I don´t know what number you give it , it came after the ww11 to Holland.
  8. Andy Andy I find it very nice what you offer me, I will notice it in my mind and will ask you if neccesary. In November, I visited the Head of Steam museum in Darlington (English) Greets Henk
  9. Hello a few more pictures of Richmond termini Henk
  10. Hello everybody Thanks for the comments on my topic. I haven´t be at Richmond museum, I would go there last November but than it was closed for the wintertime I hope to go there this spring. My girlfriend of Brompton on Swale did contact the museum for me last November and the man who she did spoke to send me a lot of pictures that was very very nice of him. I will look for the railway book about the Catterick Camp Railway thank you very much for that tip. Thaks Henk
  11. Hi there Iḿ new on this forum, 67 years old and from the Netherlands. Every year I cycle to yorkshire and went into the beautifull dales and visit friends in Bromton on Swale. So, last year I had plans to build a modelrailway and I decided that It must be Richmond station. Often go to the station to drink a cup of coffee there and look to the beautifull restoration of the building. Last year I made a lot of photos of the station, engineshed and gaswork and also did a lot of massurements to it. In Januari I discover a railway book of mister en Hoole, North Easter Branch Termini, and in that book I found a lot of stuff I needed. I decided to build the station in N gauge and made it all from paper and cardboard, it´s allmost ready now and I started with the goodshed now. When people have pictures of Richmond station and from other places on the Eryholme Richmond Branch Line around WW11,let me know Greetz Henk
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